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My battle with acne

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First Things First.




Looking at that picture, one thing came to mind.


I bet that it isnt your acne that leads you to withdraw from social activities but your preception of what others see and think when they look at you.


But its quite simple, people are generally ****** ,really distracted or self ingrossed...


Its not your face that they judge you by but your Body Language for instance, are you Tense, Nervous, Worried, Too Quite...they follow your LEAD!


I am talking out of experience, not with Acne, but bad case ecezma that decided to land right i the middle of my face


I have had selfesteem issues all through out highschool and used alot of makeup to cover it up, which only made it worse.


And in grade 11, through being around POSITIVE and SUPPORTIVE people, I decided that makeup wasn't for me and I had to wakeup everyday,

Go to Work, School..without my mask...It wasn't magic, first two weeks I wanted to die..I was in the washroom after every class to see, If I was any more hedious!


But after a few weeks, I got use to it, It was me and there wasnt much I could do about it.






Enjoy your young years now, dont let them go to waste, hating yourself. Your Beautiful.


It will pass, take care of your body and be good to yourself.


I like going to this forum sometimes to readup on posts...kinda makes you feel that your not alone


Check it out..

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:( sad to hear about ur depression due to acne.. i guess we all have things that depress us from time to time but the trick is to have hope and know it will pass .. inshallah


im sure u heard enough people telling u to see dr and that would be my answer to


good luck and keep us posted on ur progress please

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