Somaliland Army Chief in Tukaraq unequivocally says "Puntland halkan ku so noqon mayso... waa riyoonayaan"

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Somaliland National Army Chief says, Tukaraq will grow like all other towns grew after the Army moved in and businesses boomed.

After just 6 months, Tukaraq gets a shining new MCH building with fully funded medics room, nurses and other amenities. A new police station soon to open. A school is in the works. Tukaraq will prosper.

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Calankaa tawheedka leh waa inu xuduudadii ingiriisncade gaadha, dadka ku noolna qalbi furan iyo farxad iyo iimaanbqaboob ku hadhsadaan. 

Allahu Akbar. 



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8 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

You are special kind of moron, Daaco.


Dabaqoodhi foqol dabaqoodhi. Who brought the ethiopia and Kenya to soomaali soil?  Af aad ku hadashaan idinkumaalo.  Xuduuda ingiriiscade tawheedka lagusoo xidhayaa cidii faryaro soo galisana dhagta dhiiga loo dari.

20,000 somali slaughtered in muqdisho was achieved with the help of your uncle. Go pretend somewhere else soomaalinimo add ku garaabataan la'idinku faham.

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