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BBC's Documentary on Scientology

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Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3


Never really thought about what this group was all about. I knew that they value science and are in to the concept of mind over matter. Oh and lets not forget Tom Cruise and his public attack on Brooke Shield regarding her postnatal depression because they don't believe in psychiatry. However after watching this, they do seem like a very odd group. I would defiantly refer to them as a cult. That Tommy dude is notorious I wasn't surprised that John Sweeney finally cracked. Their beliefs is just ridicules. The alien concept :confused: cutting off ties with family :confused: following people and discrediting them when its convenient to them :( .


I guess this is what happens when mankind tries to make their own diin :rolleyes: .


But I should give them credit on their damage control though; they have a counter documentary about the BBC's reporting of the documentary online already.

What do you think of it?

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It's bullshit....

They kicked me out, after taking an I.Q test

and than we got into an argumentative

about living a life of lie.To believe and to accept he said were too diffrent things..

WTF, was he trying to convince me?

like the christins and their trinity trick ,they can

never explain to me the dea with 1 in 3 and three in one..

SAD case..


Islam is beautiful, elimanates confusion

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OMG how annoying is that bloody Tommy man?

He just goes on and on and on....


What a ridiculous waste of of the meanest things they do is that disconnect thing ouch talk about ripping families apart! :mad:


I am glad the UK has enough sense not to recognise these bloody ppl as having anything to do with religion.

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Lol I saw one of them IQ test centres when I was in the States a couple of months back. I was walking past it and out side it had a sign “Free IQ Test” as I kept walking I noticed at the top of the building it said scientology sneaky buggers.

I am not surprised that they kicked you out. After watching that documentary it is clear these people to not like to be second guessed. I think you should go back for round two, lets see what dirt they’d dig up on you.





I felt like choking that Tommy guy myself!

It seems the Australian Government is not as bright as the English. Seems like we consider them a religion. How sad.


The most significant Australian authority on the question of what constitutes a religion is the decision of the High Court of Australia in the Scientology case which was decided in 1983.4 The High Court found Scientology to be a religion. On the question of the current approach to the meaning of religion, the Scientology case provides the best elucidation and it is worth a detailed consideration here. (

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Scientology was invented by enterprising conman who wanted to make a quick buck and evade taxes. It's purely money making scheme nothing to do with religion. It only draws kooks and the truly gullible. A sucker is born every minute, scientology makes a point of that.

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