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  1. punite tradiontial elders(in puntland they are called ismo's) are different from political leaders like cabdulahi yusuf but i see you havent grasped that yet.
  2. bari as you have started crying i will apologise. i apologise for the cabdulahi yusuf remark.
  3. admin i apologise for the puntland remark. bari why should i apologise hmmmm
  4. samurai hi think the elders of puntland are great men of dignity, civility and wisdom. i have never and will never insult them. howevery cabdulahi yusuf and his militia is another story but as some of you love the man so much and hate too see him insulted i will leave it at that. the real somaliland leaders are the guurti. they have stabalised somaliland and made it a peaceful place. they have allowed somaliland to progress and re-build somaliland. if it was up to me i would get rid of all the powerhungry leaders and let sheick ibrahim sheikh yusuf sheik madar and his guurti lead the country.
  5. juxaa i am not obsessed with ina-yusuf but our dear bro bari makes him sound a like an angel which he obviously not. i think that riyaale and ina-yusuf have both violted human rights and have both killed innocent people. i have never and will never defend riyaale.
  6. samurai i do apologise if my last post has made you angry and i dont want to dwell on this point any more. i agree with most of the things that you said in your last post and i would like to end this thing with that. jamaal if it's my opinions you cant take then say so but dont try to degrade me with such a load of garbage as ''you are becomming a laughing stock indeed''. i think it's your way of thinkg that is laughing stock. if you disagree with me then say so but it seems to me that as you could not come up with anything to challenge my vieuws you felt that you had to TRY and insult me. FYI i do not feel insulted at all. i think it's rather hilarious that you (a moderater) had to go so low. i wonder what you did to become a moderator. it sure cant be your qualities of conducting a viable arguement.
  7. xalimo me and my half-bro accepts the apology but feel that it was not needed and we apologise for the misunderstanding. tagane, i have used other xawalaads but i am used to using dahabshiil more.i was satisfied with the service so why should bother changing to another. plus it's closer to my house.
  8. bari does this include flights to the dictatorship of majeertenia
  9. xalimo i simply gave you some advise.
  10. bari how is your unlce doing in the doofarey conference. the last i heard was that cabdulahi yusuf had found some new playmates. mobb deep posted pictures of him playing with his new playmates and i could not but wonder what our dear bruv bari was thinking about his leader playing with boars
  11. che i was the one that suggested people here to stop representing the people in sool,sanaag and hawd but i have got a point of vieuw on the situation and i forwarded that into one of my lasts posts. i am not representing the people of sool, sanaaq and hawd i was just putting my vieuw forward.
  12. majeertenia is a political cesspool leb by a garbage dump and cannot be compared to the effective leadership of somaliland. somaliland's real leadership and strenght lies in the guurti. their balance but effective hold on somaliland politics makes it different from the warlord leadership of majeertenia. the real leaders of somaliland: sheikh ibrahim sheikh yusuf sheik madar sheikh muuse codaad cabdigaadir xaaji ismaciil jirdeh (one of the most influentual chap in somaliland) sheikh salaax garaad cali shire sheikh cawad cabdiraxmaan xirsi these are somalilands true leaders. i dont need to start on the troubled dictatorship of maajeertenia and anyone with any sense and logic would oppose this dictatorship.
  13. i am not advertising i am just giving our dear sister some good advise.
  14. i am glad that you guys can laugh at people who murder their people in order to fill their fat bellies
  15. ameenah i think that samurai's ****** claim that dahabshiil is not owned by one person (a somalilander) but by more persons shows how ignorant some of the southerners are. i agree with most of the things that you said , sis, however you misinterpretted my post. i never said that dahabshiil shouldnt please their customers. samurai dahabshiil is owned by one tribe and i would have told you which subcland but the admin would be on my back so i wont.
  16. look at this confused guy. so your comparing the USC misdoings and the siyads genocide against the northeners??????? what is the world coming 2?
  17. majeerteenia has claimed many things before but if they continue their useless claims there wont be no more majeerteenia and all that will be left is a big funeral.
  18. sool is part of somaliland sanaag is part of somaliland hawd is part of somaliland and majeerteenia leaders are bunch of garbage that we need to get rid of to do the world a good deed.
  19. horn what whole are you talking about????? if you think that me expressing my opinion is building myself a hole then i advise you to check into a mental institution tonight.
  20. zadiqa sis, that is a one of the most realistic poems i have read and if the southerners have any sense of reality they should get the message.
  21. xalimo use dahabshiil--- the best in their business
  22. lander bro, my hate towards real is only a friendly football thing. Real are not the kind of team that i support. i support a team that has to work hard to get anywhere without having big budget players like real. the only reason that real has got all those quality players is because they can afford their high wages. therefore they are only so succesfull becuase of their money not because of their managing and directing qualities. they are like circus show to me and not a football that you would support through and through.