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  1. My Body throws,My mind flows,Combined Both

    You get instincts Woes'


    Like that black cat that walks back forth

    I'm due north

    For what is worth

    I'ma let you in first

    I was poeticly gifted at birth

    I remmember my first Verse

    I read it to my nurse

    My thoughts were natural force

    Of Natures source

    I was to curse

    and ofcource

    My mind is span off course

    I had a remorse

    Back track to rehearse

    I got the stiffness of a crazy horse

    At the moment i write for the worse

    Put it in reverse

    to get the best verse

    My heart to reimburce

    What my mind disperse

    is a deep converse

    My body immerse

    Into leap treverse

    Combine Both you get the heroic verse,

  2. Thanx for clicking on the topic,

    However, My intentions was how do we know

    we are somalis anymore.The people that had beautyfull

    yet unique facial feature, with Rich religion,rich culture, Poor in social, but very understanding indaviduals.I just read an article on somali guy

    that lives here where i'm from Minneapolis Minnesota,has the typical somali name ,this guy is really amazing,so amazing that he might amaze you, click here to reead the article,Are you Somali??


    After reading the article what are thoughts

    that came to your mind,?

    Go on ahead have your opinionz.

  3. Yeah i heard about it,The authorities think she is

    a somali at the age 18 or older, no identities is

    being revealed yet.Somali community are yet to have learn

    the danger of being in country that anything is

    possible.But keep your people close, specially for

    you minneapolis people.

  4. DreamLover, thanx, it'z not many timez you see a

    person admit to something that really touched them,

    personally, I felt that poem,hope my heart took that consideration.

    For that reminder, i'm thankful,deeply.


    MUSLIMAH thatnx for this blessing thread

    keep us reminded of our purpose and not loose

    our deen for our culture has faded away like

    colors of an old cloth.



    DEADLY VISSION, thanx for special piece too,i read it twice, mixed feeling, and flying images took me

    in storm and shook me like i just got back from a

    rollercoaster ride, while i was in the same position.I like a poetry that really putz in a maze and wonder.That was really healthy though, For real.Thanx








  5. Beautiful job. both of you,

    Great start and excellent ending,

    Complex Mind,


    Good respond Ms,Word,You had me drawn in to them

    words, swimming in it, and ofcource i enjoy it.


    Poets, see the world diffrent angles, only

    if the audience really felt them,

    than the world would be better place.

  6. Basic,Speak through rhyme'




    starting with name of the supreme

    I step in a scene

    where poets comin clean

    is obscene,traped in dream

    white all around high beam

    shinin' bright and a gleam

    like my name is hakim

    from extreme dream team

    should've seen the inner theme

    had it locked, like saddams regime

    dark scheme inside of me

    was lost lust couldn't redeem

    my two brothaz kareem and Ibrahim

    are two Apposite gene

    one is fourteen

    and the other eighteen

    One "ehlu deen"

    the other not seen

    one is lean

    the otha lazy prik teen

    one dine'z at chinese cuisine

    and one @ corrine'feild bean

    one fein for caffiene

    the otha on some nicotine

    with no vaccine

    weird routine

    but though one common scheme

    they both convene

    is thing about the color green

    and they both wear blue jeans

    they both respect me,i'ma mean machine

    I knock out like, i'm in'A thrilla in manilla scene

  7. Human's Humanz, Human


    Humanzs are decietful

    Humand are embraceful

    Humans are me An you

    Humans are not all true

    Human are weird creature

    Humans don't live the feature

    Humans live for the moment

    Humans are difficult

    Human are not peaceful

    Humans are caring sometimes

    HUmans are cold hearted Othertimes

    humans Are breathing most times

    Humans live less most times

    Humans are devided

    Humans are 7even colors

  8. S.I.N

    is dissaster all in Mind,Choices taken



    After hearing, what my 'Deadly Vission'told me,

    My head is spinning, My mind is loosing it,

    all I hear is whisper of"Someone Is Nervous,

    It's Abvious,

    Calmed insanity self war nausious

    Not really, I'm on the edge of right and wrong, Trying find my path of where i belong,

    allah, if ya can hear me Soul In Need.

    I proceed, fallow"your heart can lead",

    Not knowing the outcomes,

    I never walked in building not knowing how to get out,

    I move on cleverly and see what this all about,

    Can't keep my silence for long so i let all out

    These Secrets If Narrated, Truth be told, no respect is earned

    Just lessons learned, another state of mind, teen

    To brag is the necotine,fein for prob's

    sorry, no tear drop's Saida Idil Naima,

    did you bad, get ya pen and pad,

    note this feeling is sad, all is lost

    Self Insured No'more

    Mind locks sliff's hardcore

    Sweet talked you like kenny lattimore

    1,2,3,4 had you on the floor

    rubbing against stairs and bathroom door

    is all in matter of choice

    Silic Iyo Naxariis

  9. Thank you all,...

    I come in here, when i find that moment

    of freedom,that takes me to a diffrent world.

    A nomad world, were love is shared

    between people of somali descendant.

    We try to make whats left of home in here

    in another case this is our next domicile.

    However,words don't really express feeling as much,

    But, still the powerful impact behind the words and

    thoughts of the author is what drives it to be

    so real and sometimes felt by those who can "RELATE".


    MZ-Alpha-Soup Nicely written words you got there.

    Maybe your nick' can be Mz-Alpha-Poet,just a thought.!!


  is it..

    When you learn to die..for a living..

    Living just to die..

    These life-lines..seem written..’s borrowed time..

    So many thoughts in mind..

    But on the surface..deeply hidden..

    Never understood the purpose..

    Got me thinking..this is intended..

    Bad me nervous..

    Hydro keep me centered..

    Thought process..rendered..or enchanced..

    Can’t call it all..

    From my front-line window..I glance..

    I see em’ fall..

    Before there wasn’t even..a chance..

    It’s more then fate..

    .."It’s ’life..or something like it"..

    We strive in maintain..

    Till we become who we were..

    And not disguising pain..

    Till better livin..for life it's self ..

    But somehow...we survive the rain..

    Perfectioned with huricane..

    Now wechoose the ‘lane’

    ‘Fast’ everything..equal fast endings..

    Which slows the progress...

    Now you left..with weaker beginnings..


    The story never changes..

    like game has it's players....

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

  10. lol, najmah..03

    your on your way to be the queen of all weirdoz.


    Well,O.k,You guys Did you see these new minivan ads? All they talk about are cup holders, kiddie seats and doors. What kind of advertising is that? When you see an ad for a suit, do they say, "And look at the zipper! Carefully hidden, but easily accessible when you need it!"


    Now the other commercials,they show you how detergents take out bloodstains, a pretty violent image there. I think if you've got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash.


    And why the hell is it illegal to park in a handicapped parking space but okay to go the bathroom in a handicapped stall?they should ticket me on the toilet too,"here is $200 ticket for taking shyt on the wrong seat"



    Have you ever noticed that the waiter who takes your order is not the one who brings your food anymore? What is THAT about? And which waiter are you tipping, anyway? I think that next time I go to a restaurant I'll just say, "Oh, sorry, I only eat the food. The guy who pays the bill will be along shortly."

  11. My Random thoughts Are really weird, I never knew

    how to or when to express them.But since Pyro_pixie brought it up, I'ma share them with ya'll..


    First of all,What's with the people who put carpeting on the lid of their toilet seat? What are they thinking -- "Gosh, if we have a party there may not be enough standing room; I'd better carpet the toilet too."


    Secondly,What's with this weird hotel custom of leaving a piece of chocolate on the pillow? I awoke thinking my brain had hemorrhaged some sort of fecal matter.


    thirdly,Why do people give each other flowers? To celebrate various important occasions, they're killing living creatures? Why restrict it to plants? "Sweetheart, let's make up. Have this deceased squirrel."


    And,Why do they call it a "building"? It looks like they're finished. Why isn't it a "built"?


    Did you ever notice, when you are sitting at a red light, that when the person in front of you pulls up a couple of inches, you are compelled to move up too? Do we really think we are making progress toward our destination? "Whew, I thought we would be late, but now that I am nine inches closer,I can finnaly get to safari restuarant, for some bariis and hilib.


    Isn't it weird that we drink milk, stuff designed to nourish baby cows? How did THAT happen? Did some cattleman once say, "Oh, man, I can't wait till them calves are done so I can get ME a hit of that stuff,


    Would somebody please explain to me those signs that say, "No animals allowed except for Seeing Eye Dogs?" Who is that sign for? Is it for the dog, or the blind person?


    Well, hey that all my odd thoughts, add on if you got some too......

  12. First i would take axe and start chopping heads off at

    rinkeby neighborhood than go about finding starlight and sthlm_lady chase them around a little and

    when i'm tired, i will think about finding a solution

    to bringing peace on on the somali sand

    maybe i would bring peace with war and more bloodshed,

    by killing all the somali elderly,i speak this

    way becouse i lost all hope.Hope has became another whisper in desperate situation

  13. Oh,so much mind been exposed

    Is wriiten incrypted horrorcore post

    My presence is needed as a host

    Exclaiming mystic lyricism and dispelling ignorance,

    A cultivated lyricist expelling innocence

    Prevailing though illiterateness brilliance is exhibition

    I never write a rhyme with preconceptions

    manifesting conceptions exuberating this essence

    blessing your presence with a message of divinity

    Consider me, that poet of sentence creativity

    Rhymes penetrate and re-enovate your mental state

    Instigate and stimulate, obliterate then innovate

    like i said,i'm here to educate and relate

    Systematically ventilate i never imitate,

    Attain arty landscapes and start to decorate

    Its evident im setting precedents considered classic,

    Instigating rhyme sessions, Packs believes in magic

    Oh,is systematic and romantic

    tha primo couldn't been a

    any cleaner with beamer like haseena

    shoulda seen'a sort like ameenah

    twisted lemon with foriengh name like nina

    cold core drinking cofe' with out cream'a

    the art telepathy used in this session

    without any hesitation

    I can foresee the deeply deadly vission

    appeared submereged,opticals blurred

    sound so absurd,never seen or heard

    breaking in two seas msWord

    sickly picky like pyro-pixie

    identity sexy ,atttude complexy

    frantic frenzy

    behind dark shade in a benzy

    is me the the gifted poet+ry..

    Write below me

    so we can all be

    the team ExPresSivel+y

  14. I got this topic from Oprah winfrey show,those of you in the states know what i'm talking about,

    it gave me and Idea,to ask my fellow nomads

    to kinda relate.Anyway, what is the Best thing that you ever spent money on?


    The best thing i ever spent money on,or invested, was>> i lend a $100 dollars to relative with bad habit "Balwad" i haven't seen him ever sinse,

    so it was probably worth it.Good investment right.

    I wish i could pay everyone to disappear.

    Tell me the best money ever spent by you??

  15. been couple of dayz, Haven't seen or been to SOL.

    But tonight, Reality struck and wouldn't let go

    But my mind still sets me free.

    and puts me back in this position

    determined to write again in the poetry session

    word expression is my obsession,I give my recitation

    so we can relate and have the same objection

    critical and confucing subliminal mind state hit you from every direction

    like,taking everyturn and still find ya self in the same intersection...

    Fallow me..

    This way please,,,,



    Brainwashed, made little effort to get the stains off

    Blood soaked hands that people made their fame off

    Maimed at a cost of poverty, praying for daily bread

    This iggnorance is ignored, given a new name instead

    A sub-culture, people who aren't,"they don't belong"

    Pushed into corners, through pride they stay strong

    Unity, a brother-hood, a culture of tribal communities

    They see hatred an' say "Somali,goormee isgaraneysaa"

    To you and me it's easy, this whole life is a blessing

    truly though,get your head out of the cloud and see the scenery

    The seeds have to stand up and fight to get lessons

    Left in societies shadow, with no real body reflected

    Accept it, here in the west, no somali or black presidents will ever be elected

    Yepp!!you've been selected

    join all those thats been infected

    America's fetish for supremacy is telling me one thing

    ""You don't belong"yes, your culture becomes emiciated

    like pictures faded

    How can somali people say "nigga" one mintue...

    Then say "We follow Mohameds belief, we loved him"

    Its not just whites, its a global need to be the same

    Iggnorance is iggnorance, it doesn't need more names

    Lames and those disabled fight the same wars...

    They must have as much voice as 'you' right? Of course

  16. We are organizing the first large-scale and formally staged prayer service in Seattle, Washington for brother Mohamed Ismacil.


    If you are a nomad from the west coast of the

    United States (California, Washington, Oregon,

    British Columbia, Canada) or any of the

    sorrounding states, please take the time to come

    down to Seattle, Washington so we can make a

    collective dua for our brother Mohammed.

    This will also be get together special

    for just us, as a nomad family.It will also be

    one of the many get togethers that we had held in

    the past In London,UK,Minneapolis Mn.

    This will be held on the "LONG MEMORIAL WEEKEND"


    Address is to be posted yet...

    If you have comments or questions, don't hesitate, to write a priv to me.


    I will post more details about the service in the next 24 hours.

  17. Are we getting Close..

    I would say definetly yeah.

    Infact this is the only site,

    where i go to post topics or even write poetry.

    And get responses from friends or even my own family members who live diffrent parts of the world.

    so yeah this is the site.


    I met Brotha moxamed at a wedding in London

    where one of our nomad brotha from SOL was getting married.

    Where i shared almost half of the evening chating

    with him, Took some memorable pictures with the

    brother, Although i just met the brother one evening it feels as if i've known him

    for all my life, and his death cought me awkward way

    like i wasn't ready type of shock.

    His death ofcourse touched all of us ofcourse

    he was very nice brother."Illaahay jannada haka warraabiyo".




  18. Nice One S.O.S...Corrupted 52 states,

    you can foresee the truth?we could have used your

    telepathy help back in somalia, 15yrs ago, where

    were you?


    Hey, D.Vission, I liked them lines

    Ya know I always do.

  19. My Thread,

    My words,

    My Expression,

    My Heart,

    My Love,

    My Hate

    My Hunger,

    My River,

    My Rain,

    My Cloud,

    My Earth,

    My Moon,

    My Sun,

    My Universe,

    My Friend,

    My Girl,

    My Brother,

    My Sister,

    My Family,

    My Mother,

    My Own,

    My Mind,

    My Rhyme,

    My Line,

    My Sign,

    My Kind,

    My Shine,

    My Time,

    My Car,

    My Star,

    My Music,

    My This,

    My That.


    Please.Express ya self..Welcome to the world of word Freedom.

  20. Hey, Benovelent,I bet a freind at work to lick his Elbow, he got it.Damn, Some talent.Well yeah

    is too bad some guys arent like

    shrimps.Function & be emotional at the same time.

    That wouldn't work out too great...

  21. That was inspirational..

    Now,For some comical "WONDERS".



    Did you know It is impossible to lick your elbow. :eek:


    A crocodile can't stick it's tongue out.


    A shrimp's heart is in their head.


    People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze, your heart stops for a mili-second.


    In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand (or attempted to do so - apart from Bones.


    It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.



    On average, a human being will have sex more than 3,000 times and spend two weeks kissing in their lifetime.,Actually 10,000 times for somalis 1hour

    kissing in their life time.YipEz..


    More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.


    Rats and horses can't vomit.


    The "sixth sick sheikh's sixth sheep's sick" is said to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language.


    No human being can sneeze with their eyes open and if you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib.


    If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die.


    If you keep your eyes open by force, they can pop out.


    Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.


    In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere.


    The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.


    A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.


    In the course of an average lifetime you will, while sleeping, eat 70 assorted insects and 10 spiders.


    Most lipstick contains fish scales.


    Cat's urine glows under a black-light.


    Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different


    Over 75% of people who read this will try to lick their elbow.....

    (this one caught