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  1. I've heard of her, And her "Secrets" to help other.

    I like few things about her,SHe hid the fact that she was gonna get rich by falsely mis informing people.


    People like to be told how to make money and where to go to do that.


    Without actually thinking that no one will ever share a secrets on that

    There is no easy way to make money,

    take it from me,if not anyone.

    The recipe to wealth is Up early,work hard,Strike oil..

    THats it..

    You have to find your nitche in the world.

    Thats the same idea of lottery winners,

    They wind up where they left off.



    To my Brother who fallow the dream of

    Quixtar, PLease, quit, There is no such thing as diomond level...If you must just chase your own dreams..For they are only a dream....

    If you must chase anything...Be realistic, And chase possiblities that are rather more accomblishable..





    I think is currupt world.

    If a human being is doing things that are that

    extreme to another..

    It's insane how the guy takes knife cuts someones throat and than goes back to finish the job

    and the other guy holding him.. sure this isn't done on on video microsoft easy vid?


    Whats with the other guys saying Allahu Akbar..

    Are they muslims..I'm not so sure if have the same faith as them..Wallahi..

  3. Blue...long time no heard..

    i like the moving Oreo.. :D


    Role playing...

    Very cocky...





    Do what it do...Whenever is due...




    Smile is Priceless

    for everything else there is....



  4. Do we have any swedish speaking Nomads in here,

    If so can you assist me on this article...

    My nephew sent this via email to me...

    Article regarding something somalis living in sweden..

    I did interview with this writtr guy from Sweden a while back

    and he wrote this article in his language, so i kinda wanted to find out what the hell he was

    researching for about somalis and what he said??


    Help...Click here/.... Thanx

  5. O?M?G..


    how come you know lyrix?

    lol..atleat remembered?


    didn't went sum close 2dis

    kuun kuun lamina

    lamina tabaaraka..

    my childhood memories aren't upto date..



    how about gariir?

  6. Hi guys,

    Sorry i haven't been able to write back to all of you

    I've been extremely bizzy,with the new Restaurant

    opening up and doing catering all around town.

    The thing is americans live off the tv, after

    that brief segment,people have been flocking

    from every part of town to come and eat that

    single dish,funny.


    Thank you guys, and my lil'bro ten-J thanx for

    posting that on Youtube looks great,


    About the recipe Ideas, I am willing to share

    with you all or any thing, From Pre-marinating

    to prepin your vegatable and to it's finnal

    presentation of ready to serve.When your trying

    to Impress your wife/ husband/ family/ freinds now

    you have a freind who can help.Think of me.


    The perception of African food isn't quite

    welcoming in the west,maybe of the whole

    continent of Africa it self.Africa is the largest

    continest with the most divesrsed cultures,

    yet how could the mindsets of the west be all the same about Africa?


    Just somalia alone has over 200 n' plus dishes and

    influences,so imagine all of the African countries.


    Somali Food is the only food in the world that

    has influences ranging from Middle

    eastern,Italian,Indian and also African,

    Imagine the fusion!

    Soor in somali is also called Ugali in east

    Africa and Fufu in most West african countries,

    So we somalis do with it is serve it as breakfast

    with Caano Ciir ah, with sligh Sugar

    mostly practiced for (Suxuur) in the Rammadan

    either for lunch with Costo iyo Hilib Ari or

    Suqqar iyo *Suugo Which is Italian Origin,

    Bariis Isku Karis also Known as Baryanni In India

    Spices can be cinnamon,lemon pepper, ginger,

    paprika, garlic, ground coriander, cumin,


    In addition,

    The Basic Idea of our Venture is to provide a

    the best Gourmet Somali Platters available on

    the planet.Food is something to embrace and have

    a wow at it,I have somalis that approach me and

    say "Hey Your Food is not somali, Than i asked

    them tell me what Somali food is?If they can't

    answer that,I take the courtesy and time to

    educate them,or even maybe take them to the

    Kitchen(not likely)if insisted.


    Anyway long talk made short

    We have an amazing food as people

    the world needs to smell it and enjoy it

    and we need to embrace it.

  7. Who said somali men can't cook?

    Anyway i remmember northerner asking me to post

    this so i did.


    This one was for you...

    LAYZIEG..Here is that dish...

    And to those of you that have voted on the past

    segment of The Minneapolis City Pages,

    Thank you.

    Well watch the Video from this morning

    and let me know what you think..thanx..

    Check out the flag to my right..

    thats alot of love..


    Cooking Somali Style<---Click here

  8. Kashafa,Thanx.

    And about your question,

    Honestly In success you must be ready for trial and errors,

    this is what seperates strong from weak,

    you have to learn to adapt,

    it is a difficult task,you'll find your self self in positions that have no way out options,

    fatigue is just another word Being a restaurantuer.

    You face a constant challenge a battle against all odds

    because dealing with food is the hardest you fight the same war everyday

    which is Cost>>more often than any which flactuates,Health, Which is number one priority,

    food contamination can accur in any moment

    wether it is the way you thaw your chicken

    to how you prep you mixed vegetables ,ofcource i had to attend a class for all of that.

    And Consistncy Another problem most start up restaurants have,Food has to taste the same everyday all day,Employees jobs besides working for you

    is to mess up,and that they will do gladly,

    and how you respond to it is another issue,

    If you ever compromise in a restaurant bussiness

    thats the day you basically decided your faith in

    the bussiness.

    I think being a restaurantuer is one of the hardest proffesional jobs besides a Nasa station manager.


    My opinion,Challenge is what motivates the Body and Mind to perform phenominal.


    Northerner,I will, inshallah,

    you never know,Maybe Cad Iyo Caano,

    HOnestly Bro, i think we gonna do

    one of our famous dishes,

    The CHicken FantasTik...


    The recipe' will be posted on the website as well.





    THats another thing,

    Service, I love my custumers

    I call them my guest,

    Theyre the reason why i'm in bussiness

    so Value their opinions and ofcource

    the way they feel when they

    set a foot in or out of my door.