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Experienced belly busters desperately needed!

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You consume 3500 calories per day? I hope you are 8 feet tall.


C&H's advice is sound. Cut your caloric intake down to 2000 maximum. Do cardio, intervals are usually great.

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Originally posted by Juxa:

i am prepared for the birth of my triplets insha allah.


i got funds set aside, whatever i dont like i shall fight it like darwish fighting ingiriis


ruuxa karid

Wow triplets!! Masha-allah I wish you well!

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Dude, I'm assuming you are familiar with the basketball court.Now i want you to do drilling exercise called SUICIDE you will burn that fat easily.Begin the exercise at one of the lines and run out to the foul line and then back to the baseline.Again run out to half-court and come back, then run to the opposite foul line and back.Remeber to touch the floor and bend. Finally, run the full court down and back all while TOUCHING the floor.Do two to three times...You will see that fat gone..And ofcourse if you are SINGLE you will get noticed by hotties around you!



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i don't understand exercises to target certain areas of the body. I think the objective should not just the gut but overall health: Eat right (healthy foods and slighty lower calarie then is prescribed for your BMI and daily activiy) and exercise at least three times a week for like 60 mins doing both cardio and weight-training. Try that fr three weeks and see where you need to adjust. Important thing is motivation. You could program your phone for an hourly alarm that flashes fatty, just kidding but you get the idea I hope. am starting this too, let you know how it goes.

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Thanks for all the advice guys, but i now realise what I’m doing may not be the healthiest option.


I have managed to put on 2kg in 10 days. I know scary :eek: , so I’m gonna reduce my calorie intake.


My ideal weight is 84kg, this would be perfect for my role as a centre forward, plus my frame can easily support it as I’m 1.88m or 6’2inch.


At the moment I’m 77kg so 7kg to go, but rest assured cardio will go hand in hand with my weights regime.


This is regime I put together


Monday: 5k run


Tuesday: normal weights training


Wednesday: 4km run


Thursdays: weight training


Friday: 3k run + football in evenings.


Saturday : weights


Sunday: football Match days


Daily Calorie intake 3100.


This should do the trick as I have a lovely large park near my house, so early morning jogs are not a problem.


Problem Solved.

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