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  1. Also wasn't that Al Shabaab Galgala cell leader, Sheikh Atom, granted asylum to Qatar?
  2. Could be a game between powerful forces to push up oil prices, allowing petrol states to pocket a handsome profit.
  3. Yes it is disheartening that Somalis are using bombing to advance their political agenda. But that is the low quality of leadership Somalis have accepted. However, Foreigners would not dare to plan such things if Somalis on the ground were not helping them. Remember Kismayo? Evil people everywhere.
  4. We need fearless people to help Somaliland become rich once it joins the United Nations
  5. Making fun of somaliland is allowed by the forum rules if it comes from the blue flag people: But voicing my opinion about the blue flag nation goes against your idea of open debate? They do say hypocrisy is a southern treat. This is why Somalia is in a hell hole condition and will never come out of it. You are a hateful and miserable people. incapable of building 10% of the peace in Somaliland.
  6. I am starting too, just a lot of misunderstand took place. Now we talk more. As for the Italian Somalia I will not stop they are not my family.
  7. I see my post about ilhan possibly go to prison was deleted by delusional **** supporters of hers. With this level of dishonesty can you see why somalilanders want to succeed?
  8. Realistically the Somalia Government has no real power over the port of Berbera. So any test to try an undermine Somaliland will back fire. BTW the cheeseman cannot control a single street in Mogadishu how is he going to control trade in Berbera? This is unrealistic. But in time Somaliland will get recognition and move on from this nightmare called Somalia.
  9. Because I told the truth about a **** I am no longer a Somali? lol
  10. Mogadishu became the capital of the Somali republic, why? Is this not a traditional Hawiyah clan city like Hargeisa is a Isaaq clan city. The English people started out in the city of London on the Thames river after the Romans had previously established a city called londinium on this same river. The Roman settlement was abounded in the 4th century A.D. The English moved in over 100's of years and then established a government. Now compare this with the Somalis. Wondering nomads moving about with no fix location, tending to their live stock, not building permanent settlements. So the question is simple at what point did a somali clan build Mogadishu? The name itself means the seat of the shah. It comes from the Persian word Maq'ad-i-Shah. This is a reflection of the city's early Persian influence. So were the Persians the Romans for the somalis. As the city is also called xamar by the Hawiyah clan. Notice the similar clan development of the Japanese people. However the key difference being that the Japanese people all started out in a capital called Kyoto and latter changed to Tokyo. The Japanese people understood that their government seat was in the capital city and if they needed answers they could go there. This is what I mean by national conscious. The reading and writing institution was also developed in the capital as well as the first libraries and museums to document the history of the nation. There were conflicts between warlords and clans but they all understood that in the end it was a government for the Japanese people and not a government for one shogun seeking succession from the rest of Japan or one clan annexing land to form a new country. This fractured clan living amongst the Somalis shows that their was not a single Somali consciousness that understood the idea of a national identity. The whole Somali ethnic group did not start out by founding a city called Xamar together and then moved outward into the horn of Africa to establish more cities (Hargeisa, Kisamyo, Bossaso..ect) always understanding that Xamar is their capital and the seat of their government. We are a nomadic wondering people with no real organic capital that Somalis built together. This is the root of the somali problem. we are not a nation but a collection of clans that speak a language called somali. I hope I have made my case clear.
  11. Even business and profit margins do not survive clan politics. Is the Cheeseman going blockade Berbera port? And with whom's navy shall he block the port?
  12. Anyone with half a brain could see this attack coming a mile off. She (like most Somalis) craves attention and money. Her ambition outweighs her intelligence. I suspect she was given some good advice by the democratic party top brass when she won her seat in 2018. But Somalis in general are hard of hearing and quick to temper.