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what a coincidence this weekend I was at a conference where SEDA (Staged Event Driven Architecture) was being discussed as a solution for overloaded web servers.


In conventional web server design when overloading occurs 'load-shedding' (server drops new incoming connections)is used ... but this only happens to connections made after the point of saturation whereas SEDA proposes that if overloading happens all client connections should immediately experience uniform degradation resulting in no single client being refused a connection but earlier connections will experience a degrade in performance.


In other words the current system favors those who came first while SEDA is more socialist i.e if there is a scarce resource everyone should be treated equally.


Apache is the worlds most popular web server(currently used for SOL) and under stress testing it performs adequately for the 90th percentile which is more than enough for most of the sites....... SEDA is only an option when response time reaches the 1 second range (this is very slow , response time is usually measured in milliseconds)



it is a theoretically interesting but almost impossible to implement design as all internet applications would have to be re-written to comply with the SEDA staged event way of handling things

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