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  1. oh god, why why why . ( damn u cant use more than 8 .. aint that a b!tch
  2. Originally posted by Crystal_Clear: while you are here, you will do many observation! and many calculation,and relize that the somalization is increasing population and many of them are very much westernization and am talking about in generalization, aniga waxaa lee dahaa "CRYSTALCLEAR" , in Transssulation my name means "...aa...nothing! welcome! loooooooooooooooooool@westernization
  3. i dont have time 2 read all this, can someone tell me y Bashir is angry.. now im angry. How dare they anger mr bisher :mad:
  4. Taliban its very harm of you, u not suppose to like anything in this temporary world also, u should not be stair@ picture.. look away nowwww
  5. Yes, another “oh god” reflection, so again, if you are one those sincere beings, please do not read this. Thanks Oh god, why is this Dunya so Zaiid to me Oh god, why does my action always come out to be so wrong, does it mean am evil person Oh god why does my mother always discloses private information about her friends to me Oh god, im so old and im still in shadow of my mother ..when will my life be relinquish to me Oh god, im always trying please others, others who I dislike (most of the time) Oh god, I seek so much knowledge yet I do not know the basic concept of living Oh god im so cowered about everything I do Oh god why im so introverted being, why cant I open up and be friendly with people Oh god, why don’t I trust anyone, why do I see everyone as my opponent oh god why do i act like such sincere being yet have insincere thoughts Oh god, i have all these issues and you expect me to live? Why? oh god, im still having doubts about ur existence yet it doesn’t stop me from preaching to others about you.. Hypo(snake) or hypocrite am i? Hmm I wonder if im battling with depression ? Sincerely Zee the devil
  6. wsalam.. welcome to most exciting place on the Cyber world ... i love when i can make myself laugh!
  7. Alla Ha unaxariisto.and may Allah grant your family the strength to cope with this tragic loss.
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    Originally posted by WhatDoc: Yeah mate....congrats it says that ur a lazy bugger LOL. I joined simlar time...look how many post...what does that say about my job. it says u have another ID :rolleyes:
  9. Originally posted by David_Letterman: If the cast looks good it will sell...(even if the acting is mediocre) trust me so so true, but that would mean no spot 4 u huge forhead ppl.. correcto? anyways, Xu good luck on ur project, it sure sounds a fascinating thing 2 watch out 4. Do keep us posted
  10. "According to a report yesterday in Al-Madinah newspaper, a woman placed a condition on the man who asked for her hand in marriage: That he also marries her two colleagues at the school where she teaches. " Excuse me, but no self-respecting, man loving woman would offer such condition, unless if she is a lesbian… I have to agree with most of ya here.. she is definitely up to something. where is she from again? Damn fairies
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    5000 posts

    i don’t know how u kept the memento going 4 this long? And why are we congratulating him for posting? He should be congratulating/thanking us for reading his post.. (can I get a witness?)
  12. ^^lol.. dont mind me.. im only here just to laugh.. wallahi, that got me in tears. just when i was about 2 quite this place oye, i cant wait 2 see the ending on this
  13. Shakti


    here we go again.. whats with this hate for our people.. get over it
  14. haha @ this thread.. nice going there ibti
  15. Fairy about the fairies.. Now that’s something that I did not anticipate for ( a moment to vomit please ) As a mother of 6 kids (may god help those children) I will not stand for this absurdity. I pay $200 a month for their kung-fu classes.. 4 what? So we can live in harmony with these punching bags. No way jose… my kids need their punching bags..okey :mad: Its bad enough we know they exist among us, now we r letting them 2 wave their fairy hands n smack us with a lesson on tolerance? These fairies will not be tolerated anymore!! (akhus there goes my breakfast.)
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    Nip Tuck

    Originally posted by *Aisha*: ^^Looooool. Are you serious!!! Well for me, my answer is "HELL NO"!!!! I will never even think about going under the knife to save my life let alone change the way I look! We're talking about needles and cutting and pain! I can't understand why ppl would voluntarily choose to go through that! There was this eygptian actress who went and got liposuction done. There was some complications and she fell into a coma. She was in the coma for 1 year but she just died in the end! I have heard so many cases like that. It's not rare! So sad. Instead of ppl saying Al-hamdulilah, they wannah go change them selves! Thanks aisha.. i canceled me appointment… just woke up from 1 hell of coma courtesy of NGonner..dont wanna go back there again nip n tuck.. I think any1 who is entertaining the idea should do it …y? Coz under all that “cloth” u know, u deserver some cutting/nipping!
  17. oye or acuudu billahi..Some1 I use 2 know, would tell me such news about these arab fairies.. I thought it was more of confession than a news.. thanks 4 the info Cambarro
  18. lol@ title of the thread..llooolll i find that ppl who claim 2 wanna give a sincere advise r the most questionable ppl ever (nowadays)! dont mind me ummal n canbrow, im what u need 2 straighten ur faith (note 2self.. must change ur id back 2 Deviltriangle)
  19. i couldn’t careless who is rocking the chair just as long as they don’t make mistake in paycheck
  20. ****Caution: this is very twisted dark thread and if you are genuine person please leave now, thank you very much **** O god how can I let the world rape me of my innocence only to fill me up with semen of cruelty and back stabbing techniques. O God how can I be a genuine “adoon” when the only thing that runs in my blood is the thoughts of battering friends and family. O God how can I be so unappreciative to those who bended back wards just to help me out when I was in my "weirdness phases" (I think) O god will u ever forgive me for having doubt about ur existence and playing with your guidance’s O god how can learn to mind my own business when the only thing I want to do is to know everyone else business so that I have something to share with my internet friends (the only friends I have) O god will u blesses me with real friends so I can play with them too. O god how can I be a cowardly (cow) to those who abuse the innocent and hypocrite to those who are awake for the innocent. O god why did u created me to be so envies of others happiness and their guanine actions O god why can’t I be normal like the rest of the creatures O god why does bad things happened to me, especially when I’m trying so hard to divert it to others O god why cant u bless me with love of a real man instead of lousy men from the net? O god when will this insecurity that I have been carrying for the last 19 years, ever escape me? O god why do I have the decadency in eyeing my sisters leftover food, how twisted can I be? O god why do I have the tendency in telling fabricated stories to others, thinking that might be the deception I need in escaping death and sorrow O god could all these acts be the result of Of being cursed with such a name or living up to such name. Sincerely ZEE Devil ( rocking a bit of Arabic accent here )
  21. hahaha@peacenow... so so so proud that i could touch the sky n reach 4 the stars *holding the BLUE flag of Somalia, ever so proudly *
  22. oye, i missed all the fun. cc wait 4 me plz when posting such fun threads.
  23. saying "none of ur damn business", makes me happy