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  1. captive..good post...


    New yr Resolution..For the first time in my

    life i finally find the road that i wana fallow

    it's been hard and rough,

    As of january a new journey stars, a new semester, and hopefully more focused me..

    I am a capricorn, with load on his shoulders..

    In another words,the b-day is on this saturday..

    gettin older gotta change gears for the better and be smarter

    let hope concur,and so hopefully i can reach further..

  2. Thanks for sharing the story.The tragic that has

    happen has really touched us somewhat of a way

    I believe few weeks after it has happen

    I was told that there could have been relative of

    mines who'm is similar age to the young man on

    the article who has went through difficult times

    was told the easiest way to enter Europe was

    through this egypt canal, well I guess that was

    the last our family has heard from him, is been 6-

    7 months now. is believed now to be dead..Sad as

    it seems I wonder why people

    risk their lives for such thing as "Western Dream"

    If they'd really known what i know.......Such move

    wouldn't been neccesary..



    One World

    One Kind

    One Soul

    One Man

    One Heart

    One Love...

  3. Exquisite.........


    Dear Somalia...


    For is been so long,I don't really know how to

    start this,but i'll try so here it goes.

    Mother somalia how i've missed you so much

    no words can explain the feelings in my heart

    but i want you to know as i write this sincere letter

    there is a tear drop in my eye, that won't stop

    drippin like leakage in a foccet,and those blind

    to my side can't really see why i cry

    I just tell them, "there is something in my eye".

    They won't understand, so i have to lie.

    I know that a man ain't supposed to cry,

    but these tears I can't hold inside.

    Mother when i left, i didn't have much memory

    and the once i have are primerly scary

    i try not to think of it so much.

    Despite the scary thoughts i still have good

    dreams about you, the sand and the land that

    expand so much and can't be reach by one single hand

    and ooh how i liked the view by the sea side

    your breath taking shores that pumps in and out

    like a heart beat chorus.

    god knows I missed you sooo much

    you brightened up for me all of my days i've been

    away from you.

    You are so strong, for taking such a beating

    i admire you for that

    It won't won't be long till we are re-united again

    be patient with us,like ostriches we got our head

    in the ground

    it won't be there forever..


    See you soon.


    Your beloved.J....(Instinct poet)

  4. Emotional..The worse Emotional a Human can prolly

    experiance is when some one so close passes away..

    Mine was when my pops past way,Cried internally

    tears turned into salt so much pain comfort

    couldn't overcome it,so much pain wished i'd gone

    with him....


    Physical..It has to be when i dislocate it my

    shoulder past summer at the "skyhigh Annual

    picnic" damn, it was painful..but i kept my



    Mental,..The thought of my country men being

    wreckless and elders not communicating right

    still hurts my head, Ouch!!!, I wish i could some

    how overcome this headache, can't cuz, no one can

    see my inner pain, and what drives me insane

    inside this cool frame,there is a lit torch of flame.....


    pain=experiance there is no feeling great or even

    like it....

  5. Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning.

    I was just sitting at my desk reading an article

    about Aids,as i was reading on something had

    cought my eye saying, 71% off AIDS patients

    are Africans?Now damn, I mean that alot of

    africans dying, of this desease, oddly enough

    this desease wasn't known to african beyond the the

    eighties, i mean,Come on now, this desease began in USA to Homosexual,

    but doesn't strike you funny

    that all deseases root from africa, all bad things are

    born in the richland of Africa, Could it be true

    That Africa is the mother of all deseases,

    the only countinent with Billion langueges.

    Didn't mean to spin off topic,but

    Whats Going on?!!!!

  6. Need i say more.

    I guess i should get and Oscar for the show i put on.

    Cuz my roles aren't so simple.

    I take three steps at a time,

    See i know the script well and have studied it naturally,

    Like chess i can for see the the moves.




    But good try sophist, I guess in your eyes you see such plays....Happening

  7. Shukri--->subtitled..English...


    Make sure you see it, it's really good..


    And Ms.Flying Still..First Happy eid, secondly,

    The movie is playing @ theatre in Minneapolis,

    Exact directions is


    Take Hiawatha(Same one to our yrly picnic's) to 38th st right on 38th st-->go down for about 6 to 8 blocks, you can't miss the theatre, is gonna be on your right hand..

    Get there before, 11:30 pm, show..

  8. Good,morning,afternoon and evening.

    Has anyone by anychance, seen the movie Rajo.

    Made by one of the new school producers?


    I'd seen it just last night, was just good,..

    I mean the best somali movie i've seen so far..


    Extremely funny/Dramatic/ and and some what of all titles.Gave a thumb up like Ebert*..


    Just wanna say congrats to the film producer Abdisalan Atto for taking the extra step..

    to entertain the somali community.,And also thanx for the tickets reserved for me and my Fam..



    And for you people that havent seen it haven't seen it. see it..


    And soundtrack is off the chart.. as well...


    Much love... 2003rajomnpls.JPG

  9. Hey..Nice poem..Ms Flyin still..

    Thorugh out, floetry exquisite..


    Deadly Vission>>

    Woman was made from the rib of man. She was not created from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be stepped upon. She was made from his side to be close to him, from beneath his arm to be protected by him, and near his heart to be loved by him"

    I can't find that Aayat in the qur'an..

    Or is it hadith,..Plz Elobarate!!!

  10. Ramadan kariim to all of you...


    I just wanted to share this article that i was

    fallowing for about three days,now.

    It's a sad incident that took place in st.Paul Minnesota

    where a 15yr old somali youth was shot in the back

    by a security guard whom suspected the boy stealing a car,

    and that isn't the saddest part of all

    after spending 24 hours in critical situation

    doctors found that the boy is forever paralyzed from weist down

    security officer was released after spending few

    hours in jail..More on this article. Please click Here...

  11. I was loughing at this posts,

    See i like traveling back in time..

    to read my own posts..

    This was one i was loughing at..

    My lil, bro..Ten-J..Put it nicely,, done..

  12. Dr.Bishaar, Hmm ..Never heard of him..However,

    If this article is fact than it is indeed intresting....

    But anyway his in Mogadishu, I guess no one

    Can do anything about it.Lawless land of somalia

    where else can he not plead guilty?

    Almost everyone has killed some one or

    have seen some one killed so is no longer suprising or such a shocking story in mogadishu.

    All i can say is, leave him to god..


    Salaamz And Ramadan Karim*