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  1. hahahah looka at this fool. you gusy aint never going to get an army and even if you did we will finish of southerners with less men, less equipment and less financial support. the SNM(GOD BLESS THOSE MUJAHIDEEN) were less then 5,000 men when they defeated the red-berets(i wont use the f-word) whow were the best-eguiped african army of its tiem. that shows you that somalilanders dont need equipment nor manpower to funsih off the southerners. oh and the way how come you still havent gotten a facelift man. you seriously need to get something done about your face man, we dont want you to chase all the girls away with your looks man.
  2. it's wrong to use statue's of a human being as that is considerd to be idolizations which is against the shahadah and therefore makes you a kafir. but then again puntlanders and there mad grandfather have no sense of religion or reality.
  3. rudy as sad as you maybe the only who laughs at your ridicoulousy ****** jokes is you. the amount of braincells rotting in that messed-up head of yours is ouncoutable and undiagnosable for anyone with any sense. somaliland can finish of those sad southerners in less then a week. the SNM(GOD BLESS THOSE MUJAHIDEEN) could have finished whatever resistance there was in the south and the SNM(GOD BLESS THOSE MUJAHIDEEN)was only 5,000 man strong. the somaliland army is 50,000 man strong(i know that maths is hard for you but that's 10 times as big). those 5 guys in puntland high on qaad and the 4 idiots in southern somalia are no match for somaliland.
  4. we have a powerfull enough army to finish any somali resistance. wheter that is puntland or the whole of south somalia it dont matter. we can finish them all of.
  5. lol@lander the tng are a bunch of low-lifes and the southerners think that they can do something
  6. smith somaliland is too good for federalism. we dont need no federalism we have got our own constitution which works for us and our people obey that constition so flush your sad federalims idea down the toilet cause IT AINT GONNA WORK :rolleyes:
  7. does the passport mean as much when the police are bashing every black kid and every black kid is arrested when seen with a nice car because he is suspected of stealing the car. america is the botom of the pit of human civilzations.
  8. paltalk. first of all let me suggest you to get some plastic surgery on that face of yours man before you can even talk. somaliland has got the most powerful army in the horn now. it can take out those 4 guys puntland calls its army in a day and the rest of somalia could be finished off in less.