PICTURE: The Hobyo Port will be Somalia's Biggest State of The Art Port.

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10 hours ago, Holac said:

This could be a game changer in the grand scheme of power play. Qatar | UAE | Saudi Arabi chess game. 

Do you think Farmaajo is so smart, so powerful to play Qatar/UAE on one table?

Wth the enthusiasm of Ethiopia and Eritrea and Farmaajo's half hearted and rare visits to Djibouti, me thinks he is inclined to UAE. The Turkish are also not that active with Farmaajo.



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What happended to iska-wax u qabso. Instead on relying on Khaleeji arabs who barely cant even build a bulding themselves why dont we rely on ourselves to accomplish things?. Everytime to a non-somali  actor comes to us we usally  smie with our big teeth and taunt other somali clans?

During the 50-ties it was the italians and the english. During the 1970-ties we thought the poor folks of Sergey Buubka and his russians were going to wonders to Somalia.  40 years later We see picturs of turks teaching us how to plant tamatoes.

It's not bad to have allies that help you. but one primary thing should be ISKA-wax u Qabso. Rely upon yourself.



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Iskaa wax u qabso waxay u baahantahay xoog iyo caqli midaysan, shaqo u sahlan ma'ahan soomaalida maanta joogta.

Garacad waxay doonayaan inay dekad dhisaan, waxayna beesha caalamka ka codsadeen in bacaadka wadada loo maro garacad oo kusoo rogmaday wax lagala qabto.

Macquul ma'ahan dad bacaad iska celin waayay inay dhisaan deked bad hoos loo qodo iyo qayb lasoo'aaso dhisaan.

Bacaad celintii shalaanbood ee marka berigii kacaankii barakaysnaa waxaa wax looga qabtay geedka tiinka ama tiitiin.

Geedkaan waa geed si sahlan isu qabsada hadii xataa aad xoogaa kala fogayso dhakhsana u baxa.

Geedkii wali waa ka buuxaa dalka, balse mushkilada jirta beel walba waxay rabtaa inay deked hesho

Canjaleeda iyo biyahana UN' ku keeno.



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Not even the propaganda face book postings are done and the Farmaajo's are in trouble in the region of Hobyo. Probably fighting over the money allocated to create web page for Hobyo port and fill it with pictures from Djibouti.

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