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  1. I carry out a perfect cyber-lynching,like yasmin

    this lyrics i fein for like more"phine"

    Can't relate?you a midget trapped in a dream

    like bleach on this page i come clean

    written some of the realest shyt over seen

    My words are vissual scheme when you read'em you take part in a scene

  2. The last peice, was the shyt..

    Much upz on that....damn........



    This a peice I wrote on june of 2003.

    check...check check..


    Wake up...wake up....Wake Uuuup...

    Shhh...Than the silence overcame...........

    My dreams was so lame

    I was living it,damn

    I let my self down

    I look around

    see bunch of clown

    Wonder,why i'm i so trapped?

    I feel like i'm pulled in too deep

    If there is nomad that care about me

    Give me a hand pull me out

    i lost my touch on reality

    I'm living fake dreams of today

    Instead of tommorows..

    sorrounded by so many foes

    Need to get back to the masjid,and make more rows

    anger inside me nobody knows

    WAke UUuuup..WAke UUuuup...

    I'm being fed with lies

    I'm feedin lies,

    happiness,is where your soul lies

    time flies,make change on your price

    make freindship in diffrent ties

    I got nothing more to say now

    But to go pray now....

  3. lol..

    Vission Before you dissmiss'em>>>

    Let me try and convince'em

    got alot word power to give lesson

    that'll unlock the mental prison

    hopin maybe they'll look inside see whats missin...

  4. Beautiful peice...

    eva felt like u were no one

    eva felt like u were the millionth one

    to walk this earth, and unda sun

    not knowing where ur headed or were u've begun

    wat makes u different

    and makes u unique

    is the souls u meet

    and knowledge u seek

    wat if u don't meet

    wat if u can't seek

    wat if ur kept in a container

    Haven't I ever?

  5. lol...Ok..Fallow me this way my proudSista

    First off, let me start by wishing-u- Happy valentine

    I share a love in every line i write

    Opposite what most expect when young mind recite

    Poetry so beautyful it can only be seen by blind men

    and felt by those dead


    If you've read any of my past posts and never had related

    or maybe hasn't even cauzed any kinda of..ya know feelings inside of ya..

    Maybe it ain't...for ya..


    This words are like buffet "So get well fed"

    i just base whats fact

  6. Osama style...?I don't know about that man...

    I say use the Image of Islam Diffrently, supposed to be

    Welcoming nice thing to Imbrace, rather violence

    Hooded men..Thats not the Islam i know...

    I remmember when wearing white,"Kamiis" clean sandals going to friday prayers

    and greeting the neighbors early morning

    was the way....


    Islam=Peace, no matter how dirty the kuffar gets

    Good always wins over Evil...


    Bismillahi Rahmani Rahiim

    scream out the name of your supreme

    most glorious than ever seen

    made you who you are a clever A "Humanbeing"

    Never under estimate the power of your deen

    for is been fought upon to bring to

    for it brings peace upon anyone who's true..true.true on the path

    they choose..choose..choose..

    to rightousness and lacks the power of wrath

    of which an evil do'er possesses

    and a good do'er dismisses...




  7. Ha'Ha..


    Yeah..dats kinda funny..

    Couple night ago when the wind chill was below -38

    All the cars on my block wouldn't start.My honda managed to get start it, I'd given everybody a ride.

    But Minne"Snow"ta. Beatifull place to live, if ya got gutz..


    500 Below zero: Hell freezes over. Vikings win Super Bowl.

    I'd like to see that..

  8. It Ain't much of choice really, to me.

    I'ma go back regardless, hopefully, Inshallah.


    My homeland needs me

    Screw what the west feeds me,

    Thanx for the welcome ya gave me

    Appreciate it really...

    But i gotta go back

    show my peeps the way,so that

    show that, i still got my hope back

    Know that,not bad....

  9. Yazmin..Fisr' off-> welcome..


    Well sis' poetry is very simple words that have

    feelings hidden in it..ussually is a

    massege you don't really and normally talk to

    people about but some how wanna share it, and you

    conveyed it by sharing it,writing it while

    having others relate with it.

    Some say poetry is something you feel from ya toes

    to ya head just kicks in just like 7th instinct,

    kinda, but i say, you write what you felt so others can feel..


    Not enough? Email me...




    Wait a minute... lets brainstorm...Brainstorm.

    configure solution with more storm..Bring storm

    Got me singing like marving gay "Whats Goin' on"

    why things looking odd-N- torn?Not just in Africa'z Horn..

    phuck...i'm tired..i dunno if this vission is a

    gift or curse that must be lived.


    same feelings everyday..

    Damn,"Feels like I'm wearing the same clothes everyday"?is hard to say..

    Speechs melody ,

    soft as one can be,

    tired of thiz honestly,

    sleepless bad memories,

    brough me to my knees

    writing to these is my remedies,

    do ten bring me

    some of P+eaze..



    To be continued...

    Instinct poet

  11. NIce topic...

    Well hey besides our beloved prophet..

    Besides My two religious parents..

    I'd say my hero would be this man.



    Well this man is my hero for many reasons

    first ofcource being very strongly religious

    second.for speaking the truth about everything.

    third his pure education studies of christianity

    and ISLAM.

    The life he leaved of educating people...

    I'm right now in the middle of reading one of his

    Books and i'm so hooked on it.

    I can't take the time to tell you much about him

    But this website will . WHO IS AHMED DEEDAT?

  12. Originally posted by S.U.N.S.E.T:

    Brian itchs body wants it, women of mine,

    women of your's and women of all.

    (Said)....Two can play the game but that's

    immoral. 3 sounds better but that's immoralty.

    (Illusions)...time of the essence is not to

    ingore the feelings.(Desiruos) so immune when he has taken, her heart forgranted.

    She's impalietly waiting on him.

    He's just nice. slice of time she wonders.

    he attampts but leaves for the man he is.

    She cooks for him his favour.

    He's eating out sometimes.

    She likes to eat with him but hunger

    impels to finish up her work quickly.

    She calls him but never answers.

    He calls her back sometimes.

    Releave is on her sight

    Damn...Nice done on that part..

    over all..excellent job..

    Words with feelings,

    life of it's own...


    nice job my man

  13. Yezzz..I'm back for the millionth time..

    I never quit i live on this like a "SocialSecirity"

    Is funny cuz, when i feel like i wanna write,

    I get somekind of tune in my head,

    Right now i got that, pink panther tune(If you know how it goes)


    And certain

    emotional feelings,na'mean.

    But not the type you'd have when in love and shyt like that.I Can't explain it..

    But whenever i read my past posts

    I alwayz remmeber what i was feeling

    And damn, there is no feelings like it.


    Here i go again..


    Like anthony Hamilton, i say "Coming from where i'm from"

    I will never know how much storm it'll take to

    tranform the desert into jungle form?

    but i know it took 14years to disform city into

    long gone..

    So how long will it take to reform far gone blood soaked home?



    Instinct Poet...

  14. First of all, thanx for sharing that story.

    secondly, i'm not much suprised over the changes

    that are taking places,people in somalia right now

    are fatigued with bullsh*t,and i won't even be

    suprised when people get together and throw out

    all of these damn warlords..We are on the road to

    better things, i'm in for the changes...