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  1. Hardly sharia related case, more like head related issue as far as I can tell.
  2. Naxar Nugaaleed;980320 wrote: ^ how the heck do wright SMS in Somali Tekest meesij
  3. Nin Yaaban, I heard the Metro station adjacent to the Navy campus shut down right away. All is well now that we know the shooter to be a Caucasian military contractor. Plus minor traffic issues from mis-routes.
  4. The best feature is the activation lock and the anti iCoud delete mechanism. If stolen or lost no one will ever be able to activate device without your Apple ID & Password. I also hear that the iTunes radio and the Camera/photos apps are slicker.
  5. Should it not be illegal to "amend" another party's legal terms ? Asxaabul Occupy Wall Street baa iska noqoteen kuligiin. Not that I favor banks/corporations but taking a scan and changing legal terms amounts to the same fraudulent behavior or worst.
  6. It is just no happening, Hassan knows, Xaaji knows and Xaawo does too. At this point you would think Hassan and Co. would be campaigning for more Somali control and not the other way around.
  7. Xaaji Xunjuf;968004 wrote: Why do they call it east Africa university? Xaaji, it is called thinking big
  8. Khadafi;965262 wrote: If H Daabir walks so will Cali Dheere and Godane. They too can play the clan card specially Cali Dheere. Afkaaga caano lagu qabay. And this becomes dilemma. The same treatment must be extended to the rest of Al-Shabaab, if not all has been none but farce. Remember, it is not like Aweis defected at the height of AS popular-ism.
  9. I knew it was just matter of time until you two butted heads.
  10. Interesting, according to Hiiraan he was flanked by both oday dhaqameed & parliamentarians, while others welcomed him to the Mog. Waa Koow!
  11. Sheekada hadee gaartay whom is banging who then I am afrain all of our fate is sealed. Kismaayo ragii lahaa baa haysto and no Hiiraale supporter should complain about borrowed muscles for next thousand years.