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  1. Did I mention We will be the first Somali to perform Cooking On live T.V.

    this will open a wave of endless possiblities,

    for us Somalis.

    Come on Show Support.


    I swear If your still looking for a way to make that seem Negative,

    You have something else streaming in your

    just kidding

  2. Thanks hodman.Appreciate the support

    I won't let you down. ;)

    Khalaf and paci' aka Sa'..



    I guess Everyone is entitled to their opinions in here

    Which is one of the reasons i love Somaliaonline

    However keep in mind, the number one reason many of us,

    atleast I myself joined the website was

    to feel sense of belonging to a family

    of some sort, Meet young people from diffrent parts of the world

    with variety of diffent proffesions,

    and and create a Network.

    I was lucky enough to meet many of

    you around the world

    from U.S.A To U.K.

    When my Original Username was, To

    what was Instinct-Poet.and now

    Clever_trevor,Resembling the changes i went through,




    Atleast I thought that way.

    Did i get the wrong perception?

    Because, if I needed an advice

    or help in anything I could come here and share

    with out feeling like a stranger.

    Maybe that was the old days?



    Anyway, I've got a great news

    On april 2nd KARE 11

    Which is a local T.V Branched of NBC

    has invited Me and My Chef Brother to do

    A live tv Cooking Demonstration


    Were we will be talking about

    Cooking In somalia,and the influences that

    our food has, I will try to Podcast it hope fully

    After it Airs,

    But any of you live in Minnesota

    You can Watch it on Channel 11 Right after the 9am News we will be Airing @ 10am.


    Thanx Again guys.

  3. Hi guys

    I was just contacted

    by city pages sales person and she stated

    to me that we are fourth on being nominated Best New Restaurant

    It'll be the first Somali Restaurant,Thanx to those that have voted,

    However we are off by 37 votes on becoming #1,

    In twin cities.Also thanx to Those of you that have priv' me, i hope you enjoy your complimentary meals,



    What do you think the problem is.

  4. Chorus (Adam Levine)]

    Uh, And I heard 'em say, nothin ever promised tomorrow today.


    And I heard 'em say, nothin ever promised tomorrow today.

    (Nothing's ever promised tomorrow today.)

    But we'll find a way

    (And nothing lasts forever but be honest babe, it hurts but it may be the only way)

    Sory about the song quote..



    As we struggles homeless distance apart

    who is to blame?

    Take the coin that life fliped you and walk away

    Simple Nomads tradition isn'r to be versatile.



    Beautiful peice though.


    Only the strong survives

  5. Good one..



    Can i Add On?


    LOve is pain

    Pain Is love

    for they share the same name

    Kinda Ironic how love is portrayed

    But till today no one knows what it is

    Just symptom like flu

    and no one has a clue

    what lovers really do

    is it,Hugging N' kissing

    Or cressin' N' Chillin

    maybe is between I N'You

    What do we really know about love?

  6. ehem...Somalia..what have you....Ehem...some one hand him some water...

    Man is he

    His trying his best..

    Why don't you try doing a powerpoint presentation..before judging..

    I was in similar position past friday

    in front of the state of Minnesota Senate


    Whew.....It's hard


    He has few points i agree with..

    over all, i think he did great

  7. Jeez.


    Did i say something wrong or I'm i conveying the wrong massege>?


    Once more, I am not cutting corners.

    Just asking for votes.

    Besides If you must know we have great reviews

    in many diffrent papers including local

    here is Minnesota Star Tribune another in The New York Daily


    If you CAN only.

    Please vote.


    It takes two seconds,

    Who else I'm I supposed to ask if i can't ask my freinds in SOL..?>









    Thanx KIng450


    Highly appreciate it. smile.gif

  8. once again...


    please, if your willing..Only..

    Is just a favor..

    I have comment Box at the Restaurants

    I read them all..

    Thanx Jimcaale..

    This is for the




    Ps.I actually do take my people for granted,For i

    serve proudly a Healthy Somali Food

    With respect and class it deserves.

    Clean and freindly inviroment.

    If music that plays on speaker on the ceiling is buggin,

    we will happily willing to accomdate to your comfort,


    Thanx again, jimcaale

  9. THanx guys..


    Bizbaz is free for the first order.

    All the condiments come free first.

    But some people like to get 10 or more.

    just to be clear,the prices are stated.

    but i'v never charged any one yet,normaly one is enough,unless they want some to take with.


    Rudy..Good point...

    But if you had read what i said

    you'd probably gotten what i was conveying..

    I already advertise with City And no,i'm not taking advantage of Somaliaonline

    it was just simple favor i asked for those "who were willing"

    to help me get in that special issue of paper which is coming out on april.


    Oh by the way, I am the biggest supporter if it came to this site

    I've done few donations before

    and i'm in the works with the admin who is also

    my mentor and big brother smile.gif

    to make something happen.


    It would be really something great

    if you do take part in the vote.

    Oh by the way those who vote can come down

    and have free dinners on me if your in town

    on our new location that will open

    april 1st in Downtown Minneapolis.


    Send me priv's.


    Love CT

  10. Well first off thanx for checking in here.

    Secondly i need a favor from "all of you who are willing"

    Every year City Pages of Minneapolis

    Does a "Best of Twin Cities" I wanted to see if atleast one of my restaurants can be nominated for it.

    So here is the deal

    Click on this link

    And vote for "Best new Restaurant"





    or click on the link below:


    Ps.I'm not cheating i am the best lol.

    dare you to prove me wrong...

    Anywho I Advertise with this company so it's a Great Idea..

    also here is the link to my Restaurants

    for those of you that want to observe

    my menu. ;);)




    Thanx in Advance Family.

  11. Bari hore waxaa jiray,,,

    Innan timaha daysatoo,,

    qaarkana utidicdoo,,

    mara beyr ah iyo garays xiratee


    Wax badalay kuwii hore

    balo maro weynoo

    Dhaqankii burburiyeen

    dalkiina dumayoo,,,



    That was a 1960's somali song..


    Some of you remmember some of you don't..


    LIke the other brother said..

    This is just post civil war clothing..

    Influenced by Afghanistan.

    Just like NIke and DKNY Prada Coach bag is to ya'l

  12. I disagree with your comment,though it is you opinion i will respect it.

    Nuradin Farah just explained Tradition clashing with religion.

    THe veil that our mothers and sistes wear

    wasn't widely known in somalia prior the civil war.

    And that this was an influence from Afghanistan.

    It isn't a bad thing however,we all wear these days

    DNKY PRADA SUITS,JUst a simple influnce.

  13. LOL. Salah..

    I see your choice of words is regarded

    as extreme,yet rugged, i dig it though.


    Judge-mental as i can be

    juiced up with vocabs more powewrful than

    juggernoughts punches

    Just in,Clever trevor got a weak bladder

    that'll make a golden shower seem alot sweeter

    Asha or ismina doesn't really matter

    i'ma cheek turner call me ike turner

    hilib burner key turner who holla

    two dolla weak rhymer david banner

    pan handler woman beater whos heater

    sushi eater two time cheater triple dater

    untrust worthy loser

    what eveRRrrr..


    I'm just glad to be back....

  14. Sushi is one of those food, you either love it o hate it.

    there is no"In between o so so"


    My fav, is The caterpillar roll or the dragon roll, the scorpion roll isn't so bad.


    try it.


    Those are just names, not contents.