Somaliland President MBC leaves for official visit to Ethiopia

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There is a political earthquake that happened in Ethiopia. So much so that the Oromo party of Abiy had to declare that "We will not compromise on the current Federal system and structure".

This was unthinkable even just a week ago. This and the issue of Addis Ababa between the Oromo and Amxara has now exploded in the open.

Abiy just declared that he/party is acively working on making Oromo language a federal language and also special interest of Oromo in Addis Ababa.

The project of dumping Djibouti was of course a pipe dream and already some Tigray are being brought back to fix what was broken the last year of dancing with Eritrea.


Most of all Kililka people have demanded that Ethiopia's close relation with Puntland and Somaliand be restored and enhanced. Even the most anti Illey in Kililka are demanding that.


Ghelleh patience is paying off. That calm (least among quality of Somali politicians) man can already see the panic in Eritrea by the start of the Ethio Djibuti pipeline.

Highways, Railroad, Air route and now pipeline will connect Djibouti Ethiopia, sealing this for next century.


Bixi must have copied from Ghelleh to be patient and let the fake face book campaign blow over.



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The main take away from this initial meeting is that, Cheeseman's sellout politics is in the garbage bin. 

With Kenya soon to open a diplomatic office in Hargeisa, Djibouti upgrading its ties with Hargeisa and now Addis Abeba can't afford to ignore Hargeisa. All the ducks are in line for Somaliland. 


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17 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:


What does this mean for your beloved Tigray?

lol my beloved Tigray. Not much changed. But it splits that anti-Tigray alliance and many parties and regions in Ethiopia have already started approaching and visiting Tigray.

The mayor of Addis just celebrated the 44th anniversary of Tigray rebellion that brought down Mengistu by travelling to Tigray leading with 500 people. This was unthinkable a month ago and he is Abiy man.

The Eritrea pipeline was openly scoffed at and the Djibouti pipeline just started last week

Puntland and Somaliland are being approached to restore relations with Kililka and Federal the way it was a year ago.

Abiy just made a statement telling Ethiopians that the Federal system is not negotiable and rumors that I am anti federal is white lie.

Abtigis cannot state enough and cannot be loud enough in upholding the autonomy of the Somali and the good relationship with bordering Somalis from all sides.

You may see very soon another visit to Djibouti or Djibouti to Addis

Ethiopia and Sudan just buried the Eritrea/Amxara pushed conflict and have committed to revive the co-operative border works and common security and military units.





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