The Nairobi attacks was carried out by coastal Kenyans who have both political and religious grievances.

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Sheikh Cali Dheere, aka Abu Muscab, the  Al-shabaab spokesman who took over the former job held by Mukhaar Robow --The man who wanted to be president of South West region of Somalia--has claimed the Nairobi, Kenya attack that killed a two dozen people including Somalis. He said, the attack was for the retaliation of the Jerusalem embassy move by the Trump administration.


It has been well known for these losers and killers to claim anything that hurts innocent civilians. Yet, the facts on the ground indicate different direction. While there is ideological connections between the Somali radicals and these groups, their motive is totally different than Al-shabaab.


Here are the facts:


First, among the attackers of the Hotel and the surrounding buildings, there were no Somali gun men . All of them were non Somali native Kenyans or what we call " Sawahili" natives. 


Second, four out of the five are from the coastal region of Kenya were a separatists movement is active. A large number of coastal people who went to Somalia in 2006 to fight with Al-shabaab came back home and clemency was granted  to most of them. Yet there is law intensity war brewing between the local natives of the coast and other Kenyan immigrants who have settled there. 

The first major bombing in  east Africa took place in Nairobi and Darasalam in 1998 before anything radical or bombs took place in Somalia. The man who was the masterminded of  that attack  Salah Nab'an who Cali Dheere quotes was the early founder of the Jubba Al-shabaab. Folks, there were Sawahili radicals before Al-shnaab and other and these people do still exist today in Kenya and Marituis. They might even exist after Al-shabaab. 

These kind of narrative of Somalis coming to Kenya and killing people might have existed in the early years, but doesn't exist today. The Sawahilis must find and get their own radicals within Kenya rather than Somalia.


Also, there is war of shooting first and asking questions later,  between the police and some of the fundamentalists in Mombasa and Lamu county. In order to eliminate those who have sympathy with Al-shabaab , the police had killed some of the local Imams through drive by shooting. The coastal youth are radicalized by the system and are feeling marginalized. These attacks are the manifestation of these anger.


According to some people, this attack is carried out by local Kenyan with their  own political and religious grievances, yet the killer and fool called Abu Muscab says it ids their work just like ISIS used to claim every attack that took place in the west.


Furthermore, since Trump announced the realignment of American military strategy in the middle east and Afghanistan , the radical franchise and terrorists are bringing their ugly head. out  As Trump mulled of leaving Afghanistan , he might as well leave Africa and Somalia. My conspiracy hat tells me just like the Kurds who want to keep America staying in Syria, the ISIS franchise in east Africa want to be active in the international media. 

Also, the locals are immersed just like Somalia,  the Wahabi style of closed society which is not compatible with co-existence.


Even as early as November 2018, Kenyan police raided a meeting of the coastal separatists.


Kenyan police on Thursday arrested 46 suspected members of the separatist group, the Mombasa Republic Council (MRC), in the coastal city of Mombasa.

Likoni divisional police commander Benjamin Rotich said security officers ambushed the group, suspected to be behind insecurity in the coastal region, when it was holding an illegal meeting at a popular beach.

Rotich said suspects who include elderly and youth were having an illegal meeting. “They did not have a permit to hold the meeting. We have kicked off investigations,” said Rotich.

The police have been accusing the MRC, an increasingly violent Islamic group of working in cahoots with the al-Shabaab terrorist group, to carry out the gruesome attacks in the coastal region.

MRC whose key agenda remains largely unclear beyond the call for the separation of Mombasa and the coastal region from the rest of Kenya is also charging that the coastal people’s rights to land and property ownership have been violated.

Rotich said they have launched a search for more accomplices in crime-prone Likoni area, noting that those arrested will be taken to court on Friday.

Documents show the suspects are from Kwale, Kilifi and Lamu counties and the motive behind the meeting in the coastal region remains unknown.

A security source who was part of the operation said dozens of MRC membership cards were seized from the suspects.

Eric Wawlevu, Likoni deputy county commissioner, said that by the time of the arrest, the group members were taking illegal oaths at the beach.

The group’s grievances are mostly about marginalization and land rights which are shared by many on the coast.

On 2010, the government declared the MRC, together with 32 other organizations, illegal on grounds that they were not properly registered and were bent on engaging in criminal activities.

Security agencies suspect the MRC could be receiving funding from Somali insurgent group al-Shabaab to carry out terror attacks in the region including the killing of more than 60 people in Lamu in 2014.


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2 hours ago, Apophis said:

All I know is when Mare xan were expelled from Garissa, the attacks in the town stopped.


just saying

Seek help.

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This has nothing to do with Jubbaland. 

I know you are unhinged these days by just throwing things and expect that it might stick. No one is disputing that their ideological connection with Al-shabaab , yet their motives has nothing to do with Kismaayo controlled by Madoobe and Kenya.

There are no Somalis involved in this terror attack. It is fact. one of the  Kenyans was a  convert and the rest are all  coastal Sawahili. The physical  features of  some of the attackers were that of a mixed race.

Yet, the Kenyans had arrested three dozen Somalis to make money. We all know that the Kenyan police are among the most corrupt people in the world and would make good cash by detaining innocent people and releasing them later. 

The strange thing that needs explanation is these men were acting and spending money like well to do people. They were driving late model cars and residing huge suburban villas. The lazy Kenyans should investigate carefully  and found out who financed these crimes rather than round up innocent people. 



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50 minutes ago, Apophis said:

Yeah but you are too unimportant to be given even a chair to sit on anywhere let alone a beech.

I know Farmaajo has united all the langaabs but I still don’t see you among them. Iska amus sxb.

You are losing it. What happened to you that turned you into a moron? Seek help!

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