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  1. I have a check book


    two visa debits from wells fargo,and affinity union bank

    1 visa platnum by wells fargo

    Minnesota state license

    T.W.C Employee I.D

    Safari restaurant Bussiness Cards

    $8 dollars

    Picture of me sleeping at age 9

    Picture my pops


    >>Thats it..Please don't rob me..

  2. Some heads are turning into jealous weirdoz here.


    You can use as much dictionary wordz as you can or even thesaurus, but in serious writing if you don't have a "style", you just wasting yo time.


    Sophist has style and his writing is more real than 99% of them folkz here. Sophist has his own audience on this forum. If some of ya don't like it, there are those who love his workz. skip it.


    Stop the hate.


    Stop the Jealousy saxiibayaal. Ciyaalnimo ma fiicno.


    Sophist, Leamante says keep doing yo thang.

  3. I need my haterz..

    I feed off my haterz..

    I sleep on my haterz

    I succeed off my haterz..

    I get freed by haters..

    I motivate off my haterz..

    Haterz bring the best of me...

    When in doubt,or just plain can't see..

    Haterz, Put me to challenge my self..

    I keep'em stacked on my shelf..


    Thankz for showing up when mostly needed..





    Enraged by


  4. Ha Ha


    If love was jazz,

    I'd fallen for it fast..


    If love was jazz, I'd do it day to day

    Like my name was marvin gay..


    But, if jazz was love, I'd play it every night

    over and over and over..


    If jazz was love,I wouldn't need to learn it

    Cuz it's gift I'd posses from birth..


  5. Life is a test,either pass or fail like the rest

    Stick with me as i progress to regress

    the thoughts in my head lead to nothing but stress

    if life is like chess, my queen's next to be checked

    i'm cought in pursue of success, my body&mind callin my arrest

    i'm vexed, rather hopin it's a test, double shots to the chest

    blank stares, bank shares, ink blot's it's a mess

    I confess, to begin livin, sin ridden

    smile at me cause my thoughts been hidden

    Given a chance but it's a double-edged sword

    stick to the lord hopin everything falls in accord

    Emotions stored!!

    now i'm bored, hit the snooze button till it broke like my pockets

    abort hope, now i'm beggin'em to stop it

    Second chances, vanish like glimpses into future enhancements

    while schools holds the key to my advancements

    shook the next man, only the best can

    shake the right and smack you with the left hand

    Uncle deaf Sam, couldn't hear my cries so let the death span

    Across the nation, patiently waitin for the ramadhan

    chance to defeat Satan

    you tempt fate every moment you lay awaken, hopin sins will be forsaken

    i let the chips fall and love the lyrics that i'm makin...



    Oh my god..he's back...


    peace & War ->summer 2004

  6. Mizz Lexus..good luck with the wedding...

    try not to get your hands dirty..


    Well, me i'm thinking about vocation, not just any

    I need a vocation out of my body,my society, the people around me.

    My life seems to be going too fast, i have no breaks.I've observed, and i can't seem to see

    I'm traveling at speed of light,forgive me those i've forgoten, I've forgot my self as well,

    I'm on mission to find who i was or am.I'm traveling

    Into diffrent dimention it's been so long.. try

    figure out things in complicate it world..I live in

    My dome and my domicile don't welcome me any more

    I'm on way to somewhere, don't ask me shyt of what i mean,cuz I don't even understand what i'm writing.


    this is absurd post of nonsense..





  7. somali seeds

    somalis can u see greed?

    somalis can u bend down n pick

    left-overs for those poor kids?

    fragments of crushed souls

    dying back home

    az they r mauled

    by hunger pains,it so inhumaine,eaten by dogs!!


    Somali seeds...

    rich culture,perfect Diin...

    beautiful homeland,now left with no creed...

    the sun setting,beautiful skies needing...

    rain,health and trees...

    thats meant to feed the skeletal kids...

    aftermath of cultural differance with no standing.

    dumb weak people poisoning our minds with qabiil..

    Like always thanks for sharing that exquisite peice...

    Motivate ya people through lil'education.


    great job on that mz-alpha-poet..

  8. Far off the coast I was

    Far off the coast I miss

    Far off the coast eye-whiz


    Far off the coast I was

    Use to be less yet felt more

    smiles in piles as a playfull child

    Far off the coast I was

    Hate-or love in store adore war

    A door for western tile

    I'll ill

    Far off the coast I was

    Seeing is believing and proceeding is achieving or

    A lore for eastern style

    I'll ill

    Far from the coast I was

    Afcourse I was marved visually lost in marvel core

    Believe u live in grief

    So he told me to set a side my wants

    and indeed feed my need

    Far from the coast I was

    I change me to shift you

    Shift you to change me

    change me to shift you

    Far from the coast I was

    This is One of them poetries you read, And you just can't help but relate and applaud...


    Nice one there, and yeah the rest of them too



    dIGZ IT..

  9. lol..

    seasons change so do societies, societies should be like a moving river, always fresh and clean, but ours is a lake, same water until it dies out.

    Well, hey i kinda Agree with you but if you really

    Understand the concept to being a somali

    than this question wouldn't be neccesary.

    Somalis Are diffrent kind of human being.


    Very confucious state of mind, Funny tribal acts,

    And more things i can't quite quote at the moment.


    But sure it is strange thing.Whats more stranger

    is when you meet indavidual somalis

    And they say things like.

    "Soomaalida waa dad layaab leh"


    "Waxaan soomaalida kunacey saas iyo saas"

    the idea of everyone thinking indavidual is reAlLy

    Sickening.Who excluded you!!!


    Who is those statements for, you or me.

    And arent we all in big bowl. but somehow scattered.

  10. I Commit bigotry with "I" self,

    Though i pray i place doubt on shelf

    Than,Obressing questions like, who iz me?

    The defiance of enemy in me

    fights the descency in me,

    creating no peace,torn in two piece

    violence don't cease

    people don't see

    just granted so free

    And hopefully

    one of me might flee

    to see what it be

    without me!!

    Can it be A B without C?

    No,but otha half retaliate later

    fully powered like navigator

    to see who'z inner-greater

    can 'A" which is me be instigator????

    If not,excuze me,than who iz me...




  11. Child Abuse some serious shyt..This actually alters

    Youngsters mind in their Adulthood.Body scars and

    The Idea of being scared of getting whipped may

    later turn into some serious disorderness or some

    kind of phobia.In somalia We didn't really consider whippin the children was that serious

    More of just teaching them "Adaab" respect in otherwise.I'm kinda Glad my parents took the road to teaching me "Adaab".


    There is always another alternative to teaching the kids respect or adaab.

    Why do you see so many somali kids acting so bad and rude.

    This kids depend on whippin to show them the way.

    But if you ever took the time and tough them

    right from wrong maybe they might have used the

    common sense or responsibility.

  12. Aigh't..The problem here iz..Women have this Ideal Man that they been dreaming of ever sinse at the age of 3.They start to Imagin how he looks like,Skin tone,body form head to toe,and even how that man smells like.But than in reality thats not what they end up with. So what happens in that case ussually is the men they end up they try to find a relation between the guy in their dream and this man they end up with. If not all, they might just take like two catogory of that list and give them self some break by being on that long quest from the age of 3and take on the next best thing which is REALTy ofcource.And so here they are explaining every little bit of what they've dreamt of for god knows how long.


    See men are diffrent they settle on what they see..We do have dreams and desires ofcource,But we

    just pick on the next best thing, with out stressing, about "That Ideal soulmate shyt".


    Now tell me this Ain't true..Nomads..Speak

    Speak truly or forever behold ya silence..


  13. Mizz-Unique...You have my condolence.

    But I'm glad in way that you won't

    let that motha^%%$* slide,he'll continue to do the same shyt to some other families.

    See if you were In Minnesota, I'd Have my lawyer

    help you out,....


    Being somali is a god given gift...I take it for granted..

    If i wasn't somali...I'd still find my way around

    To being part of community... ;)

  14. Silenta-Sita



    instinct-poet....religious brother used to be players, u all had history my friend,,,so go get ur a** checked out

    Aigh't see, I'ma religious brotha..I knowz where my limits iz..Somethings are not worth testing..

    Strong faith,and killer instincts is what i live on...




    If the guy refuses the check up then he is hiding something, for example, Instinct-Poet


    Well, hey, this gurl right hurrr..don't seem to think so.....

  15. Kinda sad, I kinda knew Mohamed Salah From around the way.But yo regardless of Cab Drivers or not,I'me be there, this thing is getting really serious,Just Yesterday as I was Dinning At Safari Restuarant on Nicollet, Somali Cab driver Pulled in front Yelling to some of the somalis that happen to chit chattin in fron,saying"Help me get this guy out of my cab".There was big african american guy sitting in the back, refucing to pay. Well anyway, after he seen all the somalis sorrounding the cab, his consious kicked in he

    paid ofcource..But basicaly is a real hassle for the somali cab drivers, they're too easy going,this is a risky bussiness, well you either quit it or get well detailed with the damn job.Minnesota Gun laws is pretty good.Get a gun and carry it in your car nothing wrong with it..

    Or else maybe you shouldn't put your self in risky situation like that..

  16. Now, Hold on a second here..Why would you marry someone you don't trust.??



    You've got it bad.....

    I mean you gonna have hard time With brothaz like



    MaliKah...I don't know your end of the world,

    But here, We all are What you call chivelry.

    Tip a hat for a sista typa brothaz..

    But that don't mean we gotta take shyt,

    ya'll are abusing the rights of being gentlemen towards you..

    "Get tested", what the $%&** ..come on now..


    I'd take that as insult..

    I'm I sure of my self?..Damn Right I am...

  17. This is Incase you didn't read the front page!!!


    I though I re Start didn't wana

    waste much space so i Edited the old one..



    O.k, I guess i started all this..And i must ended

    Here is the "REAL THING"

    I promise....this is it.....


    Tommorow , August 9th @ Minnehaha Fallz


    Music=Live Dj, Volley ball,


    Water squirting...

    Anymore informations...priv'Me


    If you wanna have fun, suggestion, come there

    Is saturday what else could you be doing?

  18. Ameeena,..You know what..

    If You send your mailing address to My PM..

    I'll send it..



    Hey,,Mz..Flying Still, You getting married?

    In Minneapolis specially,Thanx for the Invito,

    I'll Be there..

  19. Stop the wonders on how the Nomads used to

    heal our people, they worked for most part.

    Either it was miracle or it was all in the mind.

    But some way or other happen to work..

    Hey Ilhaam,I never seen that,What part of somali you

    Koob dableh oo masaajo loo isticmaalaayo?

    War cusub...



    How about, The Xirsi part.that was common.

    I rem' seeing every youngsta in some of the hoods

    having them dangling on their neck or other parts.

    I seen a grown ass man at the somali mall wearing it

    I asked him is that a fashion statement or your still Enrolled Dr.Whatwashisname's presciption..

  20. Shall I compare thee..

    the defiance which is me...

    thus far misery has set free..

    Intinct which has came to existence..

    way before,"To be Or not To be".

    Macbeth. "Fair is foul, and foul is fair:

    Hover through the fog and filthy air:"

    Carefuly swift more scenes seem real nightmare

    ya mind body and soul can't hardly bare

    Oh where art thou?Thou thy here

    wonders upon "That Gurl right Thurr"

    this is classic english i push back centuries

    old memories flying remedies

    more of these thus's and thee's

    Hamlet.. "I'll cross it, though it blast me. Stay, illusion!

    If thou hast any sound, or use of voice,

    Speak to me:

    If there be any good thing to be done,

    That may to thee do ease and grace to me,

    Speak to me:"

    Or Compare thee........

  21. Here is mY late Congratz...Ladiez..I know you will.

    And I hope ya'll remmember who this is...

    If you don't..Well hey...

    Quik, Clue..Libaax'z Wedding..In London..

    Anyway,, Hope you Except My late Congratz..