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  1. Come on Blessed- all their doing is holding hands and implanting kisses on their cheeks and the odd case of telling other people. Its kind’a cute. Don’t stifle puppy love let it be and enjoy its cuteness. Flirting skills require years of training. ^^As the aunty i have to maintain my “favorite aunty” credentials
  2. View all Subscribed Threads Latest Reputation Received (351 point(s) total) 02-11-2011 05:21 PMThread: Egypt protests "Cairo... disrespectful, immature, ill informed, ugly face 45 yr old 01-06-2011 01:18 AMThread: Troll, Shah and Sheeko 12-22-2010 10:32 AMThread: Troll, Shaah, Cakes and... Though I think he's a man, I still flirt with him. Heh. Hahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahah ohh this is too funny. I must say am delighted and gutted that I’ve just discovered this...brilliant!!! But who..i wana know my admirers
  3. Don’t you dare stifle our romance with formalisation.
  4. Blessed don’t be like that. Its puppy 5yr old niece has a BF and got herself a handmade card today.
  5. What an endorsement Val. But fear not; i shant join the masses anytime soon. P.s who needs a husband when you have the old man. Getting all teary looking at the old man’s gift. Awww mere jaan and here i thought you forgot. You see Val.....getting married ruins it all.
  6. I think I’ve lost one rep power- but I have no means of verifying that. But still i'm annoyed. Hello people
  7. It must be love, love, love! Roses are red, voilets are blue, the sky is green and we are all going to die. Happy valentines day, folks! *Gets back to her box of chocolates* Well well well!!! Someone is leg shackled and loving it.
  8. What kind of a girl or guy for that matter will settle for an alcoholic partner? Hands up if that’s NOT your NO Gozone? Or someone who dresses badly? Granted some people like the challenge of transforming a human into the swan. But some people aren’t into product alterations and frankly want a final product off the shelf-after all they’ve invested in themselves why not accept that off others. Poor hygiene-I won’t dignify that with a response. And if your into that your sick. Short- come on? It goes without a saying. Divorced- some people want to start a life with someone not join one at the intermission. That’s personal preference that’s very much legitimate. Unemployed well-come on? A man or a woman on the dole is a no-go-zone. Arrogance well it depends what they’re arrogant about… CC shopping list is so innocent…..what do lot have against it?
  9. Awww god bless the shababies indeed!! And yes Somalis don’t molest children….hell they’re god abiding people. They don’t kill, steal, rape etc. God bless your ignorance.
  10. by Mohammed Sheikh Noor Radio France Internationale February 13, 2011 Markacadeey The ongoing civil war in Somalia has taken the lives of many parents whose children end up living on the street. The kids use all types of drugs, from opium to glue, and become victims of crime, sexual assault, abuse, exploitation ... and they are prey to recruiters for the country's militias. Some children have taken to the streets to support their families. Others have no families to take care of them. Said Husein Madahey, now 12, lost his parents in the conflict when he was six. He is now a glue sniffer. When he sniffs glue he feels happy, he says. " I think I'm on the moon, sometimes I dream I am either in New York or Washington," he says. "I get pleasure and enjoyment every minute I use glue." To make ends meet, Madahay collects garbage from the streets of Mogadishu. He earns little money but "most of the time the little money you earn in the day is taken away by an older street boy. It is the power that counts." And life on the Mogadishu street is dangerous. "I randomly choose the place I spend at night, be prepared to face two risky phenomena, either to be killed by stray bullet or to be molested." Madahay, a sharp-eyed youth in a white dirty tee-shirt, is always in bare feet. He said "I take a bath in the sea once a month, since I believe the water of the city is not clean enough to remove the dirt from my body," he says. Mohamed Deq, whose NGO Kalmo deals with child care, says the situation of the street children continues to be dire, especially when the fighting between the Somali government and Al-Shabab militias is still in existence. War and poverty have thrown thousands of children onto the streets of the Somali capital, leaving them in the crossfire of one of the world's most brutal guerrilla wars and exposed to disease, drugs and sexual violence. "The teenagers are living in a scramble life where nobody is prepared to handle them to make or create a better future life," says Deq, adding that the former regime of Siad Barre had paid a lot of effort for those kids to establish a better life." Before the war, most people relied on each other and their extended families for support. Since the war, traditional structures have broken down and immediate and extended families often don't have enough resources to care for all their children. And that is why Mohamed Deq believes more and more children must go out and fend for themselves whatever risks they face.
  11. what comes next is whether the pew research will materialize in EGYPT... fact: 82% of Egyptians support stoning as a punishment for adultery, 84% favor the death penalty for Muslims who leave the religion, and in the struggle between "modernizers" and "fundamentalists," 59% identify with fundamentalists. (the last one is rather problematic for me) what is the military's role? Will they jump in bed with their brotherhood crowd or maintain order long after the transitional period? These are many unanswered questions ya Nuune..... For once do us a favor
  12. Minus Bob? Aree kutta.... Kutta me. Aree mere jaan your status is still pending….hint hint Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I’ve been good. Hint hint*** To be honest, i personally think our best option is a somali man. you wont want to give hooyo macaan a heart attack would you? Juxa- Woman I think its time we visit specsavers. There is no hoyo macaan behind closed doors and one shouldn’t marry someone to please others.
  13. Looooooooooooooooool. Juxa my darling xabibti-half of my kidney. I don’t mean you. You have a legitimate excuse to have married a Somali men. Hence not part of the stup1d xalimos
  14. Well my dear; women love nothing but to judge and pass comment on other women. The concept of yayasisterhood has long deserted us. Come to think of it we do quite a lot of things for the benefit of our pavement judges. Not to mention guard the practices that chain us to subjugation. Let’s not go there please. The worse day of my life was the day I truly realized the enemy of a woman is not a men but another woman. Grrrr!!! As for men growing their bidaar or losing the belly-Hun Somali men are ugly to start with. The fact that they wear something relatively decent and splashe some perfume (hollymotherofcow PAY) is enough for many xalimos (who are stup1d enough to shackle up with them) Now lets not hijack this to my favorite topic aka Somali men bashing (Minus Bob)
  15. hahahahahah Well that’s the pre-wedding expectation nooh?
  16. Somali women hahahahaha. Honey Somali women get fat and start resembling their furniture after they get married not before. So I think they will be able to pull it off without spilling out of the dress. If they possessed the confidence to wear them. They require a hell a lot of body confidence/craziness to pull.
  17. But that’s the whole thing. They’re so groomed into that lifestyle its shocking. But part of me also think well who are we to judge. But then again there certain practices that are just…..well shocking. For example the grabbing thing. It looks violence and borderline rape. But should we judge? How about the whole sexualisation of young girls at a really young age? But then again they’re not allowed to drink, go out without permission etc and is that a good thing or bad? And where/how do the men generate the income to sustain that life style? They drive amazing cars and are able to throw lavish weddings….how do they finance that. Leaving up to the stereotype hence stealing etc or do they actually work? How about the bear knuckle fights?
  18. Mac mac kor iyo sideways Juxa. I love them too. Seriously how they walk in that thing still amazes me. how about those little girls coming out parties? And the crazy outfits, music etc??? The whole show is an anthropological study waiting to happen.
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  20. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry after watching the show. But am glued. Anyone else glued to this as I am?
  21. No punishment in this world is good enough for that man@Old man. He should face similar fate and his thingy chopped off. Juxa we need to galvanize the women community and demand gender justice for that woman@ once.