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  1. bari_nomad and mobb_deep you guys are too depressed you should lighten up. i was only joking ofcourse i am happy that there is oil in somali populated area. it doesnt matter whether it's in puntland somaliland or in the ogadeen for that matter. you guys just get too serious all the time you know what i will stop joking around from now on just for you 2 ok??? :confused:
  2. the sool, sanaag and hawd issue cannot be resolved by any of us so what's the point arguing about it daily??? :confused
  3. shujui what about gallas of chelsea??? he is a good solid defender and he wants to leave chelsea??? he is the solid centreback of the great french side i think he would be a good addition to the already quality filled roma side
  4. smith i do not feel insulted and i wish you guys the best of luck with your new road.
  5. che-q i agree with you. evryone in this forum seems to think they have the right to represent the peopl of sool sanaag and hawd. i personally KNOW that these areas belong to somaliland but i cant represent those people becuase i am not from the area. a lot of people here claim they are but we know they just make that up to validate their side of the arguiment
  6. guraad ignorance to you might be bliss but there is no need to me tell me that
  7. guraad i was not checking your spelling. the word simali just did not make any sense to me.
  8. guraad i have nothing against the blue flag. i just love my own more. btw i am not mad at your sad joke because reality says something different if you catch my drift
  9. mobb_deep bro, i am not getting hyper but people in here are tense and are easily offended i think it's good to have a bit of humour in here. good old bari_nomad has got a sarcastic humour that sometimes makes me laugh. i think there is nothing wrong with having a humour is there
  10. samurai i hope you dont idolize the falg????
  11. samurai i am sorry if i offended you but believe me it was merely a joke
  12. samuria cant you take a joke anymore??? cause that is all it was and if you make more of it it's up to you
  13. i'll salute the somali flag by using it as toilet paper!!! hahaha what about that kind of salute guraad, is that good enough
  14. hahahaha this gets better and better what about gold do we have some of that in puntland??? maybe there is a big garbage dump full of diamonds in garoowe? hahahahaha you keep cracking me up , guraad hahaha
  15. lol@ayoub i couldnt agree more with you. southerners are sensistive when it comes to a bit of friendly sarcasm.
  16. guraad simali blood??? what is that bro :confused: never heard about it
  17. if somaliland wanted to take laascanood or buuhoodle for that matter by force then they could do that ina few days and if ina yusuf even tried to resist and send his troops in we would witness another puntland leaders funeral alongside his troops. but somaliland people in laascanood and buuhoodle dont need to raise a flag to show thier support for somalilands independence. they did that through voting in their masses.
  18. ina yusuf is a kafir that should be shot on the spot.
  19. bari_nomad if the language over there is so vile and disgusting as you say it is why do you bother reading it. do you like those people on those forums abusing eachother's integrity. i must say i for once laughed at your weird sense of hmour at the end of your last posting
  20. ooh now i have made good old guraad mad, chill down bro and have a cup of tea before you blow up out of anger. hahahaha i know sool sanaag and hawd belong to the great republic of somaliland. i dont any convincing from you or the somali flag
  21. since when is galkacyu or garacad in sool? must be a new thing!!!
  22. guraad you are one of those who draws all their conclusions from newspaper articles and opposition claims. first of alll there were a few scrumbles in somaliland in the last 2 weeks but those have been resolved and are over now. second of all the human rights violiations article were writtend by a woman that is against the udub party and could not face the defeat of her party so tried to blacken udub's reputations by making up a story about human rights abuses. if there were human rights abuses tabloid newspaper articles would have reported it. now i dont trust them even and if the havent said anything about them then i doubt wheter it ever happend. somaliland is peaceful, stable and growing what more could you want.