President Farmaajo meets with Abdirahman Aar the popular youth who was arrested in Hargeisa

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Dhalinyarada waqooyiga jooga waa curdan caafimaad qaba, snm yaa 30 sano la mareesanaysay.

Calanka buluuga ah hargaysaa laga taagay markii ugu horaysay, ninkaas dhalinyaradaa waa la dulmay asaga iyo kuwo badan oo aragtidooda xabsi ugu jira (حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل )

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bhlub (@thebhlub) Tweeted:
ANOTHER one of @M_Farmaajo's lies backfires. 

Farmajo instructs this attention seeking individual to lie to the public and claim he was born in Hargeisa for propaganda purposes... a complete LIE. 

His real place of birth: Ethiopia!!

Shameless N&N tactics.

#Somaliland #Somalia


such low level cunning. This imposter and the imposter hoping to score points have been exposed. Lol

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