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  1. Find a valid and workable alternative and people will ditch this clannish nonsense like Val’s three month old shoes Queen Arawelo enough said
  2. Originally posted by Devilangle: 4 the British lot out there :confused:
  3. ^ :confused: @the thread
  4. ^ dude u r one confused soul. truly im sick of hearing its a man's world
  5. @ mantra Originally posted by mantra: I fail to see what is so appealing.. why don't you ask those who r eyeing you.. And do let us know.
  6. ^ you should hook me up
  7. Beerlula. are you still around? and how is this thread helping you so far?
  8. Originally posted by Janna: Somaliaonline members and silent readers, I am facing a major dilemma in my life. There is a doctor who I have met recently, who is a non-somali. Knowing the doctor less then a month, he proposed. I refused his proposal. I politely declined his proposal because he is a Muslim by name. He does not pray on regular bases however wishes to change. He is continuously mentions his wealth and the life I could have, if I accept his proposal. Marrying for wealth never appealed to me. I imagine myself marrying a practicing Muslim who is a Somali. I am not interested in him. Nor do I find him attractive. Without turning someone who wants to increase their iman away, how do I turn him down and encourage him to become a better Muslim? Somaliaonline female members, would any of you consider a Non-Somali who is a doctor and wealthy? Who would marry for money? a dr proposes less than a month..something doesnt add up here :confused: marry him and take him to somali, im sure in less than a month he'll become muslim by action. My blessing are with you :cool:
  9. Originally posted by David_Letterman: is he married?
  10. Originally posted by Cambarro: Salaam TS "i have yet to see a Somali woman wanting to share. Also i have yet to see a happy family after the man of the house seeks his desire!" I have. In fact plenty of them. This doesnt prove anything though. It is all anecdotal. But some polygamy marriages do work out. Some monomogy marriages dont work out. It all depends on the situation you face at that time. So unless we are facing this dilema, it is hard to say what we'd do. Those sisters that u r talking about r brain washed. May allah show them their rights
  11. The ugly: in actuality u r gacan-koob hence for ur lack of understanding this game rocks
  12. Originally posted by AYOUB_SHEIKH: "You're aiming little bit too high, dear" was someone in SOL's answer to that phrase. well, i can aim a nice light(meaning, low fat) kick to that location old man, have some xiishod I came across something that said “man's heart is through his stomach” How true is that? DA, the above statement is very true but in 1890. Now, its all about 50/50 pleasure
  13. Originally posted by Devilangle: Reality check , she hanged up becoz on their 1st formal talk he managed to bring tampon into the discussion, it wasn’t about his past relationship. Akhus akhussssss...what type of man talks like that??... no doubt, ur friend did the right thing. no self-respecting men would talk in that manner. :mad: what a loser