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  1. PasserBy;689932 wrote:
    Qodax Qorax,




    Mr TH,


    Far from it. In fact, President Abdi Mohamud Omar was humbled by the warm reception he received in Minnesota. It was a great victory for Ethio government and an ignominious defeat for Osman and his goons. I am beyond ecstatic by the promising turn of events in the twin cities. Allah Wa Akbar.

    That is why he was sent to Hospital and his paid supporters in in hiding. If it was a success he wouldn't have spend the night in Hospital under security guard. LOOL


    Allah Wa Akbar. LMAO

  2. Qodax Qorax;689925 wrote:
    thierry henry, irrelevant of how you perceived this event. the conference was historical and tunrout of even a single member of the diaspora is a win for the administration as it didnt have any support in the diaspora before.


    So, one could say it was a defeat for those who remain to refuse the peace.

    I am realist and am not easily tricked and hoodwinked like a fellow like you. Wave and flag and everything is good.


    This is not even close to success. The other events he meet to attend has been canceled, he is in Hospital now and the conference was abruptly closed because it descended into chaos like what happens in the O.gaden today. There is no support, but rather people from his close knit clan network along with paid individuals like the singer.


    How can one accept peace when there is no peace? They so called peace deal haven’t done anything but worsen the situation. Why doesn’t TPLF allow foreign cameras and newspapers into its controlled areas?


    Anyone with a clear logical mind would see his as a disaster. Trying to portray as anything else is just a pathetic crude attempt in denying the reality of the O.gaden and who the Diaspora supports

  3. It was a great day for the supporters of the resistance, they managed yet again to defeat along with humiliating the TPLF and it small family based supporters. The damage with his event is far reaching; the TPLF cannot use the Diaspora as a playing game since it will be left with a bloody nose, pun intended. Not only was this event a utter complete failure like there policy in the Somali region, they had to cancel numerous other events and block out all news about Somali leader region being KO’d reaching the patriotic sons in the O.gaden,.


    They cannot control the Somali people region nor can they control the Diaspora

  4. Ethiopian Minister of State for Trade Ahmed Tusa said he is concerned about Tunisia-style revolt happening in Ethiopia that would overthrow the one-party rule of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Last week, the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Trade (MoT) set price ceilings for major food and non-food items in Ethiopia’s market.


    The state minister said the price of food items "was blowing up beyond the capacity of Ethiopia’s lower and middle classes’ purchasing power." Similar economic problems, corruption and joblessness led to widespread street protests in the small north African country of Tunisia and forced President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali to leave the country.


    "What happened in Tunisia should not happen in Ethiopia" declared Mr. Tusa, according to the weekly newspaper Reporter." Meles Zenawi said he "fears the worst" if the business community keeps on hoarding and keeps on playing with price fixing.


    Like the family of the Tunisian leader President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, Ethiopian PM Zenawi's wife has allegedly accumulated wealth through corruption and manages the largest business conglomerate monopoly known as the Endowment Fund For Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT). A recent national election in Ethiopia has also been condemned by international observers, as the largest opposition party "Medrek" claimed it was cheated out of a victory. Meles Zenawi said his ruling party won over 99 percent of the seats in parliament. Despite the economic and political crisis in Ethiopia, opposition leaders have failed to mobilize the public toward change.


    One of Ethiopia's opposition parties, Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), said the recent Meles Zenawi's government action will have a dangerous long-term impact on the business community's trust of free market in Ethiopia.


    Analysts say Tunisia-style revolts could happen in other African and Arab countries like Egypt, where economic and political freedoms are restricted. Over a hundred people have died and over a thousand people wounded in Tunisia during the month-long uprising in the country.



  5. The question is who does Faroole need?


    TFG only controls 20% of Mogadishu and are not a real benefit for Puntland. Somaliland is claiming land that belongs to Puntand’s tribes, ONLF isn’t really Puntland problem but it seems things have been mended between the tribes of Puntland and from the O.gaden,


    I agree on the SSC, they shouldn’t have tried to isolate them but rather used their support from SSC Diaspora. SSC is a force to be reckon with now, it controls all of Cayn now and has support from the local tribal elders,


    However, Puntland has funds coming to them from Oil companies and Arab donors, they really don’t anyone else

  6. PasserBy;688558 wrote:
    Faafan aka Mr Thierry,


    I am surprised terrorist A Osman has not come up with his usual mendacious story of military victory yet. Every time there is good news coming from Region 5, A Osman orders his clown in Dubia to send an urgent email to western media of phantom military success or made up atrocity in Somali State to defelect attention . I bet Hussein Mohammed Nur is busy doing this as we speak:



    If these military successes by the ONLF or atrocities claimed by ONLF and numerous other human rights groups are non-existent, please explain to me in a logical manner why there is a media and AID blockade in the region,


    If it is cozy as you like to paint it, I suspect the TPLF would allow unlimited access to the region by all International media and aid agencies

  7. PasserBy;688325 wrote:
    I don't respond to make-belief stories from hapless sources. The peace process in Region 5 is on the right track. Things haven't looked this good for the region ever. The only people unhappy about the turn of event in Region 5 are A Osman and his goons.

    This man obsessed with A Osman is scaring, I think you might need to see a shrink about your mental problems.


    If you cannot defend your propaganda piece, don’t waste our time and posting it up,

  8. PasserBy;688320 wrote:
    I understand PEACE is an anathema to terrorist A .Osman and his deranged followers. But peace and prosperity are at the center of Abdi Mohamud Omar's platform during his tenure as President of Region 5. So far he has been very successful. So much so that don't be surprised if he moves up to the DP position in the federal scene in the next election.

    You didn’t answer Zack’s question but rather enter a deranged post which is full of ramblings. Just like your TPLF in the Og.aden/Somali region, quick to divert reality to fictions just like this thread

  9. With the insanely high inflation and now ridiculous price caps along with brutal government rule, there is no incentive for investment


    The only investment in Ethiopia today is from Asian/Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi, and India who are obtaining food security for their people while million of Ethiopians go home hungry. Still waiting for the 3 meals a day Zenawi promised in 1995 LOL

  10. How many of these so called Rebels were innocent folks? This is just another sham ploy by the TPLF to create a wedge between ONLF and its supporters just like his recent “Ethio-Somali” Diaspora meeting. Again, now of what TPLF says or does is ever confirmed by outside reporters but rather TPLF propaganda stations

  11. Somalina;687137 wrote:
    Ironically, members of the ONLF and their families fled the terrorists and warlords of Somalia, only to settle in Ethiopia and begin their own terrorism campaign against the citizens of Ethiopia.


    Is this reporter serious?


    ONLF was started in 1984; it took up arm around 1994, long after the fall of Somalia. All ONLF fighters are born and bred in the region and took up arm against the inhumane suffering of their people at the hand of the TPLF.

  12. Qodax Qorax;686965 wrote:
    Because these people came back to their own country and choose peace, you consider them a disgrace.


    But those who cowardly stay in foreign lands or occupy other people's land in the Jubba's are heroes.


    Strange logic, strange set of values.

    Again, you fail to understand and comprehend simple little things.


    He had a meeting with the so called Ethiopian Somali Diaspora. Diaspora being the key. These people haven't even been back to the region, only a few selected individuals have.


    The so called ONLF faction they signed with the deal, just recently went back to the region last year for the first time in 40 years, while many ONLF supporters go back to from the region.



    This is usually what happens to Somalis in that region, a Hospital was being built by the Diasporas, what does the government do? Arrest and jails all individuals. This government doesn't tolerate peace,


    So please save us from your absurd posts on this matter

  13. LOL




    It’s that it,


    What a complete and utter failure on Zenawi’s propaganda team. Watch around the 2 to 3 minute mark and you can give a rough estimation amount of people that turned up. Less than 30 people, I mean honesty, more people turn up to O.gaden Youth Group meeting than this. Just another failed attempt by the Tigray minority to drum up support in the Somali Diaspora.


    SilnetCry gets a few thousand people in each event yet the TPLF leader get 30 paid people LOOOL

  14. Qodax Qorax;686706 wrote:
    Thierry, why dont you tell us what diffrence a one clan entity(ONLF) can make in a multiclan inhabitated area(Somali Region). And do you really belief

    ONLF can unite and free the Somali people, when it cant even unite its people to support ONLF?

    It seems that you are a Tribalist and trying to link ONLF to a one tribe for some odd reason, when you are well aware that it’s a multi dimensional clan based entity. This organization has support in numerous Non-Og terrority and non-Og people. No one sees the ONLF as a clan based ground, as evident in the last election they participated winning the majority vote comfortably. If ONLF was a political group today in the region, they would win the vote.


    The people in the region support ONLF, it would be impossible to open in such a vast large with the sentiment of the public.


    Instead of blaming the ONLF through clan based eyes, ask yourself why are they taking up arms?


    The TPLF has power now for 20 years, yet there are regions without proper schooling and proper irrigation. The people are faced with immense collective punishment during droughts and women and child are routinely abused. However, your solution is to support TPLF and lay down the arms. Yet the TPLF didn’t lay down arms against Derg, but ONLF should.


    ONLF and their supporters have done more for that region than UWSLF and the so called government has.

  15. UWSLF;686669 wrote:
    Nobody said the struggle is finished, but its time to grow up and stop believing in this 'indepence' dream of yours, not aslong as American and the UN are still standing. We should join our hands with the ETHIOPIAN OPPOSITION like Ginbot 7 to change the situation in Ethiopia, Amhara, Oromo, Sidame and Somalis are opressed by one group. Its time for that to change. We should instead of talking about whats going on in SSC and Xamar, focus on whats going one in Dire Dawa, Jimma and other places.

    Please, tell me exactly, how you will change the political landscape of Ethiopia through a peaceful means. Haile Selassie was moved by force, Derg was moved by force. So I suppose, unlike TPLF, the rest should put down the gun right? That is a defeatist mentality right there, with the right pressure the TPLF can be removed


    Look at what happened in 2005? The people gave the political option a chance, only to meet with a brutal crackdown. So it’s quite obvious that a peaceful removal is not ideal for this regime. And what about the crackdown in the region? It’s seems that you are blind to it. No foreign media is allowed in the region and AID is restricted at the height of a DROUGHT.


    The Somali region isn’t the only region which has an armed struggle, from Tigray(TPDM) to Oromo(OLF) and EPPF. It isn’t possible to deal with a genocide committing government.