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    Former Somali Servicemen and Civilians Volunteer for Duty - 1978 lmao @ 00:35 "wiilka u sacbiya"
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    *admins delete* double post
  3. There's a thread naming the leaders in this photo: The guy to the right of Siyad Bare (AUN) is Gaafar Nimeiry.
  4. I wonder if these buildings can withstand an earthquake? If not, what a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Reminds me of an episode on Family Guy when Peter declared his own Republic of Petoria.
  6. USA: 120,840 <--- I'm sure the Somali community in the United States is greater than that.
  7. I see Yasser Arafat, our very own Siyad Bare, Hussein bin Talal (left of Siyad Bare), Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Saddam Hussein, Gaafar Nimeiry (beside Siyad Bare to the right), and I'm guessing the fellow in the far upper left corner is Hafez al-Assad
  8. I appreciate Turkey assisting Somalia but what rubs me the wrong way is the use of the Turkish language in every little Turkish project. The Somali language should be place before any language in OUR country. Someone needs to voice this.
  9. My qabiil vs your qabiil should be placed in this list
  10. ^ It's not healthy Xaaji Xunjuf;965852 wrote: Maps and bureaucrats in new york do not define if there is a union Somalia and Somaliland do. In my opinion and millions others the union was killed dragged on the streets of Burco and eventually killed and buried on 18 may in 1991. Its just a dark day for Somalilanders that doesn't make me sad lol. I am still happy for Somalia when they got their dignity and independence back from Italy. So i am very happy for Somalia. But you are welcome to delude your self that there is a union:D ka qasi mayo i xaflade This is history re-writing itself once again just in a different part of the world. We know this story very well. The confederates (in this case Somaliland) wanted to break away from union with the North (in this case the rest of Somalia to the south) but unionists weren't having any of that secession mambo jambo and as we know it succeeded and continued with the union and is now one of the greatest nations in the world. And you wonder why I'm a unionist . The union always prevails! If America and the powers that be defines Somaliland as a breakaway nation, best believe the rest of the world would accept and follow but since it chooses not to see you as one, y'all cease to exist.
  11. Saalax;965838 wrote: There is nothing to celebrate about that, the unity is dead. You have every reason to celebrate considering your people made the effort to consider unity over sovereignty in 1960 . Must I remind you: "Kowdii luulyo, laba midoowdey" Xaaji Xunjuf;965841 wrote: Unfortunately yes, but thank God the Union no longer exist lets keep it with the independence of Somalia. Which is a good thing to celebrate for the people of Somalia. Lets accept the facts here. I neither see your fairy tale of a sovereign state on the map nor have the backing of any nation so therefore the great ole union does exist. You're more than welcome to see it as a dark day...your loss..but i'd recommended for your health and sanity to let it out and celebrate. We are one after all . AND QUIT RAINING DOWN ON OUR PARADE.
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;965799 wrote: even though this day is also a dark day for Somaliland. How so?
  13. Saalax;965660 wrote: The day Italian Somalia took independence from their Italian rulers. Happy independence day. and British Somaliland united with their southern brethren .
  14. Haatu, true say. Alpha Blondy;964603 wrote: Seeing that I am the baller here, I'm going to continue to ball on . Wave on!
  15. Alpha quit raining down on our parade with your crummy flag. Let us blue and white supporters cherish this day without seeing that Mexican themed flag of yours. Alpha Blondy;964415 wrote: LOL Goes to show how even the dear supporters of Somaliland respects their calan by laying it flat on the ground. If it weren't for the shahadah you guys clearly show little respect for, I'd run a river dance all over it.