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  1. AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE PRESIDENT OF THE TRANSITIONAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF SOMALIA AND THE SPEAKER OF THE TRANSITIONAL FEDERAL PARLIAMENT OF SOMALIA MADE IN KAMPALA ON 9TH JUNE 2011 (THE KAMPALA ACCORD) 1.Recognizing the Transitional Federal Charter as the basis for the legitimacy of all Transitional Federal Institutions. 1.The President of the Transitional Federal Government and The Speaker of the Transitional Federal Parliament met in Kampala Uganda under the auspices of His Excellency President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the facilitation of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations Ambassador Augustine P. Mahiga to address the issues and agree the way forward on bringing to an end the transition in a spirit of cooperation and harmony in accordance with the Djibouti Agreement and in line with the Transitional Federal Charter. 1.All parties were cognisant of the counsel from the United Nations Security Council in their meeting of the 25th May 2011 to reach an agreement on ending the transitional phase. Cognisant of the counsel of the ICG Meeting of June 3rd, 2011. Cognisant of the concerns of the Troop Contributing Countries not to squander significant military progress and the readiness by the Regional Heads of State (IGAD and EAC with the participation of the United Nations (UNPOS) and the African Union) to oversee and monitor and guide any agreement by the Transitional Federal Institutions on bringing to an end the Transitional Phase on 20 August, 2011 and thereafter bringing in a new dispensation. 1.The parties meeting in Kampala agreed to the following parameters: a. We agree to defer elections of the President and the Speaker and his deputies for twelve months after August, 2011 in order to adequately prepare and complete priority transitional tasks. b. Elections for President and Speaker of Parliament will have to take place prior to August 20, 2012. c. Within thirty days of the signing of this Agreement, the Prime Minister will resign from his position; and the President will appoint a new Prime Minister. d. Parliament will endorse the new Prime Minister within 14 days of the submission of the PM Nominee by the Office of the President. 1 e. The New Prime Minister will appoint his cabinet within 30 days of his approval and submit it to President. f. Parliament will endorse the new cabinet within 14 days of the submission of the cabinet list by the Office of the President. g. While ensuring the new government reflects the 4.5 formula for power sharing. These appointments will be done in the spirit of collaboration and mutual confidence between the leaders of the TFIs in accordance with their respective mandates. h. All Ministers are to possess the education, experience and integrity to discharge their ministerial duties. i. The new Government and Parliament will work closely with each other through joint committees and their respective mandates to complete important priority tasks, including on security, Parliamentary reforms, constitution-making process, preparation for elections, and greater political outreach. j. Both Government and Parliament will endeavour to create an environment to that is conducive to a cooperative working relationship and shall refrain from media recrimination, threats of impeachment of the President, Speaker and two deputy speakers of Parliament, and the dismissal of Parliament. k. The government should also not be subjected to motions unless that motion has been justified and substantiated with strong evidence of a breach of the TFC. l. In its oversight role, Parliament should facilitate the smooth functioning of government business in Parliament. Each branch of the TFIs will operate within the confines of its respective mandate to ensure harmonious and complimentary working relations. Government will initiate needed legislation in a timely manner and Parliament shall consider and act on proposed and pending legislation expeditiously. m. Both Government and Parliament shall work together with the international community to establish a roadmap with benchmarks, timelines and compliance mechanisms for the implementation of the priority task. Details of the mechanisms to be agreed by 20 August 2011. n. The Heads of State of the Region (IGAD and EAC) shall constitute a Political Bureau with participation of the UN (UNPOS) and the AU, similar to the Burundi Regional Peace Initiative. The Bureau shall oversee and monitor compliance of the TFIs with agreed benchmarks and timelines to implement the transitional tasks and to advance the Somali Peace Process. o. The international partners and the Regional Bureau reserve the right to evoke appropriate measures with consequences to ensure compliance with the benchmarks and timelines by the TFIs including the application of appropriate sanctions against spoilers. p. A mid-term review of performance of the TFIs to take place in six months time. 2 3 q. The international community shall undertake commitment to provide timely support for these efforts in line with agreed benchmarks and timelines. r. The planned Mogadishu Conference will be convened by the TFG and TFP and facilitated by the SRSG to be held at a mutually agreed date as soon as possible. 1.The parties agreed that support for the current military operations and completion of the rebuilding of the Security forces are fundamental to the success of the transitional period and agreed that a reformed Joint Security Committee will sit permanently in Mogadishu. 1.All parties to this agreement should seek the support and reach out to all the Somali stakeholders. 1.All parties to this agreement agreed to the creation of a new Anti-Corruption Commission to safeguard the public wealth. 1.We invite the international community and the regional actors to guarantee this political undertaking. The parties to this agreement will seek the support and reach out to all Somali stakeholders. 1.HE President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda will Guarantee the implementation of this agreement and sign below as a witness. 1.This Agreement will come into effect when signed. Signed this day 9th June 2011 by: ……………………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………. HE Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Hon Shariff Hassan Sheikh Aden President of the Transitional Federal Government Speaker of the Transitional Federal Parliament Witnessed by: Witnessed by: ………………………………………………………………………. …………………………………………………………. H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Dr Augustine P Mahiga President of the Republic of Uganda Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations
  2. Nothing is cracking apart from my lafoo. Bacdaa duuq@SS :-(@Mpenzi.
  3. *waves at Che- Juxa's prob busy eating some cake now.
  4. *Virtually running in slow-mo to hug her beloved Malika.
  5. What are you doing in miyi? Woman you know that they don’t have a functioning mosqul? Hence you have to relieve yourself in the bushes? Old man Yes Sissy with aff dheer? Ibti thats what i've learned, not to mention to poke people in the eye with my fingers. Mac mac Oldy
  6. Hello so was. Anyhow when do i get to babysit that girl?
  7. Old man unless its you their not. But was an eye opener.
  8. Old man- I always do. Just not your kind, but i do.
  9. Hello CL, what in the world happend to you? Old man kuch nahi, tek hu mein. P.s Visited your home land.
  10. Good morning people... Old man kise ho tum? To my suprise am loving the weather. p.s what have i missed?
  11. Mpendwa mac mac kor iyo sideways. Za hali nawe, maisha and mwanangu? Zote nipe kipolepole kwanza. Mambo kwangu safi tu, kuku kwa straw alhamdhulilah. P.s nashanga uchafu wa SOL sikuhizi. Maswali ya bata na punda ndo hayo name na toa majibu yaki in return. CL ukodown-Ndo manaki nini? Ndo kwangu uko, hauja-jua?
  12. 1. waa bilaahi towfiiq, kasaar meesha. if you will intsruct people to do what allah has forbidden, then adaa cirka roob ku og. your utter is total misleading and erroneous. It is illogical and packed with a western sense of religion . Silly girl, that’s the best advice ever given in SOL. I say take. Now make haste and commit the sin, as your topic is nonsensical.
  13. Wcs, hello you. Lack of sleep is killing me. A pathetic 3hrs is all I’ve managed for the pass 2weeks.
  14. hahahahahahahahah. I shall wait for Malika on this looooooooooool
  15. Lol Mapendwa, yap if you were born in Dar, chances are your known. Except if you were born In ilala, motoni mtongani, mbagal etc areas. ;p; I used to avoid canjeelo duties like the plague, thank god we were more chapatti ya maji kinda people. The worse cooking session has to be the Ramadan drills. You remember them. Gosh I don’t miss them. Una kuja leni tena London?
  16. Poa tu, tunapambana na maisha ya ulaya. Nimekwenda nyumbani mara 5. Na kila napo rudi nataka kulia. Aahh, haya si maisha tena. Mwaka hu, ndo wa ukweli nahama nami. Nimepachoka kabisa ulaya. Bila mfanya kazi siwezi kuishe. Nawe unakimbia leni tena?
  17. Mac mac kor iyo sideways mpendwa. Yap by the add above its in West London. p.s wala chapatti ya maji kwetu sisi sijuis and its better than pancake. I miss malawax for breakfast.
  18. For the first time ever I am utterly and truly bored of London. Nothing new and the worse part of it all....I am now seeing the same face repeatedly. Ibti- I see you’ve picked the perfect time to escape. Hello people and old man… Malikaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Mpendwa, za hali, uko mzima??
  19. Hello mpendwa…I think me and you should visit & review this joint. p.s malawax is quraac in my books, while canjeelo is an opportunistic addition across the meals.
  20. Wcs Juxa. am good alhamdhulilah, can’t complain as the sun is out and the long weekends are ahead of us. Life can’t be better. How are you and life? and are you in you know where tomorrow for a maybe lunch? Old man-mere jaan. Tik hu? Tum kise ho, mere bina kise survive karti ho tum?