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Somali army in the 70's

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"Easy come easy go" is the case of the Somali military strenght in the 70s.

Nomads never worked hard enough to build that kind of structure.


If some one want truly understand the sudden downfall of that mighty military, don't look at far away, just examine how a poor country can afford building that kind of military and know-how.


The Soviet generosity (craziness) built that military and sadly it was them who destoried it several years later, when they realised it was a madness to arm/train unsustainable Nomads.


It is unwise to moan for an unexpected windfall of fortune that came and lost in short period of time.

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Maryooley aabaheed ha [tii la mamnuucay kuu buuxi meeshaa adeer] horraa loo yiri soomali gar la qabto malahan ee gafuur la garaaco ayeey leedahay. Soomali ayadaa is dhigtay meeshaa aay maanta taalo, ayagaana dowladoodi iska burburiyey ayagoon wax qorshe ah hayn. Waa dad wadaninimadu ku yartahay.

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