Haddii aad dhimanayso dhareerkaa la iska duwaa

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On 4/17/2019 at 7:54 AM, maakhiri1 said:

Ma fahmin?;


This an Ethiopian Airlines plane from Congo to Addis Ababa. When the plane encountered heavy turbulence due to bad weather over that region, the Congolese who are mostly Christians got terrified because of the recent crash of a plane from the same airline. As can be seen from the video, the terrified passengers turned to their idol (Jesus Christ). But instead of silently praying they turned the aircraft into a flying version of one of those crazy churches. 

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Nabi ciise C/S waxay ka aaminsanyihiin inuu naf wakhtigeedii dhamaaday uu badbaadin karo.

Hadii la waydiiyo markuu dhashay, Nabi Ciise C/S, asaga qudhiisu soo wax caawiya uma baahnayn caano siiya nadiifiya?  see wax u badbaadin karaa adoon alle abuurtay.

Gaaladu waa dad aduun ayagoo lunsan yaa santuukh lagu ridi

الـلـهـم ارزقــنـا حـسـن الـخـاتــمـة واجـعـل خــيـر أعــمـالــنـا خـواتـيـمـهـا واجـعـل خـيـر أيـامــنـا يـوم لقائك


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