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  1. Originally posted by General Duke:

    quote:Originally posted by PasserBy:



    Ethiopia has in its constitution the right of regions to succeed if they fulfill the requirements.

    What are you talking about and how can we take you seriously? You mean to secede and not succeed.


    Now go and pretend that you care about Somaliland more than a Somali...
    He actually thinks TPLF would allow any other group to secede after what the Eritrean did. The ONLF when a political party applied for a referendum using the transitional charter when they won 85% of the vote in their region, only to be denied by TPLF. This lead to a massive crackdown on ONLF and its supporters, hence the armed struggle

  2. Originally posted by PasserBy:



    Ethiopia has in its constitution the right of regions to succeed if they fulfill the requirements. But I can tell you this much, no Ethiopian is hostile to economic progress in Somali region or Oromia. What I witnessed here is total hostility to the fact that Somaliland has improved in leaps and bounds. I think they have solid argument in seeking recognition of their state hood. After all, they are independent in all aspects except in name. They have been living by themselves for the last 20 years.

    Ethiopians are very hostile towards Eritrean development. With the recent announcement about Eritrean mining success, Ethiopians mainly from 2 regions only, have been up in arms and crying about Eritrea and her ports. No one is jealous or hostile towards Somaliland, but you claim it had surpasses Eritrea. All we did was correct your lies and uncover the truth among your pack of lies.


    Don't get that twisted

  3. Originally posted by General Duke:

    OROMIA, O.G.A.D.E.N deserve recognition. In fact all the 6 kiligs deserve international recognition. Eritreas success bodes well for this argument..

    If Ethiopia agrees to recognize Somaliland based on British colonial borders, then they cannot argue or cry about Nile agreement which was based on British colonial terms

  4. Massawa+development.jpg


    Dahlak hotel



    Dahlak Hotel




    Massawa housing complex found in the mainland part of the city




    More images of these modern apartment complexes built in 2000. In addition to building 26 residential buildings, these complexes come equiped with 8 office buildings, an elementary school, a buisness center, a basketball court, tennis court, a children's playground and a football ground.





  5. Originally posted by PasserBy:



    Asmara has changed very little since the Italians left it. Hargeisa however has resurrected from the ashes of Said Barre's madness.

    Asmara and the whole Eritrea is still recovering from brutal Ethiopian rule and poor mismanagement,


    Eritrea with solid leadership has been able to rebuilt and even develop further. Now with this mining boom currently. Eritrea is destined for great things

  6. Originally posted by General Duke:

    ^^^And those criminals at the ICG are saying this country will fail. Its better run than Ethiopia which seems to be forever wasting funds on military and control..


    Anyhow Aferwarki is a man man, but sometimes there is a thin line between insanity and genius..

    Who takes these “think tank” serious? They all have their motives behind their so called reports.


    All I disprove about Aferwarki is his economic policy. A bit more friendly economic policy would help the economy and encourage FDI.


    This is his mining policy


    According to the Minister of Energy, Eritrean mining proclamation states that every licensed body pays from 3.5 to 5 percent of the total cost of production to the government before hand. After a company pays all expenses, it also pays 38 percent tax on net income to the government. Then the government also gets a payment after all the expenses are covered based on the number of shares it holds.


    Personally, I think Puntland needs to follow this when signing agreements with these mining companies

  7. Somaliland hasn't come close to surpassing Eritrean in Economic or Social progress. I don't even think Somaliland is more economic viable than Xamar yet alone Eritrea.


    Eritrea is a country going places. It currently under a mining and construction boom, it has made major strives in numerous fields. The country is expected to start exporting Gold at the end of this quarter and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mining companies are running to Eritrea, while resources companies are running away from the Somali region in Ethiopia.


    Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia's report cards.


    Eritrea for such a small country has been help to make such progress in such little time.


    Funny, that Ethiopian talks about hunger, when currently millions in Ethiopia live on food Aid. Ethiopia exports food while their women and children are hunger, their president in 1995 promised 3 meals a day for every Ethiopia, yet this was never delivered and Ethiopia has large quantity of fertile land.


    But the problem is that half of land acquisition in Ethiopia has been by foreign investors, such as Chinese,Indians and Arabs only to export the food out of Ethiopia.



    Eritrea is 20 years old, let’s not forget that.

  8. What is that? Looks like a hotel that has been transferred into a University.


    Here is a High School in Eritrea that looks better than that so called University





    New Eritrean College Inaugurated in Adi Keyeh







    The College of Arts and Social Sciences, located in the town of Adi Keyeh (Keih), was inaugurated on June 11, 2010. Costing 255 million Nakfa to build (17 million USD), the infrastructure of this school met international standards and was the first of its kind state media had reported


    The college was designed to be self-sufficient and with longevity in mind. To achieve this, they built a well connected sewage system, a rain water reservoir that can hold 800 m3, solar powered bath systems, three generators of 440 kilo volt each, and other self-sufficient projects



    Again, is this thread serious?

  9. Eritrea is doing fine for itself. It is under a mining boom and construction boom, Eritrea is only a few African countries which are meeting its Millennium Development Goals. The countries economy has been growing.


    The country does have some hardship but its people are determined and willingly to face the problems head first.




    Just compare Eritrea to Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.


    Actually Eritrea is doing quite well. All these "think tanks" are just blame bias towards non allies of America.

  10. ERITREA: ICG’s report besieged with bias and distortions



    On 21 September 2010, the International Crisis Group (ICG) released a report on Eritrea. Even though the report’s authors were not named, the title chosen for the report, and the all too familiar buzz words used throughout the over 30 page long report, the timing of the report, and the references provided are telling enough of who its sources are, and the real motives behind the shameful distorted report. Having just returned from a two month long trip to Eritrea along with thousands of Eritreans from the Diaspora who participated in the 4th Annual Youth Festival in Sawa, and who traveled throughout the country to witness Eritrea's incredible and impressive development, I am surprised by the ICG report as it does not jive with the realities in Eritrea as I know it-or saw it-up close.


    The ICG believes that by providing the Government of Eritrea with an advance copy, it would somehow make its report a balanced one. It doesn’t. The report would have been more balanced had the ICG provided the views and opinions of the vast Eritrean Diaspora and the Government of Eritrea, instead of acting like loyal stenographers for bankrupt individuals and groups who have aligned themselves with high profile political personalities (former members of US and European governments) with access to various forum’s such as opendemocracy, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International etc. etc. to malign the government and people of Eritrea for the last 12 years. ICG’s bias is clear and consistent throughout the report and makes me wonder what the point is in releasing such an unbalanced, one-sided, and diversionary report at this time.


    The ICG’s futile and desperate attempts to tarnish the record and image of the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF), now the Peoples Front for Justice and Democracy (PFDJ), the highest organizational representation of the Eritrean people’s dreams and aspirations, is glaringly apparent. What is conspicuously absent from the 21 September 2010 report is information that could place US/Western interests, historic and contemporary co-responsibility for the conflicts in the Horn of Africa region, and information about the failed, incoherent, racist and counterproductive policies that have contributed to the suffering of the peoples of the region in general, and that of the Eritrean people in particular. So much for balance and fairness.


    It is no wonder then that it chose to whitewash the five decade long role of the US-led international community in the suffering of the Eritrean people and the gross human rights violations committed against them by successive Ethiopian regimes funded and sponsored by them? The report is not based on honest academically sound research and is littered with unsubstantiated and gratuitous comments about individual Eritreans, and Eritrea’s institutions of government, making it not worthy of a studious response.


    Suffice it to mention a few facts that will contradict ICG’s claims of “deterioration of conditions in Eritrea” and allay its misplaced concerns about Eritrea’s future. These reports on Eritrea’s remarkable development, produced by international agencies such as the UN Development Program (UNDP), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are publicly available. The truth and the facts are out there for all to see-If ICG’s sponsors were really interested in presenting the truth about Eritrea, its people and its government…


    For the record, allow me to present a few facts on Eritrea and let the readers decide for themselves as to whether the ICG and its sponsors have any grounds for concern about Eritrea and its people, and the direction they are taking in the development of their beloved country.


    § Eritrea is one of the four African countries said to be on course to achieve Millennium Development Goals five on Maternal Health - reducing by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio and reaching below 350 deaths per 100,000 births by 2015 since 2005.


    § Eritrea has reduced HIV/AIDS infection rates by 40 percent, according to Physicians for Peace, and is the only country in Africa to reduce HIV/AIDS


    § Life expectancy in Eritrea increased from 52 years average in 1995 to nearly 60 years average in 2008 (World Bank)


    § Eritrea is also considered to be one of the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries with the best models of malaria control. [] Eritrea has been able to reduce overall malaria morbidity by more than 86% and mortality due to malaria by more than 82%, making it one of the few countries in Sub-Saharan Africa to have met the Abuja "Roll Back Malaria" targets.


    § Eritrea is reported to be on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) goal 3 on gender equality and MDG goal 4 on child survival making Eritrea one of the only three sub-Saharan countries that are on track to meet “Millennium Development Goal 4” child survival targets; and one of the seven countries to have managed to reduce child mortality by more than half.


    § Basic social services like health and education are available to all. Since liberation in 1991, 13 new hospitals, 19 new health centers and 112 new health stations have been constructed. This makes there have been an increase of 56 percent, 61 percent and 156 percent respectively over the number of health facilities that existed before liberation. Among the hospitals, a national referral and training hospital, the Orotta Surgical Medical National Referral Hospital and four new Zonal Referral Hospitals in Barentu, Mendefera, Ghindae and Assab have been constructed.


    § Etc. etc.


    As descendent of slave owners who exploited African labor to develop their economies and their infrastructures, it is understandably hard for them to fathom the thought of Eritreans, especially Eritrea’s youth, committing to, and participating in Eritrea’s development. Contrary to what the ICG report states, Eritrea’s youth are acquiring skills and knowledge enabling them to play vital roles in Eritrea’s economic, social and political development. As for the many roads that they are constructing throughout Eritrea, I know of none that are useless. As far as I know, roads are not built just for “commercial use”, as the ignominious author(s) of the ICG report stated. Imagine if all the roads in our neighborhoods that were not of “commercial use” were not built? What would the quality of our lives be?


    All development efforts in Eritrea are undertaken with the full participation of the people and the tremendous strides made in infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools, hospitals built across the country are a living testament to the Government and people of Eritrea’s commitment to developing Eritrea in a manner befitting of her peoples dreams and aspirations, and that of their beloved children who sacrificed their lives for her freedom and sovereignty. The ICG authors cannot possibly understand that commitment and what it entails.


    Finally, ICG “analysts” (former USAID and State Department officials, former and current journalists, lawmakers, members of the Washington revolving door establishment) have long made themselves irrelevant on matters of development, peace, stability and security in Africa, especially the Horn of Africa. This ICG report is filled with factual errors, deliberate omissions, and revisions of historical facts, making its conclusions and recommendations just as egregious. It is unfortunate that the ICG chose to compromise its neutrality by engaging in propaganda and hearsay in preparing its “research” on Eritrea, its government and people. It is an insult to the intelligence of its readers and further undermines its already fledgling credibility and integrity.

  11. Originally posted by Xudeedi:

    SSC is becoming a reality as many patriots of the region from inside and abroad are joining the movement in droves. I was skeptical in the first place because it seemed the wrong and sinister information of the region and its people was too powerful to be confronted by the reality on the ground. However, press releases after press releases, interviews with senior political leaders and live videos of the military exericise and build up of the movement, the political landscape of Northern regions is getting a fundamental shift of power in favor of the movement of SSC.


    In fact, the recent well-executed mission of the ONLF freedom fighters in "Somaliland" indicate the latter adminstration's weakness as the bulk of its army and weapons are deployed and stationed in the SSC regions.
    Even Mohamed Adow of AlJazeera reported that the region is simply a militirized zone.

    How long will the ragtag clan militia from Bur'o and Hargeisa continue to occupy these vast regions of SSC is a matter of time regardless of the local mercenaries that aid them in their fights against the freedom fighters. Reer Maakhir as well have their share of real mercanaries with simple titles. Sooner they will be reduced to sub-clan leaders or warlords as they are discredited and ridiculed by the people for advancing their selfish goals.


    Taleexi, In addition to losing a golden chance that would have built a bridge of trust, PL has resorted to adopting ruthless policies of suppression and clandestine operations imposed from outside by Ethiopia. Farole and his clannish supporters have called the people of SSC and Maakhir "terrorists". They humiliated their elders while bankrolling political agents from the region to fight and discourage the genuine political aspirations of our people. Ethiopia is the main culprit in this entrenched division, but who its sinister agenda to jealously safeguard its puppets of Garowe and Hargeisa might come back to haunt them.

    These puppets' main tool is the clan card first and foremost to which they employ to maintain their little Vassal-type admins. Financing political agents (colonels, individuals) is another tool.


    All in all, Shortsightedness, greed , clannish and arrogant attitude hijacked the ideal vision of Puntland.



    SSC will be victorious. I hope the people of Maakhir, SSC, and ONLF should match their common interest and help overcome their sworn enemies. (Ethiopia, Somaliland and Puntland)




  12. This was reported a while back that they were going to leave for numerous reasons. It seems the Ethiopian government has no real control over the Somali region as they claim. They said they would export Oil/Gas by 2015, pipeline would be built, ONLF didn’t scare away Oil companies as media blockade remains.


    This is not a win for the people of the Somali region but Somalia as a whole. A rich powerful Ethiopia doesn't have any good intentions for Somalis.

  13. I don’t know why posters are insisting I am anti AY because of clan. Actually, I am in the same clan as him to some shock. My family and I attended Faroole’s bid for Puntland presidency in Melbourne, Australia and we know Faroole family quite well. We gave him the nod of apporval.


    So this assertion that I clanist doesn’t fly.


    I didn’t support Aideed,AY and SNM. Nor did I support Barre’s regime after the 77 war.


    That being said, what I said holds true about his man.



    Most Somalis would side with me on the verdict on this man. Some poor clansmen cannot take constructive criticism for their beloved hero, which is sad. Puntland is peaceful for numerous reasons outside AY control much like Somaliland.


    Also I know my location says London, but I live in Melbourne

  14. Obviously, I can guarantee that General Duke and other pro-AY are from his clan. So their opinions are bias towards the vilest man in Somali history.


    Just look at what damage he has caused upon our nation


    This man wanted nothing more than power for himself and his clan. Just look at his interview and others, he always had a superiority complex because of his so called Arab ancestry. He said that his clans are the king and queens of Somalia. That the Ethiopian led was revenge for 1991 and so on.


    He tried to overthrow Siad Barre after the 1977 war when nationalism took a hit. He ran to Ethiopia after being uncovered. He started his own tribal militia, while in Ethiopia. Had a run in with Ethiopians over a border town and jailed for years.


    Years later he invites, I repeat invites Christian Ethiopians into our beloved capital city just to control the country. Many people died and innocent suffered under the brutal Ethiopian rule. This was a Somali first, using foreign forces for his own selfish needs. Even Aideed had more respect and honour than this guy


    That being said, his death is awaited by me and most Somalis. It will be celebrated more than May 18th and July the 1st.