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  1. somali women are beautiful, genuine and wholesome I luv em!
  2. lool, Siren wow it sounds like Im reading a novel everytime you write a post
  3. Thanks for the responses I'll pass it on btw was really helpful
  4. I have a question from one of my bro's to all you somali sistah's out thier how can he get to really know you. He can see that your gorgeous, smart and funny, he can see that your serious, a family girl and devout, he can see that you like him back. Apart from the obvious run ins at school or work how can a brotha get to know her without dating, he doesnt want to just find a girl and just marry, cuz im sure evrybody's goes into a marriage contract planning on it being for life. If you have any answers simply hook a brotha up, my bro says much love to all the sisters out thier keep doin your thing us okay guys are still around dont fret he's probally going through the same thing as me. much love in advance
  5. I appreciate all your comments you might not be aware of it but most of your advices were helpful say alhamdulilah you have a good sister there Your right sis "alhamdulilah" a modest sister is truley one of a kind and also beleieve it or not modesty and humbleness is very attractive mashallah.... Love my brothers and sisters thanks again
  6. ^^^ you call them Muhajideen we call them terrorists, we can even unite on that..... These people who are the champions of the emotionaly fragile muslims target innocent people who go to work, and we are to believe they are raising the word of Allah?
  7. Thats too funny, Thanks for the good laugh but whats with the kids name: BALGOBIN never heard that before Indian?
  8. Ottawa sounds good but lets be honest T-DOT is where its at.... O-Town can you dig it!
  9. Lol Bob hope your done I have someone with me thats eager to see how it ends. No pressure Nevertheless It was a riveting story well done bro
  10. It maybe be a small quiet town but nevertheless Ottawa,Ont rocks in many categories. Spend a summer here and you'll see what I mean I also loved Boston and Maine pretty chill people they got
  11. obtaining Obnoxious Bitter Tall And Insane Nine Inches No Gain What a hoot waryaa your teasin me... :cool:
  12. oops supposed to be Except Here I go: Each X-File Clip Exibits Paranormal Testimonies my bad for sorta messin it up ciao
  13. ~~ Quite Interesting game ~~ Deters: Delinquent Employees Target Every Rookies Salary