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Mexican Man Speaks About Somalilland

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Making fun of somaliland is allowed by the forum rules if it comes from the blue flag people: But voicing my opinion about the blue flag nation goes against your idea of open debate? They do say hypocrisy is a southern treat.

This is why Somalia is in a hell hole condition and will never come out of it. You are a hateful and miserable people. incapable of building 10% of the peace in Somaliland.

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This Taco head mofo is probably the only friend that DT-shyte hd has in Mexicao!! lool...Wazzup homies!! Hi-5 to yall! Che... whats rocking bro!! :) Where Libaax...Did he go to Uranus!! looool!!...U know me Bro!!!!...........lol. Its what its!! Right!!... U cant teach an old DAWG new tricks!! Right!!..Peace Africans!! :)

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