The new DDSi president has "social media" history

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Somali galbeed reer ba la dhaadhacay. Ila siyaasada kililka OG laga saaro waligood adoon iyo dabadhilifnimo ka bixi maayaan

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Folks, meet the new "Satrap stooge" of the Somali region. Same as the old one. Or more likely he is even ardently more "satrapy quisling" than the previous one. Sad, really.

But then that has been the well-established "political disposition" through-out the ages of our "long-footed-cousins" where Ethiopia is concern.

Nothing seems to have change in here. Or perhaps, to put it more neutrally it could be said that the more things change in that part of the Somali world the more they remain the same. Safe for the names of the latest hired water-carrier in which the task of being paid stooge from Addis-Ababa was assigned to him till further notice from there.  


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