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  1. UWSLF;686663 wrote:
    What do you want us to do? Fight Ethiopia whilst begging the UN to recognize us and free us, we have to know who rules the world and we have to play this game smart. We should control the army, police, business in that region. In all those years what did the ONLF do? Besides, when have you seen something being build in Somaliland/Puntland/Kenya by people that live there? It always comes from the diaspora.

    Let’s dispel the numerous lies in this post,


    You don’t control the anything, let’s be frank here. Every decision made in the Somali region is approved TPLF not the ESDL. The army and police is controlled by TPLF/Tigray completely while TPLF has a strangle hold on the banks of things as well as telecommunications. There isn’t a single thing Somalis control in that region. It’s pretty much like Apartheid South Africa, where there is a mirage of progress and development for the majority, when in a fact; they are oppressed and denied human rights.


    No Muslim Somali is going to break into the Christian Tigray circles.


    It’s easy to attack the ONLF; they were once part of the political process and followed all procedures before. So the political option has failed the Somali people in that region. If anything, ONLF is still the only democratically elected entity in the whole region, while rest of the so called elections in the region has been a shame. ONLF took up arms in 1994 and started a real insurgency since 2000. It’s a relative new force which has numerous tactical successes on the field. If it was a failure, Ethiopia/TPLF would have been exploiting the region resources to benefit their 6% Tigrays.


    What has the TPLF done for the Somali region? This government has had power for nearly 20 years, yet Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world and still has millions on emergency aid. Today alone, in the Somali region there are hundred of thousands starving, this is directly on the fault of Ethiopian government not the ONLF. Since TPLF has come into the region it has brought nothing more than war, starvation and disease to the region.


    The Diaspora has done more for the Somali region than government in Ethiopia and majority of the people ardently support ONLF. So practically ONLF and it’s supporters are developing the region not ESDL.

  2. Honestly, I hope you guys are kidding with posts like


    The Somali Region of Ethiopia is developing rapidly.

    All the work is being done by Somalis from Kilil5


    Firstly, this project was done and financed by the Kuwaitis. The UWSLF has nothing to do with but rather using an NGO Arab deeds to mask the crimes and heavy underdevelopment of the region. The Somali region is the most undeveloped region in the whole Ethiopia.


    It seems you people are disconnected by the reality of the Somali region. The hardest region to do business in Ethiopia is the Somali region which is heavily policed and crimes against humanity are being committed on the general population.


    It’s actually not good news that Diaspora is building hotels. This only shows that the wealth from outsiders are the ones bearing the fruits from their welfare pay checks in a miserable place. Not one has mentioned the drought that has plagued the whole region this year along with the Food/Water AID blockade on the region.


    What happening in the Somali region is nothing short of a genocide


    The UWSLF has lost its soul and sold it for a cheap short political and monetary gain.

  3. Take this Tigray propaganda elsewhere. We are not going to fall for something that comes out of TPLF’s mouth piece. The region is still under admist a media blockade yet you have the audacity to show us this as some sort of proof. The latest HRW report was extremely damming for the Ethiopia government along with the soon to released EU report on the elections.


    Until there the blockade is lifted and independent news agencies can verify this; then we shall believe. Latest report from Somali region paints a difficult and grime picture for the Ethiopian government.

  4. Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed:

    Al-quada wannabe terrorist are no better then anarchist. In fact given the choice between the two, anarchist are better. Did u read the recent statement from abu mansuur reassuring his teacher osama that his movement is not divided

    Islamic Courts were the best thing that has happened to South Somalia. Open your eyes, they pacified the South and undone the damage committed by USC/SSDF in South Somalia. Until, Clanist AY and his Christian Ethiopians waged war on Muslims and Somalis throughout South Somalia. They undone Courts hard works and now we have return back to the vicious cycle.

  5. Originally posted by Mr. Somalia:

    quote:Originally posted by Thierry Henry:

    I don’t know why Mr Somalia constantly refers to the South as anarchists. Islamic Courts was anything but anarchists. They pacified the South and brought peace and stability.


    I am neither from the Secessionist North or South Somalia. Try again

    We don't care where you are from,


    All that matters in here is that all your pissing and moaning against the former President of Somalia has been formally debunked and

    the impulses of your resentment has been easily neutralized with breaking a sweat.


    You've just admitted that you are neither from the secessionist north nor the anarchist south, yet you say the so-called 'Islamic' courts were not anarchists? Typical cretin behavior, I say -- when in doubt just talk out of your rear, eh?
    There is no “pissing and moaning” against a former warlord and his crimes. He will face punishment in the hereafter, Allah willing.


    Your argument holds no water at all. There has been no debunking of any sort; it seems you are not thinking straight that your clanist attentions are taking over your limited thought process.


    It seems that I have rattled the cages of AY clan members and the truth isn’t bearable. AY will be remembered in Muslim/Somali history for the wrong reason. This is fact, that AY/Puntland radicals cannot deny and most Somalis will testify to this.

  6. All Mr Somalia is doing is taking the moral high road to disguise his clanist attentions. This is propaganda 101; his post doesn’t even deserve a reply yet alone an acknowledgment.


    It doesn’t change what I said but rather emphasis the dislike towards this man by all Somalis except his kin. From Somalilanders, Western Somalis, and South Somalia the dislike towards the man is mutual towards him.


    Somalilander will celebrate his death like it is May 18TH

    Somalis will celebrate his death like it is July the 1st


    Remove yourself from this sick disease known as Qabil. It is truly affecting your judgment and affecting your emotions. Don’t try to preach to me


    His place in hell is reserved, He is personally responsible for the destruction of Somalia and the most brutal war crimes committed against the Somali people. With the help of Christian forces against Muslims movement in which women were raped, men slaughtered and children abused


    His time is near and it will end a dark chapter in Somali history and even Muslim History.


    I don’t even think they show pray on his body

  7. Originally posted by Mr. Somalia:

    quote:Originally posted by Thierry Henry:

    Wallahi, it was spine tingling see him in state like that. I have so much joy seeing that former clanist warlord being in such a sad and pathetic state. It mimics his weak and utter failure of a politic career. His timely and patiently await death is near. His death will only usher in new wave of optimism and hope in the Somalia peninsula. Good riddance and the gate of hell awaits him


    "He whom the flame of jealousy encompasseth, turneth at last, like the scorpion, the poisoned sting against himself."-


    Thierry Henry
    , sir, Cabdullahi Yuusuf is almost 90. I doubt your own forefathers ever got to such an old ripe age. I doubt you will personally achieve that age as well! You know why? Because you are such haters like you have a very short lifespan and will hastily depart earth, because all that jealousy, envy and pent up
    is not a recipe for a long life.
    Of course my forefather didn’t reach that age; they didn’t the health services available. There is no hate or malicious but rather the utter and brutal truth.


    You don’t seem to acknowledge that most people not from his clan have the same dislike of the man.


    Unlike AY, when I die, I won’t have the bloods on my hands of thousands of people. I don’t have to answer to Allah, crimes I did against my fellow Muslim brothers with Christians.


    What you say has no merit since most leaders are able to live long. That being said, hell fire is for eternity and AY and many of his fellow commanders have secured themselves a place in the pit of hell.


    His death is await by all Somalis except one clan and that his kin. His death will celebrated as the same when Somalia got liberated.

  8. Wallahi, it was spine tingling see him in state like that. I have so much joy seeing that former clanist warlord being in such a sad and pathetic state. It mimics his weak and utter failure of a politic career. His timely and patiently await death is near. His death will only usher in new wave of optimism and hope in the Somalia peninsula. Good riddance and the gate of hell awaits him

  9. Look at these people talking about bringing war to Buuhoodle. You have already done that with Ethiopian troops and failed to crush the rebellion.

    You cannot stop this clan based movement since it has popular support from all clan elders.

  10. Originally posted by PasserBy:

    Dude, I've to go. I have no more time for a shrink-deprived nomad. But before I go, in case you didn't know, there is a university being built in Jijiga. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of Xabashi students there in the near future, Insha'Allah.

    Good bye my raw meat eating friend. Your savagery is unwelcome here. I expect to see more Xabashi women in Jigjiga soon, most likely they are doing what they in Dubai,,Djibouti and Arabia walking the streets


    Some people will sell anything

  11. Originally posted by PasserBy:

    quote:No one even knows anything about the deal.

    Pics and video will be coming soon. I worry though about your state of mind. You may not handle it.


    What were the terms of the agreement between UWSLF and The TPLF?


    There has to be a trade off somewhere for an agreement to be reached. What did the TPLF gain and lose and what did the UWSLF gain and lose?


    I worried more about your state of mind. Xabashi thinking he is wanted in the Somali region lol

  12. Originally posted by PasserBy:



    As I said, go and visit a shrink ASAP. In fact, A Osman's boys need a group therapy. You guys are delusional. Otherwise, I am very happy the main body of ONLF has decided to follow the peaceful path. A Osman is nothing but Isaias Afwerki's condom. The sooner you realize this the better for all of us. A shrink may help.

    The so called "ONLF" faction that the TPLF is talking too are nothing more than disgruntled former ONLF central commitee members and general supporters who were given the boot after they stole from ONLF and sold some of there assets without permission.


    There non-existent, they are Somali diaspora that live in Nairobi and have no connection to ONLF as an organisation and as a Military force.


    Salahudiin this guy has never been to the ******..Salahudiin in an Interview with VOA couldn’t even get the name of cities and towns correct.



    ONLF are doing their job. TPLF is extremely desperate and now is creating fake peace deal out of thing air. When can the oppressed sign agreements with the oppressor. No one even knows anything about the deal. What does the so called ONLF group gain in coming to terms with the deal?


    TPLF continues with Derg like grip over Ethiopia.

  13. Originally posted by PasserBy:

    quote:TPLF is a poor man’s Derg.

    There is no point discussing with you. It is obvious you have a serious mental issue. I suggest you visit a shrink.
    It is obvious that the brutal truth of Ethiopia hurts and that you cannot accept the reality on the ground. But rather indulge into fantasy like your so called history


    If you support TPLF. You shouldn't condemn Derg and his actions since his predecessor is doing the same thing with Western Support

  14. Any loss of life is unfortunate. But what you deliberately omitted was the cold-blooded killings

    of 11 police officers. Peaceful demonstrators don't kill policemen using hand grenades and pistols. Peaceful demonstrators don't destroy public and private properties. Peaceful demonstrators don't carry machetes and ran around the streets like marauding thugs.

    Those policemen were killed in self defense.


    Live gunfire from government forces has been directed at protesters and bystanders. People were not just going to watch idling by as their friends and relatives were massacred


    TPLF massacred 193 people in board daylight in the capital leaving their dead bodies on the streets as they arrested few more hundreds.

  15. Originally posted by PasserBy:

    quote:Since the TPLF come into power, they have practically killed off number of private

    This implies that there were private media under cannibal Mengistu. You are a nut-case.


    Private media is alive and well in Ethiopia. Thank you very much. FYI, EPRDF-led government was the first in Ethiopia's multi-millennium history to allow independent press in the country. Among the people who took advantage of this right were Mengistu Hailemariam's cadres who opened up newspapers to incite violence. Regardless, EPRDF gave them a right they denied the citizens while they were in power. They are thankless to this day.
    After The Derg was ousted, private media started to grow again under the TPLF promise. But after a while, TPLF saw the damage private media can cause to its agenda. Ever since 1995, there has been a clampdown on private media organization within Ethiopia. This plain and obvious to see. And after 2005 election violence when the TPLF killed 193 civilians, private media has never been the same in Ethiopia yet alone the ******.



    TPLF is a poor man’s Derg. Both rule the country under military rule, both kill numerous civilians and both promised major economic and social reform. The similarities are there to be seen, the only difference is the west support TPLF and its crimes.

  16. Now you are getting desperate. Media isn’t allowed in the Somali Region. TPLF has gone to extreme lengths to shut private media in Ethiopia yet alone outside media. They even jam radio satellite to shut anyone out. Since the TPLF come into power, they have practically killed off number of private media.


    TPLF cut ties with Qatar due to Al Jazeera report about ONLF rebels.


    Just a couple months ago, Ethiopia expelled a foreign media personal who was around Jigajiga and Harrar trying to contact ONLF.


    So we should accept Ethiopia’s opinion on the ONLF. How many times has they signed a peace agreement, how many times has ONLF been on its last leg and how the pathetic statement of ONLF is dead. TPLF has egg on its face for their comments about ONLF. They claim they signed a massive peace agreement while 300 to 500 men entered the region with heavy weaponry in the amidst of a military crackdown and media blockade

  17. What propaganda? Why doesn’t the TPLF allow foreign media into the Somali Region to assess claim by both parties?


    You constantly here championing TPLF success yet your own heroes are afraid to allow media and even Aid regions into the Somali Regions.


    Oil companies are leaving and have left. The situation in the Somali Region has worsened since the so called peace deal. Oil stations are unsafe and have been captured by the ONLF before and will be captured again.


    When you leader goes on national TV and talks about pitting sub clans against each other, you know there is a problem

  18. By most reports it was quite successful actually the only one that differs is the website for Somali State Region website which is run by THE TPLF.


    They claimed to kill 123 men yet they only showed 4 captures. Most reports indicate fighting continues in regions around Jijiga while Oil companies leave.


    But then again, all claims by ONLF and TPLF can be assessed by world media. ONLF wants the world media to come into the Somali Region, while TPLF has an media blockade imposed.