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  1. bari_nomad there is one little detail that dissatisfies you go off again making assumptions thatwhat wrote something had a sinister motive behind it when it never did. you said that i wrote puntland was ''merely humiliated while somalilanders were butchered, tortured and raped. let me tell you one thing bari i am not going to make a difference between the two savage attacks of siyad. in both cases innocent people were murdered, butchered and raped. i dont need to say that because everyone knows. i have condemned siyads actions against the people of puntland but not in a post but to real people which i think is more important and if you want me to do it in a post i will. I HEREBY CONDEMN THE ATTACKS OF SIYAD BARRE AGAINST THE INNOCENT PEOPLE OF PUNTLAND that do it for you bari. it doesnt really matter whether they were decades apart or a few minutes apart they were both horribel and i condemn them both. somalilanders were being opressed from the moment that siyad came to power. i know somalilanders who were around at the time of siyads misdoings against the puntlanders and they all told me that they felt sorry for the puntlanders more then anything and never made fun of the puntlanders like guraad claimed.
  2. so you guys are getting happy about a flag being put up somewhere :confused: :confused: i'll hang the somali flag in washington so you guys can have the party of the year, ok i might as well put one one top of the queens palace to top it all off hahaha you guys crack me up
  3. smith well done for once you dont talk garbage and bring us something positive about the noble somali's in puntland.
  4. bari_nomad i see you are going back to your old slef again. there was one minute when i though you were being logical for once in your life but you proved me wrong. you seem to be in a rush as you did not read my post at all but drew your conclusion about what i am like from one sentence. i condemned siyads actions against the people of puntland. guraad claimed that somalilanders made fun of puntlanders being humiliated by siyad to which i anwered that he was wrong and that the somalilanders themselves were being tortures,raped and killed by siyad so therefore could not have been doing that right. what your point of vieuw is on my grasp of somali history is excatly that and that only---your point of vieuw .that has not matter to me whatsover. next time read before you reply or you will humiliate yourself again but i guess your getting used to that now so it wouldnt stop you would it??? :confused: :confused:
  5. congrats to beletweyne and bakara market but the rest?
  6. camroon should have won the match. they had two tap in chances in front of the goal but both were missed by eto'o and idrissou BTW henry was well offside when he scored
  7. goalie: gordon banks (england defenders: beckenbauer (germany), koeman(nederland), rijkaard(nederland, roberto carlos(brazil) midfielders: zidane(france), zico(brazil), euzebio(portugal), platini(france) strikers: cruyf (nederland), van basten (nederland)
  9. mobb_deep i think you are misitaken. somalilanders have suffered from siyad barres regime from the minute he came to power. somalilandes were being opressed too much. why would they make fun of the puntlanders when they were going through worse atrrocities. most of siyad's supporters were from puntland and middle somalia. they were the ones commiting crimes agains the somalilanders. what gediid wont tell you i dont know but he cant tell you that somalilanders made fun of puntlanders because it never happened. i am sorry to tell you your wrong on this bro
  10. bari_nomad i assume you are a member of those forums to know what is going on there.
  11. guraad i think you are a bit too ethusiastic about one bullet being shot in hargeysa airport. there was a bit of a confusion and some youthful fanatics though that they had the right to attack the somaliland government because their leader was shot. however that was resolved by the elders of the clan of jamac yare denouncing what their youths were doing and therefore forcing them to give up their tribalist attacks. somaliland is safer than other area in somalia. that incident in hargeysa airport was the first since 1996 and since that time somaliland has been uniting more and more. while on the other hand you guys down south are stiil bashing eachother and going to conference after conference and always coming back to the same place. guraad, you might get a kick from seing somaliland failing but believe that will never happen so you should get addicted to something else if you catch my drift. your logic comes from another planet. just because there was a little squirmish doesnt mean that somaliland is not safe. somaliland is more safer than a lot of african countries. we have had peace and stabilty for a long while now. if you want me to go into how chaotic south somalia is then i will do so i will post all the article concerning that matter if you want me to. but i think you guys might get nervous and shut the whole forum down so i think it's better if i dont. bari_nomad you are a bit more logical in your vieuws then good old guraad here but i must disagree with what you wrote in your last post. the majority of the topics in this forum concern ''how bad somaliland is or land that somalilanders claim when it's actually puntland.'' the obsession with try to find somaliland weaknesses has exposed all the bad in the pro-somaliweyn acttivists in here. you are all hungry to see somaliland fail and beg to re-unite. well let me tell you all something you guys are all going to starve if you dont find any other food source soon. guraad, dont take that last metaphor too serious bro.
  12. baashi i am sure no one wants to start a civil war. however the fact that you are still TRYING to be sarcastic when describing the somaliland ARMY as a militia is sometimes proves that you try to underestimate the might of the somaliland army and they might need to prove otherwise if you continue doing otherwise. they are not a milita but an army that is more powerfull then any militia in the whole of the somali inhabited areas. one more thing, why do you say one tribe against another? if you are referring to the somaliland army as a one-tribe army you couldnt be more wrong. the somaliland army consists of alll the tribes that inhabit somaliland teritory. these includes citizens frowm awdal, toghdheer, saaxil, sool, sanaag, hawd. so it includes soldiers that originate from puntland tribes. i think you TRYING to be sarcastic and hiding your real purpose for posting some of your postings is not helping you to get your message across. next time try to be more clear when posting something
  13. baashi, how do you come to the claim nor do they have the muscle and the will to fight Puntlanders with land that is not theirs. you have to be kidding me. somalilanders definetily have a 100% will to fight the puntlanders and have got a 50,000 strong army that could finish the puntland milita (2,000 tops) in a few days. the snm could have raided the whole of puntland in their hayday. may i add that the somaliland army includes a large number of puntland oroginated soldiers (as i am not allowed to use gabiil names i described the way you guys describe them.) the somaliland army is more powerful then any other somali militia or military for that matter and the whole of somalia would not stand a chance against them. so baashi dont make claims that have no base or reason.
  14. lol@angel_dust light years ahead!!!!! sis, i have noticed that south somalis on one hand seems to say that they dont need us and on the other hand 90% of the topics are about somalilands independence and how the southerners are BEGGING for us to re-unite. they are contradicting themselves.
  15. samurai, are you adressing me in the post above or just in the last sentence.
  16. bari_nomad i am happy that you can laugh at the state of somalia but i am not sure that the other koonfureed people can. they are in turmoil and deprevation trying to survive while the likes of you and the warlords that run the anarchy are having a good laugh. horn, i think you yourself should be applauded for your civil admiration of the wagooyi galbeed BTW bari, i think if we should have a look at motto's what do you think of somalia-- kill more than 50,000 of your brothers and especially sisters and you can run for president. or what about: kill your mother and get a job in the government or what about: rape your sister and get a good meal or maybe rape,pilage and murder everyone in your path and get yourself a new a.k.
  17. bari_nomad bro,there you go again making silly assumptions based on what you read in the newspapers. first of all the numbers that i used in my former post i copied from the results that the NEC posted on a website. the NEC is an independent institution which had nothing to do with udub or riyaale. i know you are going to dispute this and claim that udub controls the nec but how do you know? have you ever been to somaliland and witnesed udub controlling national institutions?-- i think not. you base those assumptions on what the opposition (kulmiye claims). bro let me tell you something when al gore lost to bush didnt he claim that the republicans rigged the florida elections.? just because al gore claimed that it was rigged does not mean it was rigged. i never said that riyaale represents his clan but we all know that generally somali clans back the politician who is from their clan or am i mistaken? i dont know where you get the idea that riyaale opresses anyone but i guess from another newspaper article-- am i right? the clan of mr riyaale see him as their leader and support him. he has their support and can count on their vote. i dont agree with this my self but they have the right to vote and have the right to vote for anyone and for any reason.
  18. samurai i apologize for the mistake i was indeed adressing bari-nomad
  19. guraad i think you are misinformed about the awdal issue. riyaale (the man who ''RULEZ'' somaliland is from awdal himself and th people in awdal are 90% from his clan so according to you he rulez and oppreseses his own clan. if you look at the results of the presidential elections you will see that 60,000 people from awdal turned out to vote for riyaale. if they felt opressed would they turn out in their masses to vote for the SOMALILAND presidential elections. even in the local elcetions 55,000 people voted for udub (riyaale's party) i think next time you need to check your source of information before you start posting, bro
  20. muraad this has nothing to do with the somaliland government. this is something that dahabshiil has done probably because of his nationalistic thinking. if he feels strongly about somaliland let him. and i dont think boycotting his dahabshiil will make him change his mind either
  21. lol@gediid what people dont seem to understand is that this has got nothing to do with politics. its a calendar and that's what it would have stayed had the somaliweyn activists not made it look otherwise. to them it's a piece of somaliland propaganda. gediid, your example at the end of your posting says it all. if barakaat had not included the 18th of may celebrations in their calendar you would not see somalilanders complain about it would you? come on guys get a life man and stop bickering about every single detail like old ladies.
  22. somaliland has become a place of peace and stability. over the last 12 years the people of this country have achieved so much and should get credit for their impressive progress in such hard times. it's nearly impossible to imagine that people of this country could have recovered by the hardhips imposed on them by the dictatorial regime of the now broken down somali-republic. on top of that they had an attempted genocide imposed on them by siyad barre. however they have succesfully put that behind them and have re-built their country from the limitd resources that were available. in those 12 years they have united to create a democratic state which has now succesfully passed it's first elections withtout any reall set-backs. the country has now also got three security organisations of which one is ''booliska somaliland''. the next article shows what the determination of somalilands citizens can do Miina saaridda Somaliland oo lagu guulaystay Posted to the web 12:00 Jun 26 2003 Jun 26 2003 Hayadda Qarammada Midoobay u qaabilsan horumarka ee UNDP ayaa sheegaysa in mashruucii ugu horeeyay ee miinada looga saaraya Dalka Somaliland uu mira dhalay oo lagu baahin doono gobolada kalee waddanka Soomaaliya. Sanadkii ugu dambeeyay ayaa laba kooxood oo ka tirsan Booliska Somaliland ay baabi'iyeen 10,000 oo ka mid ah miinooyinka aan weli qarxin. Qarammada Midoobay ayaa haatan sheegtay in ay tababarayso afar kooxood oo kale oo loo diri doono Gobolada Puntland iyo Gobolada kalee Koonfurta Soomaaliya. Inta badan waddanka Soomaaliya ayaa waxaa saameeyay miinooyinkaasi oo la dhigay intii ay socdeen dagaaladii lagu la jiray waddanka Ethiopia sanaddadii toddobaatameeyadii iyo siddeetameeyadii iyo intii ay socdeen dagaalada sokeeye ee sagaashameeyadii. Source:bbc now somaliland is becoming peaceful and more stable by the day. the economy of somaliland has suffered guite alot of setbacks mainly imposed on them by the arabic states who banned the main export of somaliland which is cattle. but somaliland's citizens have also succesfully done a lot of re-building of their country. this next article shows that the people of somaliland are determined to re-build their country with their limited resources. quote: Jun 27 2003 Burco: Wasiirka Wasaaradda Hiddaha iyo Dalxiiska Somaliland, Md. Cismaan Cali Bile ayaa shalay xadhigga ka jaray Hoteel cusub oo casri ah oo lagu magacaabo “Burco City Plaza Hotel” oo dhawaan laga dhisay magaalada Burco. Xaflad loogu talo-galay furitaankii Hoteelka cusub waxa ka soo qaybgalay Wasiirka Wasaaradda Hiddaha iyo Dalxiiska Somaliland, Md. Cismaan Cali Bile, Agaasimaha Guud ee Wasaaradda Hiddaha iyo Dalxiiska, Duqa magaalada Burco, Maamulka Gobolka Togdheer, Salaadiin, Ganacsato, xubno ka socday Qurbo-joogga Somaliland iyo marti sharaf kale oo ka kala yimi dalka gudihiisa iyo dibaddiisa. Axmed Yuusuf Dhowdhowle, oo ah mulkiilaha Hoteelka cusub ee “Burco City Plaza Hotel,” kana mid ah jaaliyadda reer Somaliland ee ku dhaqan dalka Ingiriiska oo ugu horreyn xafladdaas ka hadlay ayaa mahad-naq u soo jeediyey dhammaan marti-sharaftii ka soo qaybgashay xafladda furitaanka Hoteelka, isaga oo si gaar ah ugu mahad-celiyey shirkaddii waddaniga ahayd ee fulisay dhismaha Hoteelka. Mr. Dhowdhowle, waxa uu sheegay in hoteelkani yahay mid Burco iyo Somaliland-ba faa’iido badan u leh, isla markaana muujinaya horumarka iyo degenaanshaha ka jira gobolka Togdheer, waxaanu ku guubaabiyey ganacsatada iyo qurbo-joogga reer Somaliland in ay maalgashi ku sameeyaan dalkooda hooyo ee Somaliland. Wasiirka Wasaaradda Hiddaha iyo Dalxiiska Somaliland, Md. Cismaan Cali Bile oo xadhigga ka jaray furitaanka hoteelka cusub ee “Burco City Plaza Hotel” ayaa sheegay in dhismaha hoteelkan cusubi yahay mid ay soo dhaweynayaan xukuumad ahaan, isla markaana ku dayasho mudan. “Tallaabadani waa mid aanu soo dhaweynayno oo ku dayasho leh. Dhismaha hoteelkan cusubi waxa uu soo kordhiyey shaqo-abuurid iyo horumar, waana astaan u taagan in dadka muwaadiniinta ahi ay dalkooda iyo dadkooda u horseedi karaan horumar, sidaa daraadeed aad baanu ugu faraxsanahay in aanu maanta [shalay] ka furno Burco hoteelkan casriga ah,” ayuu yidhi Md. Cismaan Cali Bile. Waxana uu intaas raaciyey oo uu tilmaamay in dhismaha hoteelkan cusub uu muujinayo deganaanshaha iyo xasilloonida dalkeenna ka jirta, isla markaana muwaadin kasta iyo ganacsatadaba ay la gudboon tahay inay ku daydaan tallaabadan oo kale oo ay qaybtooda ka qaataan horumarka dalka. Duqa magaalada Burco, Maxamed Diiriye Xayd, oo isna xafladdaas ka hadal ka jeediyey waxa uu yidhi; “Waxa inoo sharaf ah innaga oo ku jirna xafladdii 26ka Juun inay maanta la mataanayno furitaanka hoteelkan cusub ee sida casriga ah u dhisan oo runtii reer Burco horumar weyn u ah, isla markaana muujinaysa xasilloonida iyo nabadgelyada ka jirta gobolka Togdheer.” Waxaanu intaa raaciyey; “In badan baa reer Burco lagu xaman jiray waxay sitaan qoryo iyo budhadh, balse maanta waxaanu u beddelay taas qalin iyo aqoon, shacbiga reer Burco-na waxay ka shaqaynayaan horumarka gobolkooda iyo nabaddiisa.” Duqu, waxa uu xusay in ay arrinta dhismaha hoteelkan cusub suurtogelisay nabadda iyo xasilloonida ka jirta gobolka. “Waxa kale oo jira 370 guri oo ay jaaliyadaha dibaddu ka dhisanayaan magaalada Burco, kuwaas oo aanu u sii diyaarinay goobihii adeegga loogu talogalay iyo waddooyinkiiba, taasina waa tallaabo horumar u ah Burco. Maamul ahaana waxaanu diyaar ula nahay in aanu gacan ka siino wixii ay nooga baahdaan, gacmo furanna ku soo dhawayno,” ayuu hadalkiisii ku soo ooday Md. Maxamed Diiriye Xayd. Waxa kale oo isaguna xafladdaas ka hadlay Axmed Yaasiin Gabay-xaddi, oo ku hadlayey magaca shacbiga reer Burco, Suldaan Siciid iyo Badhasaabka gobolka Togdheer. Hoteelkan cusub ee “Burco City Plaza Hotel” oo u dhisan si casri ah ayaa xafladdii furitaankiisa waxa ka soo qaybgalay dadweyne aad u badan oo muddo dheer sugayey, iyada oo xafladdii furitaanka Hoteelka casriga ahi ay ku beegantay munaasibadda xuska maalinta 26ka Juun.
  23. everyone is making something out of nothing. IT'S JUST A CALENDAR. it's nothing to do with politics.