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  1. *steps in the thread doing the log on dance* *Wearing a jamiacan flag mesh wife beaters, dress pants and fila runnings shoes* bombo claawt mi a MAN...*sucks teeth* how yu gonna konfuuse I for di gyala?...rass clat
  2. Originally posted by Shujui-1: wlckomen Mein Furrer respect Ah wonder if dem really understan, say Badman nuh beg frenn an all ah di freak dem we ah go put dem under wi foot an trample dem, no chichi nomad activity purmited
  3. Mi Sey Love Is Ah Thing. Yuh Play It Like Ah Game Some Time Yuh Loose And Some Time Yuh Can Win. It Sweet Like Sugar Cane. Yuh Mustin Let It Get To Yuh Heart Or Yuh Brain, Its Not To Be Blamed Nuh Play It Fi No Money and Nuh Play It Fe No Fame Cause Love Can Bring Yuh Lots Of Pain Some Love In Sun Shine And Some In a De Rain And Some Love So Sweet, Yuh Cant Complain woman cant live wi dem and cant live wi dout dem
  4. up to the time Mi know fi positon it, mi love fi set it mek it turn I rub it pon di corner mek it feel like it a burn Dem ya kind a tactics from mi a pickney mi a learn Mi nuh care if it bald or it bushy like a furr All night, all fire so mi back di furr Up a di peddle wen mi corner Laverne Mek she wiggle nuh giggle and mek she crawl like a worm Run from stand time gone a tavern Look how yuh sexy, hot like a sauce Mi temperature blaze up watch out fi sparks Mi rhinenocerus will be comin it a blast Pop off yuh door so open up fast Nuh time fi game nuh joke mi nah laugh I can dun di whole night gal can yuh last? Gal! Just fling up di sitten and gimme Dash wey yuh pride and strip tease fi mi Show mi di skill weh yuh play pon jimmy Wheel and tun nah more mi can spin it Then mi see yuh body inna bed dat's pretty Seh yuh a di best in di world of kitty But if mi find out yuh kitty not tricky Mi tun round self praise a inna self pity, Gal!!!
  5. signal de new nomad much respect