The 3 stooges latest Soap Opera episode... (Daddy's army)

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Suldaanka...Puntland are good people.  It is tragic their politicians keep on this madhalays baali xoofto.  Iyagii baa dadka isku soo jeedinaya.  The tukaraq issue has largely died down. Goobta dagaalka has changed to the attempts by Somalia and its federal member states to try to put the squeeze on Somaliland by lobbying to have its aide be cut.  There is very little Somalia hasn't done to poison any kind of future friendly relations between Somaliland & Somalia.  Fortunately, the people of Somalia are not the same as their political leaders who are parasites that have not allowed them any kind of peace & progress for the past 50 + years.

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18 minutes ago, Mooge said:

nugaal reserve army only.

yaaba is gaaray niyoow. more to come.

Xaalimo Soofe ayuunba u dhiman frontline ka.. inay ka buraanburto. 

A serious note,  did they fail to read the script correct? Calling reservists is a sign of trouble. Reservists are civilians who sign up for army or do part time training... by no means reservists regarded as Comando unit.

Commando units are full time army members... Waa khiyaaliga Saop Operaha scriptka xataa si fiican looma prove check garayn. :D 

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1 hour ago, Peace Action said:

Suldaanka Mr. Booto I think you are panicking. Saaxib gardaruma ma fiicna. Somalidu waxay dhehdaa "Nin durbaan tuntay, ilaaq dalbay"

Panic from Daddy's army? Sxb, odeyaasha ha so dhibina oo ha so lug'goynina. 

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