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  1. Personally, I blame the West and AMISOM. TFG is a dead entity in Somalia. It has never worked before and it will work in Somalia. Why are they shoving the throat of Somali people a government that they clearly don’t want?


    It’s time to put ego’s aside and actually negotiate with Al Shabab. They are winning the fight and the heart and minds of the people. They stabilized most of the South except Xamar.

  2. Originally posted by General Duke:

    Ufain, Puntland Somalia
    Where the largest Oil expolration in Somali history will take place soon insha Allah.

    Insha'Allah, they found huge reserves of Oil or Gas. The revenue could be used to develop the region and reclaim lost territory.


    I have hopes that Puntland can rejuvenate Somalinimo.

  3. ONLF seems to be doing well against these Oil companies. A while back ago, there were reports that Petronas could no longer work in the Somali Region because of security and recent attacks by local Militias and that they were planning to leave.


    Reports coming from Western Somalia today states that Petronas is leaving because of that recent attack in May and because of safety concerns. And now the Ethiopian government is in damage control it seems with the fake peace agreement and constant reassurance of safety in the Somali Region. It actually looks like the situation has worsened with recent violence along the Somali border.



    Stopping Oil/Gas exploration is a relatively easy thing. One RPG or bullet could potentially destroy a whole Oil field or cause considerable damage. This is why Oil/Gas companies are scared off, look at Niger Delta






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