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Jawar on Team Abiy

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3 hours ago, Holac said:

What is "team Abiy" doing wrong?

Abiy has become team face book. All that to hide the main issues in the country.

His main allies and support are anti-federalists, yet the Oromos are most federalist. Their language alone has come long way by federalism. The language was not written, could not be used in courts even district courts, some used to change their names to Amxara names to get anywhere...etc

Since Federalism the language has now reached to college level use

The whole government of region of 40 million functions in their language

There is about 7 established media

They are now on their way to make their language a Federal language


Abiy is trying to obushicate inorder to keep his true allies and support, but everybody else is awake and can see the childish propaganda. He is also trying to cheat the preparation of the elections and the Oromos are first ones to catch him like Jawar and others.

Agjar is also playing childish games with the Somali issues. Instead of continuing at break neck speed all projects and development endeavors he is face booking with Amxara who are anti federalist.


Its like Sissi building 40 billion dollar new town for him and his close government officials making it new capital where you can only enter by special permit.

His wife did not want to stay in the old government villas.

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