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What can I say to make a shy gurl holla back at moi

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Just call out in the middle of a busy street....


"Camboro Hebel Hebel ii kaaley macaanto!...ii guurso nooh....intaad aabo iyo hooyo iyo reerahi uu soo sheegtiid...hey diyaar gorowbaan nooh..arooska kabacdii waa inaan afka jug isku siinoo nooh :D ".....


Oooh I loofe af Xamari!



No on the real walaal.The best policy is honesty.Ask her if in any way you've made her feel uncomfortable..See her attitude aorund others..Is she like this with them or just you?...Take her somewhere or speak to her where/when there are no distractions for her.And see what she says.Also other factors like her age and being kind of overwhelmed by everything might be it....We can go on all day thinking out possibilites as to why the girl is the way she is in certain circumstances.Lakiinse ONLY she knows maa garatey so go ask and see what happens? ;)


Good luck walaakiis..

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By the way, being muslim and all, shyness is part of our iman PEOPLE!, It was one of the qualities of our prophet s.c.w, so brother please dont see it as a down fall, I am actually proud to see one of our sisters with this quality in a time where most of sisters take the western approach of dating and doing what EVER they like. walcayaadubilaah.


say alhamdulilah you have a good sister there,

DO NOT! try to get rid off her shyness, actually encourage it it is a sign of MODESTY and treat her with atmost respect and fairness.


Also, please treat this matter in accordance to the shariah, meaning follow the guidelines of Islam in finding a suitable partner for you to Marry (if that is your intention of course).


Word of advice to all my muslim brothers and sister, Please let us not forget we are part of the muslim ummah, and when we give advice, let's try to be islamicly correct.


Please forgive me, If i said anything that was offending to anyone, I didnt mean to interrupt your interesting posts ..


jazakumulaha kheyran.


salama aleykum

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I appreciate all your comments you might not be aware of it but most of your advices were helpful


say alhamdulilah you have a good sister there


Your right sis "alhamdulilah" a modest sister is truley one of a kind and also beleieve it or not modesty and humbleness is very attractive mashallah....


Love my brothers and sisters thanks again smile.gif

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