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  1. Come on guys....have we lost interest already???
  2. So guys, since theres enough ppl interested to get the ball rolling and more to come later, I've set up the league. Were probably gonna have to start with just a few teams, in the first season but there'll probably be more joining once its in full swing. However we do need a minimum of 6 teams to start the league.... League ID = 171373 - Go to - set up your account(can use existing one if not new) - join the league by entering the League ID
  3. ^^^^You're definitly in this season, I think I Ngonge was the admin last time, but if we get enough ppl in I'll set it up. Contrary to Norf's quotes, he was more relegation material than championship material. I'm the one to watch out for!!!!
  4. Is there enough ppl interested to make a good 8-10 teams? If you can lure more ppl Norf, that wud be great and I'll set it up.
  5. I was wondering if ppl are interested in playing again. Seems like years ago when the heat was on. I have to admit the football section SOL is not as excitin as it used to be, maybe this will do the trick..
  6. Its back!!! I'm back... Seems like a lot of changes around SOL..where is the old gang of Norf, Soma, Bob, Ngonge etc I decided to get out of hibernation when the business usual im tippin' the arsenal for a victory this weekend. Predictions ppl??..............
  7. Holland have some good youngsters coming through. van der Vaart managed 21 goals for Hamburg this year and should be good in Austria/Suisse. I dont think Gio v.Bronckhorst will play midfield, he will play at left-back. The 1 to play the holding role is a kid called Engelaar, who played great against Wales. He's strong on the tackle but most importantly his passing is top notch.
  8. ^^^Chelsea's hierarchy behave with no class and absolute ruthlessness. Abramovich is a good businessman and that ruthlessness bring success in business but not football. He made a big mistake by letting Mourinho go. He should take a lesson from his rivals especially Utd, who stick with their manager through thick and thin and spend money almost as crazy as Chelsea. Avram Grant was always gonna be sacked and out of all the managers available none of them will fulfill the needs of Abramovich. Dude needs a reality check.
  9. I reckon Poland will do well this tournament, their qualification record was very good, but I think many people are forgetting the Germans. They maintained the same squad and rhythm from the last world cup and if it comes down to penalties, as many euros are known for, the're a good bet. So Im going against the team I'll be supporting, Holland, and plump for their rivals,Germany. Follow my head instead of heart so to speak. Norf, Babel got injured in training and will miss the tournament and he'll probably be out for a while and miss pre-season with your team. But hopefully Van Persie can make an effect in the tournament, about time he stepped up and fulfilled his potential.
  10. I'm gonna bite my tongue and go for a Chelsea win...but I think it might actually be a good game provided theres an early goal.
  11. Seems Like Samir Nasri is a done deal for £11m.. Good player potentially a great player and 2 other signings being concluded along with him today, 1 of em is a flamini replacement.
  12. ^^^^Absolute waste of a transfer, I thought the guy had more sense. He had the pick of all the big clubs in Europe but he plumped for the money. Darren Bent Part II....
  13. ^^^Soma, you need to lay off Grant. The guy has done a good job with all the pressure on him. But I still think Yoman Avramsmebich will want a new top coach...if he does stick with him it means the guy is actually being loyal for once. No doubt whoever is in charge in the summer will have 1 big budget. Well done chelsea, as much as it pains me to say, I really dont wanna see united claim a double.
  14. ^^^ Damn....slow down, 1 bad match does not make Gallas wack. Soma u loved him at Chelsea. He's the only candidate for the cpataincy...and i would stick with him. But heres an interesting view from mark randall speaking to a burnley player where he's on loan. I got it from another forum. Its all bullshit if u ask me, and I'm not sure I should post it in here, with all the anti-gunners in here. Lehman is a complete prick, and that most of the players wouldnt cross the road to greet him Gallas wont be captain next season, Fabregas will Eduardo is a lazy fecker in training, but scores the most ridiculous goals and will be a arsenal legend Adebayor is a legend off the pitch and the most generous man you could wish to meet... Hleb is a loner, nice bloke but a loner Henry keeps texting two or three of the players saying he regrets leaving and will be back in England next season.....two clubs are after him and have made contact Adebayor and Touré had to be seperated in the dressing room after Tuesdays game Walcott is about twenty times more skilful that people realise Arsenal are more comfortable playing away from the Emirates as they think the crowd can get on there back too easy if it isnt going right
  15. ^^^Apparently were David Villa's most preferred destination..with the crisis at Los Che, he could come for 15-20 mil. But is Arsene gonna go for him? He would bring the best out of Cesc imo and would be a great addition with him dudu, rvp, n ade fightin for a place.