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  1. Tension is reportedly high in Laas Caanood [regional HQs of Sool Region disputed area between Puntland and Somaliland] after two men from Somaliland were arrested and later on brutally murdered in Garoowe [in Puntland] on Saturday [28 May]. The killing of the two men, identified as Said Dahir Jama aged 35, and Abdullahi Suleiman alias Indha Salale aged 32, was said to have caused very high tension in Sool Region and Buuhoodle [all in northern Somalia]. Reports say the public was moved by the brutal and inhuman way the two men were killed. [Passage omitted] BBC Monitoring qarannews
  2. dam retards! some people just don’t know how to spend precious time wisely.
  3. Sky This doesn’t occur exclusively in Somaliland, it extends throughout the Somali peninsula. Sweeping the problem under the carpet won’t make things any better, you’re just ignoring the problem that exist in Puntland as well. Hargeisa (The Rep) - Somaliland minister of Interior, Mr. Ismail Aden Osman in an interview with BBC Somali section denied charges by Amnesty International that demonstrators from the minority groups of Gaboye are held incommunicado without charge for taking part in a peaceful demonstration. He said; “About a 100 of the minority Gaboye group had taken part in a violent demonstration by burning tires and throwing stones and causing damage to some business stores and a telephone company in the center of the town.†“The president has given order not to arrest of the demonstrators and the police have followed the order. None of the demonstrators is under detention,†he added. Speaking about the death of Khadar Osman Dhabar he said; “A group of drunkards attacked police patrol on the night of 13/05/05 and tried to take their guns. According to police report, the dead man was one of them and one of the patrol police shot him to save his weapon. Mr. Dhabar was immediately taken to the hospital, where he later died. The policeman in detained and the case is under investigationâ€.
  4. Originally posted by Mobb_Deep: To be frank, charity starts at home. If ya want to help this situation, marry a girl from that clan na'mean. If enough people make that move, this minority is accepted back into the society na'mean. To be frank Mobb, you don’t marry someone out of charity or because you want help out their clan’s situation that alone is prejudice. What needs to be done here is we need to stop the clan approach “I can’t marry him/her because of clan†we need start marrying everyone regardless of their clan.
  5. Up to 100 demonstrators from the Gaboye minority group Killed: Khadar Osman Dhabar (m), late 20s, married with 3 children ------- Following a peaceful protest up to a hundred demonstrators from the Gaboye minority group are held incommunicado without charge, either in Hargeisa central prison in the capital of Somaliland or in unauthorised and secret police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detention centres where they are at risk of torture. They had been protesting at the shooting of Khadar Osman Dhabar by a police officer. On 13 May, Khadar Osman Dhabar died in Hargeisa hospital of numerous bullet wounds after being shot on the night of 11 May in the street by a police officer. Details of the incident are still unclear but it seems that the shooting incident occurred when two police officers approached Khadar Osman Dhabar and his two friends in the Hawl Wadag area of Hargeisa. One of the police shot him, knowing the three were members of the discriminated Gaboye minority, against whom human rights abuses are frequently perpetrated with impunity. Later on the 13 May, in an unprecedented and peaceful protest, a large crowd of Gaboye and sympathisers went to the central police station and president’s office. They were calling for justice following Khadar Osman Dhabar's death and for their human rights to be respected. They were confronted by armed police who used live ammunition against the non-violent demonstrators, mostly shooting in the air and without causing any fatalities. However, they did beat and arrest several hundred demonstrators, including children and women. Many have now been released. Other Gaboye were later arrested in police raids on Dami village on the outskirts of Hargeisa, where most live in harsh conditions. Many have fled or are in hiding, wanted by the police for alleged involvement in the demonstration, criticising the government and calling for protection of the human rights of the Gaboye minority. Amnesty International considers the detained demonstrators and others arrested later to be prisoners of conscience who are imprisoned on account of their peaceful opinions and defence of the human rights of the Gaboye minority. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Gaboye is the collective name in Somaliland for different occupational minority groups (Musa Dariyo, Tumal, Madiban and Yibir) who number some tens of thousands of people and suffer severe discrimination in this nomadic pastoralist-based society. They are also found in Somalia. They experience exclusion on account of their occupations as hairdressers, metal-workers and blacksmiths, leather-workers and shoemakers, herbalists and ritual specialists – services they traditionally perform for the “noble†Somali pastoralist clans. They are customarily not permitted to inter-marry with the pastoralist clans and thus have no clan protection in the form of vengeance or compensation for murder or other crimes. They equally have little or no protection in the state system of administration of justice, which is controlled by clan members, and in practice have little or no access to education or other economic and social rights. Although attitudes to minorities are improving, with two seats reserved for minorities in parliament, and several Somaliland human rights organizations working with minority associations to defend their rights, the minorities benefit little from the human rights guarantees in the Somaliland Constitution and laws. Cases of arbitrary detention, kidnapping, rape, torture and killing of Gaboye with impunity are still reported in Somaliland as well as Somalia. The self-declared Republic of Somaliland which is not internationally recognized, was established in 1991 after the overthrow of the Siad Barre government of Somalia. The north-western regions broke away to form Somaliland within the borders of the former British Somaliland Protectorate. RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in English or your own language: - calling for an impartial inquiry into the killing of Khadar Osman Dhabar and for the police officer responsible to be brought to justice if the killing is found to be unlawful; - appealing for the immediate and unconditional release of the detained Gaboye demonstrators and others arrested later, for guarantees of their safety and that they are not being subjected to torture or ill-treatment; - appealing for the detainees to be allowed immediate contact with their families, legal representatives, medical doctors if needed, and representatives of humanitarian organizations; - urging the government to establish an independent inquiry to investigate arbitrary violence and discrimination against the minorities, and ensure that members of minorities have access to justice and equal treatment before the law, in accordance with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities. APPEALS TO: There is no postal service to Somaliland and fax messages may be difficult. Copies of letters can be sent to the only diplomatic missions (not recognised) in UK, USA and Italy asking for them to be forwarded. Where possible please send appeals by email. President His Excellency President Dahir Riyaale Kahin Fax: +252 213 8324 or +252 252 3848 Email: sl_victory@yahoo.com Salutation: Dear President Minister of the Interior Mr Ismail Aden Osman c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs or The Presidency (as above) Salutation: Dear Minister Minister of Justice Mr Ahmed Hassan Ali Assowe, c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Presidency (as above)Salutation: Dear Minister Commander of the Somaliland Police Mr Mohamed Egeh Elmi, c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Presidency (as above) Salutation: Dear Commander COPIES TO: Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms Edna Ismail Aden Fax: +252 828 3271 Email: slforeign@hotmail.com Salutation: Dear Minister DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS: UK: Mr Osman Ahmed Hassan, Representative of the Somaliland Government, Somaliland Mission, 102 Cavell Street, London E1 2JA, United Kingdom, Fax: +44 207 717 1718 USA: Mr Saad Sheikh Omar Nur, Representative of the Somaliland Government, Washington DC, USA, Fax: +1 301 231 5990 ITALY: Mr Muhiyadin Ahmed Abdi Gabose, Representative of the Somaliland Government, Corso Unione Sovietica 465, Torino, Italy. PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 29 June 2005. Posted by Yvette Lopez I can’t remember the last time I woke up so enraged and frustrated at the same time genuinely heartbroken for these poor Somalis. I’m so disappointment with our ordinary nomad for not accepting these poor Somalis as our own brothers and sisters. I don’t even want to go into this filthy corrupted evil government as they are only taking advantaged of the norm that has existed before them, nevertheless justice will be served whether in this life or in here after insallah. I hope all of you nomads do everything you can do to publics this injustice and the ignorance that exist in our country, whether it is by email or conversation with your fellow nomads or relatives at home. I on my end will contact TvSL Europe and ask them to air a program that focuses on the imprisonment and discriminations faced by these Somali groups.
  6. Originally posted by Somali_Patriot: Happy May 18 reer Somali-land. May you inshallah stay working for peace, and eventually work for the peace of Somaliweyn and all uumma muslimiin. Amiin
  7. Fyr


    Well it was an attention-grabbing show at the beginning but well into the season I got annoyed with the show’s lack of continuous. But now being at episode 22 I’ve to finish this infuriating season for some mysterious reason. For the drama and action people in SOL I cheerfully recommend “24†and for the comedy people “Family Guy†would be my recommendation. Peace.
  8. Fyrkan thats false, Somaliland is Is the occupying force and inhabitants of sool Sanaag and cayn are dissatisfied with Somaliland’s aggression against sool Sanaag and cayn, I suppose you are either stubborn (some one who blindly support his clan-state even when his clan-state attacks other neighboring clans) or bankrupt. Generalizing won’t get your opinion across SOO MAAL, just stat your opinion and leave out what I’m or supposed to be. Johhny B jr I apologize for misreading your sentence. Now back to your question, now correct me if I’m wrong you’re saying that the people of Sool and Saanag are unhappy with the outcome of the Puntland elections? hence “elections haven’t gone their wayâ€, right? If I remember correctly the day after the election some Puntlanders posted a diagram of the votes from the respectively regions which showed who they voted for, unexpectedly the majority of the representative of these regions choose the current president. So according the diagram the election went their way. politically speaking Somaliland would prefer that there were NEVER elections in Puntland and Puntland never existed in the 1st place. In my opinion No! you see there are many things in life I prefer over the other. For instance I prefer law and order above anarchy so I wouldn’t wish lawless on Puntland as a fellow Somali, same goes with Mogadishu I prefer law and order over anarchy. But politically speaking who wouldn’t prefer non existence of other states they confront with now and then. The word “prefer†shouldn’t really exist in the politically arena in my opinion. "Johhny B jr" Let’s not dwell on the past, I can assure you that there were no winners in the civil war. I’am fine with my republic that has survived for over a decade now and insallah it will continue, I’m not about to change for a federal who is on the edge of a cliff. But I’ am happy that your fine with your choice. Now could you prove me wrong and prove the contrary? On which statement?
  9. Every story must have two sides. Your right this story isn’t any different, but like any other news outlet the truth will be seen/told in due time, so let’s sit back and watch what happens. 1: Is Somaliland politically teasing the Sol Sanag and Ayn ppl cause Puntland elections haven´t gone their way? Which way would Somaliland favoured the election? Please enlighten us! 2: Has Haegeisa given up the militry alternative since last confrontation? In my opinion the military build-up in Sool was to stop Puntland from advancing more into Sool rather than an option to keep on the table if future talks breakdown. Attacking the regional capital will just alienate and anger the inhabitants, a good example of alienating the inahabitans is eastern Saanag, were Puntland is doing fine job of alienating the inhabitants, Somaliland is trying to do precisely the opposite.
  10. 13 May 2005 13:01:09 GMT Source: Reuters HARGEISA, Somalia, May 13 (Reuters) - Leaders from the self-declared republic of Somaliland will meet representatives from their disputed eastern border region next month to resolve grievances ahead of September elections, a minister said. Authorities in Somaliland and the rival enclave of Puntland -- neither of which are internationally recognised -- both lay claim to disputed territory on their border where their security forces have fought occasional clashes. Leaders in Somaliland, which broke away from the rest of Somalia in 1991 to escape chaos engulfing the country, are hoping to persuade members of the *********** community to accept their leadership, rather than side with Puntland. "It's been decided to hold the long overdue conference on June 1," said Somaliland Information Minister Abdillahi Mohamed Du'aleh in a statement released late on Thursday in Somaliland's capital Hargeisa. The *********** have not met the Somaliland government since 2002, when Somaliland President Dahir Rayale Kahin visited the eastern town of Las Anod, prompting forces from Puntland to move into the area. The two sides have since clashed sporadically. Residents in Hargeisa say representatives of the *********** community may be tempted to reconcile with Somaliland's leaders partly to benefit from an influx of aid to Somaliland, which has been relatively stable compared to the rest of Somalia. *********** grievances include their lack of representation in Somaliland's parliament. Elections are due in September. The meeting will take place in the mountainous town of Sheikh, outside the Gulf of Aden port town of Berbera, and is expected to take several weeks.
  11. Don’t act all shocked Jumatatu it doesn’t take a genius to guess this coming. Although I’m quiet impressed by Meles Al-Qaida timing, it always works doesn’t’ it? I say good luck to both sides and may the best man win.
  12. First of all welcome to SOL “The Resistance Movement†I can’t see any international originations entering Sudan any time soon or for that matter ever. When it comes to the United Nations I can’t really picture any member state including those five permanent member states in the Security Council going against Chinas veto. If it occurs it would properly mean the end for the United Nations or create hostility between nuclear states. When the U.S went into war with Iraq without UN’s permission it created allot of diplomatic and legitimacy crisis within the UN and that happened without any veto vote taking place. Forget about AU resources or their drive, it’s in their principles not to interference in the internal affairs of the member stats. Those whom are already there are peacekeepers who can’t do jack shit for those poor people. Their fate rests with Allah now, peace.
  13. Palestine: Defending olive trees News you won't find on CNN or BBC
  14. Welcome to SOL Boqorka Borama and don’t worry about the suspicious minds of SOL, they assume one should’ve a different opinion for the respectively region.
  15. Lander I’m too troublesome of the current stat of affairs but I’m bit sanguinity about the upcoming parliamentary election which I hope to diminish the current administrations power. With a new opposition majority in the parliament, the current administration wouldn’t be able to sign any deal which would mean stat exploitation. Thank Allah for houses like the Guurti which is a big plus for us compared to other countries that are being exploited. Lander you can’t compare us with the Nigerians with its 200+ ethnic groups and with a long-lasting ethnic and religious tensions. The funny thing about this federal is that the president is both chief of state and head of government, this got to be the most corrupt country in the world right now. May Allah ensure us of better feature and stable and viable republic. May Allah purge all corrupted politicians of our beloved republic. amiin
  16. Somalia waters and airspace polluted by foreign vessels and aircraft Fri. April 29, 2005 08:33 am. This morning, the skies of Bossaso, Somalia were filled with unknown low-flying helicopters. These helicopters were so close to the ground residents thought they were under attack. Different types of low flying aircraft are seen in all parts of the country, especially in coastal areas. In Mogadishu, people reported seeing large airplanes circling the city regularly. Local fishermen in different cities have been complaining about foreign fishing vessels that always cut their fishing nets and threaten their much smaller boats. These foreign vessels sometimes collide with small Somali fishing boats sinking them. Somalia’s skies have been free-for-all for all international commercial airliners since the fall of Somalia’s last government in 1991. At least commercial routes are high in the sky and do not frighten people on the ground.
  17. Well have just downloaded the 128 min documentary and finished watching it. It was very educational documentary which really show an ideal sociality where Jews, Muslims and Christians live together in peace and harmony. Never would I’ve guessed that the modern western philospy would be based upon the update version of the Greek philospy by the Arabs but then again I haven’t read any books in years. I’ am the only one here who thinks Rageh Omaar should do a documentary on the Somali history? It would be very enlightening, especially for us young Somalis who can’t read the Somali history books just because it’s written in Af-Somali. Rageh Omaar My journey has been about a forgotten history but really it’s a history that has been deliberately erased and that is because of resentments arising from conflicts. If the abiding memories just this land was ours they kicked us out or the invader took what belonged to us then contribution to science and culture would be lost only the battles would be commemorated.
  18. He's not? I thought only Arab presidents could attend the Arab League conferences or meetings. Are you being sarcastic or are you simply just misinformed?
  19. Posting daily incidences in Mogadishu is increasingly becoming the new motto these days in SOL. Are these daily updates posted out concern or some other hidden agenda? We all know that there is no law and order in Mogadishu and that anything can happen to the ordinary civilian. All of things that are happing have already happened before, so why wasn’t it posted before? What is so special about it now? Daily incidences occurs throughout the Somali peninsula some to the same extend as Mogadishu ones, and some to lesser extend. Some reach the Somali news sites some don’t but deep inside of us we are all aware of what really happens. We show a fake outrage when a few individuals outside Somali run into trouble with the laws of their host country. Haddad It’s an insult to me and many others here in SOL to state that it was a fake outrage.
  20. Thanks brother Suldaaanka for info I’ll check if the first part have been released on BitTorrent.
  21. If I’ am not wrong Hargeysa-yarey should be 20 km from jilib town.
  22. Now this is personal, or was it friendly respect/joke? huh.. No, it was merely a description of his first post. If “roll†means how we act, I can assure you that we are very nonchalant Somalis. As for Sweden being boring place comment, all I have to say is come and visit then the place before you make your childish judgements. For the weather conditions comment well I can’t complain to mush for the lovely spring weather. By the way how is your city’s weather treating you? but you shouldnt acted the way you did, without knowing for sure that i will get banned. now, you just made a total fool outta yourself. and believe me, im laughing at ya. Well I’ am glad that my “should’ve got†comment made you laugh some mush and in your eyes made me completely fool wish only goes to say what I said about your behaviour before. ps. the n-word wasnt an insult. Black.hawk you might like to be called the n-word but I really hope you know that there are people in this world whom don’t like to be called the n-word.