Private Port at Garcad may revolutionize the Horn of Africa

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47 minutes ago, Tillamook said:

Amuuraha Eebe waxaa kamid ah inuu nin sidii ariigii bacaac dhahayo mar walba uu is moodo hadal qiimo leh inuu ku hadlayo.

Saaxiib, cadaalada aad adigu garsoorka ka tahay uma malaynayo Deni iyo Puntlandba iney dhag jalaq u siin doonaan ee bal orod oo Farmaajo ka hubso inuu Hobyo dekad u dhiso doono waayo odeygu beentiisa iyo runtiisa lama kala yaqaanee...😁


😂 intee sano ayaad jirtaa cimrigaaga allaha dheereeyee?


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7 hours ago, Old_Observer said:

Garcad will enjoy the support and even the opportunity to train some their staff in Djibouti.

That is what I heard in the staellite broadcast.

Thank you for the misinformation my favorite Tigray bot.😆

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