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  1. May Allah grant us the wisdom, strength and guidance to gather all the blessing of this blessed month of Ramadaan. Aamiin!
  2. Eid mubaarak to all of you and wish you cumri dheer, barwaaqo iyo bash bash
  3. Hee see camal Tuujiey! Ma Mininka Bob aad ka afurtey caawa? Nin qubo ka buuxa camal aad u hadloosaa no! igaar hahow, it is time to flip the rolls. Get with the problem and trade your macawis with apron. Soco oo jikada gal oo caruurta wax u kari.
  4. My recommendation as follows: 1- No one who actively participating or participated in political section (a.k.a. qabiil section), should be considered any post in the government as they are blinded by tribalism and regionalism. 2- As Val stated, Men had their chances. It is time for women to lead us since they have proven themselves both in Diaspora and homeland by holding the family and country together. I.e. single mothers of good will and the likes of Dr. xaawo. These are the cabinets to consider: Blessed Val Rahma Roula Ibti Lady Fatima (we should bring her back) Femme Juxa- let her have meeshey isku sharaxdey- chief of prison warden. Lily Naden wol caraweelo serenity
  5. just came back from much needed vacation...didn't have any food at home. so my first Suxuur was at IHOP-it is the only place that is open 24 hours in my area. did some shopping yesterday. can't eat Afur or Suxuur. I am having hard time adjusting. Ramadaan mubaarak to all!
  6. Ramadan Mubaarak to all beloved nomads. May Allah(SW) accept your prayers and cibaadas in this holy month. aamiin!
  7. Originally posted by Valenteenah: quote:Originally posted by umu zakaria: VAl this day bears your name so we should celbrate having you in SOL. Everyone remember 14th February VAL's DAY. Red and Romantic. LoL. Don't mind if you do! No way it can be named “VAL’S day”!! Did you forget that she broke many faarax’s heart when she ran away with some unknown guy? Ask Mr. Ngonge. He will probably agree! By the way, Ngonge has been spotted in London Merfish singing . I guess she found out.
  8. Yaa dumaashideyda juuxaa dulmiyey? you have it coming bro.! Sayid I launched my drone equipped with falaar (lased with SUN oo dhaadhaan kaa dhigeesa) with your name on it. Car bannaaka u soo bax!
  9. Originally posted by Kool_Kat: quote:Originally posted by Cadaan: [qb] What size wedding ring do you take? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL...Straight to the point yaah? Sheeko...You better do it though like the 'Cadaan' people do - romantic dinner at the top of a building over looking the water, hide the ring in the dinner plate, when she opens - booooooooooom - you're already on one knee, holding back tears "Aaliyah would you be my wife"...LOOOOOOOOOOOL... And cadaan singing ! how romantic would it be kooleey?
  10. ^^^Now sister CL, it is time to drop you user name to JH(jecliyaa hooyo) and dhageeso this every morning when you wake up and when you go to bed at night. it's best to listen to in full stomach!
  11. Happy new year nomads. May you have a happy,joyous and safe 2010.
  12. wow! how did I miss this thread? thank you all for sharing. but does anyone help me find the original version of the following song: the original version belongs to Mohamed saleeban Tubeec. thank you!
  13. ciid mubaarak beloved maryooleeys! May Allah, accept all of our prayers, fasting, and remembrance of this blessed month, and forgive us for the shortcomings in our worship and help us improve by next Ramadan. Have a blissful ciid everyone!
  14. ^^ Can’t you see! I think it is very funny. It’s also obvious that they made the video for fun, considering the climate (Arab and Muslim phobia) in America. Do you also see the customer service between McDonald and Burger king and attitudes towards Mr. Mohamed? I think burger king manager showed patience and gave a good service to his customer regardless of his nationality. As for his attire, he is an Arab. what do you suggest him to wear- a Scottish kilt?
  15. ciid wanaagsan oo wacan to all of you.
  16. aamin to all the duca! may allah make her mid baarri waalidkeeda u ah! congrads il generale Duke!
  17. ^^ yes it was a very good tactical game and as you said the master tactician, Lippi, won! expect Portugal and Italy! never mind I tend to root for underdogs by nature. but it could happen. portugal does not have anything lose. everyone has written them off from the beginning. wouldn't it be a shock if they pull it off? we will see.
  18. Originally posted by Abdillah: Allez les blues (i dont like racist France, but the team has more black players and few muslims in it). Don’t you find it ironic you are solely supporting France because of the same racist reason? This is just a game. If the black players win, France will get the credit not the black people or Islam!
  19. Originally posted by Amelia: Its gonna be Italy VS Portugal, mark my words! This is gonne be a WC to remember. amelia, I can’t help it but agree with you, yaa qaari’atul fingaan . This is a world cup semifinal. Any team can be beaten if one has a good strategic plan and heart. Motivationally Portugal is in a good position- underdog! Every sport’s talking-heard not mention our own SOL’s, have dismissed them. It will be one heck of game to watch tomorrow. As for today’s I think the game was won by tactic. At the first half each team did what they are good at: the Germans went on offense naturally and the Italians defended as there are masters on defense. But, the Italian couch ( Marcello Lippi being a master tactician) change the tactic to bait and switch…..defend and attack ….attack and defend. The Germans did not expect that the Italian will resort to relentless attack which minimized German offense to a mere occasional run and forced them to play defense (their weakness) most of the game. It was a good tactical game. A better tactician came on top!
  20. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: How many 'silent readers' are lurking up there? MMA, YES, we have been lurking and hidden since the conception of this site. It is just you never bothered to notice. Silent community, as you acknowledged, is big, strong and have many brunches with different needs: Communities like single mother’s support group, faaraxs-who-love-xaliimo (moi a proud member), and chewers/shiisha smokers anonymous- to name a few. We love our community; we just don’t like Fadhi ku dirir. So widaayo warka naga dhaaf oo get with the topic at hand….. I don’t get it! why is everyone avoiding the wrong done to my good name and speak out for my defense? :confused: :confused: Back to the topic…My brother Bob, hope not for my approval of such calculated scheme! You have done more damage than good. I have been under radar and now I am finding that the eyes of notorious MODs on me. Can’t you see I am not a NOMAD anymore? I am back to where I was four years ago, an Alien. I guess deportation is in order. How could that be? After many years of membership (see my member number), they put me back to Alien status. All these because I get envolved with Bubbles and you are my money hungry caano- beele brother scheming to get rich of my love story! I am mad as Naar. It is time to unearth my QORI :mad: :mad: p.s. Bob have you been eating the meat again……qubo cune aabihiis! Wah!!!!!
  21. Waa wareey! Ma hadaa magaceyga iyo jaceelkeyga loo soo dhigtey! Any lawyer in the house? :mad: :mad: My brother Bob, why are you taking on poor and unknown old nomad like Moi? I am one of the oldest members and a hall-of-famer in silent readers Arena. You know that I don’t have any defenders in this place for I am not well known and those who somehow acquainted with my weird but unique nic (people like great Baashi, Marwo Amelia and bother Nuune), did not even bother to tell you Yac! After all meeshaad iga soo dhancey, they inturn welcomed you. I say this is a clear discrimination. :confused: :confused: So brother, I am waiting for your telegram by the Macmacaanka with all the names and numbers of all the people who are conspiring with you to publish my love story. And bytheway why only my name (not I mind) is being used? Don’t think it will fair to use both names? After all you knew that My Bubbles and I met in SOL. I am appealing to all nomads and in particular my fellow silent reader to come out and defend one of your own, Qori. Tell this Brother to be fair and tell the story fairly. Shaki baa igaley. Bubbles, darling, ma kadalloob rageed baa iga dambeeye? :confused: :confused:
  22. Shame on you brother! It is not funny! These are racist jokes (nigger jokes) from white power sites. you copied and modified them. if I were you I would have it deleted :mad: :mad: I am even ashamed of showing the link where you copied from!
  23. Originally posted by waryaa_liibaanow: How do I know I'm not sending you my credit card info when I do all this crap? How unappreciative! You should thank the bro/sis for looking up and posting it! Thank you brother/sister Fyrkanten for posting it! p.s if you want to protect your credit card, simply activate your card and create your personal password. You’ll get the added protection when you use it on online. Need more confirmation about the topic? Here it is: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1299854/posts
  24. I was out of town during the 4th of july holiday and I just got back. Wow! This is so shocking! My mind started racing. Names of beloved London nomads keep racing in my mind: Dawaco, Juxa, Pacifist, Barwaaqo, Athena, Jamaal, Sophist, Curly Sue, Ngonge, Cawo, northerner, aaminh, Shujui, Yacqoub,Viking and many many more. shocking! Boy..all hamdu lillah you are not harmed. As for sister Diamante may allah ease her pain and speed her recovery …Amiin yaa allah!