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  1. I am not a young kid. My observation are empirical and back by historical literary evidence and not based on oral tradition which is not reliable evidence. If Somalis had a traditional path of development towards a nation state there would be libraries and documented evidence of a written language and culture outside the nomadic start of the somalis. But there is not. We are not a settled society until recently so comparisons to German, England or Italy is not sound as these nation had a traditional path towards a nation state. Some where inspired by the Roman empire which itself had a 1200 year history of its own. Even European anthropologist have noted that Somalis have not had a civilisation but a loose connections of various clans and sub clans competing for water and life stock on a semi arid environment. Even today Somalis live as they did in those pre-colonial times accept now you have urbanisation. If you are arguing any different I have yet to find evidence for this. As for me going to Somalia I will not. But I have been to Somaliland. I have seen how they live. Somalis are backward in both social and civilisation development. This is the harsh truth. If you compare the Germans who have a 800 year history. Somalis are 100's of years behind other more advanced countries. There is no getting around this fact. Otherwise Somalia would be a successful republic like South Korea, Japan or Taiwan. Since this is not the case so why continue with the project that is doomed? Balkisation is the only logical course to ease the dysfunction. Which is what I proposed at the start , to divide Somalia into clan republics as it will save Somalis time and energy and simplify the path towards a nation state.
  2. To be honest what did she expect would happen to her running around a failed state with no protection and living with strangers not her kin. Somalia is extremely dangerous and no place for a freelance journalist. May she rest in peace.
  3. Have *** fought ***? that's news to me.
  4. But would *** fight ***? They are both *** so they have a shared identity. I do believe the *** sub clans should each be given a state.
  5. I cannot find in Somali nomadic history where Somalis lived under a unity government until 1 July 1960. We live in clan identity and not nation state reality like say Germany or England. Where the people are named after their language. Somali means to "go milk" an action performed by pastoral nomads when they tend to their camels and sheep. We are not a nation but a group of clans and sub clans that complete for resources on the horn of Africa. A real Somali nation has never existed only in the minds of the U.N or delusional minds of Somali folk that wish to transform this nomadic society into a proper nation state. This is what people like Prof. Samatar and others fail to realise. Somalis do not have the intellect nor the culture to build a nation state. It's time to bulkanise Somalia along clan lines. The project of Somaliland has shown we cannot live in peace and prosperity because clan is too deeply ingrained in the Somali consciousness. There will always be problems because people are inherently sectarian. Look at Kismayo terror attack, can you say that was not clan motivated? Or the bloodshed in El Afweyn. Time for use to move on from this delusion.
  6. Doesn't Hargeisa have land-filled sites where the rubbish could go? Someone needs to have a talk with Muse Bihi and tell him the truth about the condition of the people of Somaliland.
  7. I don't think you are Somali. I think you are a kid from Kenya who has learned how to speak Somali. No Somali would insult another Somali's mother no matter the clan they come from. In Somali culture the mother is important. I don't believe you hold traditional Somali values but are someone raised in Kenya.
  8. You read My clan linage thread? Good because I am not hiding my clan nor care what some inbred Darood thinks. If your profile photo is really you then you are what is wrong with Somalia. Keep up the personal attacks i can see you from miles away.
  9. Clan politics drives everything in Somali society which is why there will be no lasting peace. The Somali intellect is 68 iq for a reason. Having an underdeveloped reasoning faculty is the root cause of most of Somali problems.
  10. A cheap shot. No I don't have issues. I mention it because the Dulbahanta live in the Eastern portion of the country and her family are more unionist than most. You on the other hand are a Darood from Central Somalia who would not be welcomed in Somaliland. Strange that you support a place that does not like you.
  11. you are lying. The Somali single mother epidemic is a well known problem. The reason for these marriages collapsing and no family mediation to resolve the matter points to the fact "if I can get away with it i will do it" attitude in Somali culture. This culture is a big problem inside Somali family homes. This is one of the many secrets in this "culture". Somalis are inhumane to anyone not of their clan. This is well documented.
  12. A referendum would be interesting to see how much the eastern part of Somaliland want to succeed from Somalia. As my mother is a strong unionist but is from Laascaanood.