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  1. many of you have heard of it, about some false abductory,some girl commited on march 27th, Now the funny thing is why would some on do that, i mean, this girl when all out like, she read the forecast, bought knife,duct tape robe, to make it look like,some one really wanted her, and went to the woods, as funny as it seems, she came back to

    her dorm(room in college) to get food and or what ever else, to use the internet,I'll let you read the story......



    MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) -- Police who spent two days and tens of thousands of dollars investigating an abduction report that led nowhere are defending their decision, saying ignoring the woman's claims could have left the city at the mercy of a kidnapper.


    On Friday, two days after police found the sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Madison unhurt in a swamp.


    More than a hundred e-mails came in to the department from people around the country, wondering how Audrey Seiler could have misled detectives, said Larry Kamholz, a spokesman for the department.


    "We can't take the chance that there's somebody still out there loose," he said Friday. "Suspicion [of a false report] was there, but we didn't have enough to confirm that."


    Police, along with family and friends, spent 3-and-one-half days looking for Seiler, 20, who disappeared March 27.


    After she was found, Seiler told police she had been held captive for four days by a man with a knife. Officials found a knife, duct tape and rope Seiler said her abductor used to restrain her, but couldn't find the man.


    On Friday, Assistant Chief Noble Wray said Seiler had never been abducted. He pointed to evidence including a videotape that showed Seiler buying the knife, duct tape and rope before she disappeared, witnesses who saw her walking around town freely and a search of her computer that revealed local maps and forecasts.


    City officials had estimated that the case could cost at least $70,000, but Mayor David Cieslewicz said Saturday it could be higher.


    Still, the mayor said police did what they had to do.


    "They needed to treat this case as an abduction," he said.


    Kamholz wouldn't say whether investigators will refer charges to prosecutors.


    Seiler's uncle, Scott Charlesworth-Seiler, read a statement Saturday saying that Seiler has gone through a "difficult and terrible ordeal" and that her family and friends are concerned about her.


    The family's lawyer, Randy Hopper, who prepared the statement, declined to comment further.


    The Rev. Greg Fairow of Calvary Lutheran Chapel, a campus ministry, said her father told him Seiler was hospitalized...




    Comments welcomed....

    dumb criminals...

  2. Mr Gentleman..Thanx..for letting us know..

    I just felt like, no one ever talks about

    The world and it's harshness,I'd like to freeze and

    frame good and bad moments, and just reminisce when i'm 60+ moments.

    Life.. too fragile maan.



    Beautiful,Sis-I dig them lines.

    Where freedom is preached and constraint is practiced,

    Where jails are filled and mosques emptied,

    Where hate and anger is taught and love and sex is exploited

    Where the ignorant lead and the wise follow

    Ain't that just how it is..Hunh! make you wonder...

    A Bitter and twisted world… A world I’d rather not reside in

    True.not worth praising it....

    nice over all...

  3. israel-mosque.jpg

    One morning, After i awoken with shocking dreams

    I looked out, Seemed like bright day so..


    i decided to take walk about,for there was so much in my head,this might help me ease it, but than again..


    I find my self in a awkward position,like i had my head up against the wall or something,..



    I'm walking on narrow road with no exits..

    Why i'm I the only one feeling this way..i wished every one possessed

    the same vission as me,to block it i tried opticles

    but this weren't for me..

    Need i say more?Man is sickening sometimes,when there is no one tell this to,and when i try to explain,


    I feel like a naked kid in front of audiance

    no words come out,in state of silence..


    As you can see my window to life is f#cked up...

    See i don't care if any of you listen,


    cuz i feel like old man telling the same stories,

    and no one knows the burden this man carries..

    Stresses me.Why sometimes


    when i look into the faces of the africans i see hunger, fear, and all of sudden feel near

    sympathetic and sincere, kills me wallahi

    I ain't lying to you

    this is me really being honest and true

    it said many many men have tried but few

    can see through lifes distructions view

    hunger and pain, holdin my stomach as it stumbles

    like rapturing volcano, but at the end,can No'

    one see why, it is the way it is....

  4. brokenwindowUK.jpg

    Is like a looking through a shattered window,

    i can't make out the image..

    I wanna ask a question>>


    What happen to joy of life?


    even the monks got guns now?


    What happen where are the men.?


    If both sides are afraid to die,than why are they fighting.?


    Is like digging your own grave,waiting beside die..



    Our views are distorded,too late to abort it

    brought a camcorder just to record it..

    When is all over I'll be there... for it

  5. gunman.jpgHamas-militants.jpgman-walking.jpg

    Through lifes roads, walking through Mud..

    "will" make it through...but than again..



    War on Beliefs...more never ends...


    More woman become widowed..


    More kids are orphaned...


    is painfull,Like pulling a truck with(Get the point)..

  6. 2004 e-Nuri Social Engineering Labs

    We Attack Problems, Not People



    Well very amusing subject,however the idea of marrying some one older has never been the problem

    it was the idea of marrying some you can relate with.

    It isn't really too bright to say i wana marry someone older but rather someone to understand.

    To me in reallity it seems i can't find any relation with any female older than me in 5yrs

    becouse lack of understanding one another.

    Come'on be realistic, what i'm i gonna say to 40yr old women, "Hi can we hold hands". :eek:

    anywho'so as long as you keep it in the range(5yr diffrence) you would be in safe box but anything

    beyond or under, your on Ultimate adventurious Ride.

    don't get ahead of your self, nor get behind

    just keep it in the range...

  7. Isn't it insane though...

    My nephew got fired from camp

    Late 8 times, last couple of weeks,..

    Well another sad story...


    Garab Tuujiye, Safari restaurant doesn't

    Help on tranportations man..

    They just please empty stomacch's...


    Yo Malaika....I think you should have your own somali focused Bus services named..

    "Xiin Faniin, At your service,where would you like to got today"

    $10 dollar a ride..any where in twin cities"

    Shuttle vans...


    Ps..This is scary..Alot of walking in twin cities..

  8. It'z getting crazy out here..

    Raula, yeah i've been else where besides minneasota.I lived in VA before this place,but damn never with out the transportation.

    This shyt ain't right..The whole city is walking..

    But i know one thing,Somali cap drivers are happy

    Working over 16 hours a day,...

  9. I've met alot of people

    this is the list of the my "metz"....





    libaax sankataabte




    Malaika(I think)





    lady fatima




    Xafsa..(Changes names like chammeleon changes colors)

    .And more..I can't remmeber..

    But would love to meet every positive person in here...

    I've met several more people i can't name

    at the poetry club thats held every sunday

    In minneapolis..downtown...

    stop wishing and saying i wish i could meet him and her

    come out and just take part in the activities...

    libaax-Sankataabte was there past sunday so was alot of others...



  10. strikeheader.gif


    I don'tknow if alot of you have noticed lately in minneapolis

    But there hasn't been no buses for over two weeks!!

    And i've been giving ride to all of my relatives and their freinds and family and excetra,

    I'm really tired, cuz is all valuntary and shyt

    but it has taken all of the patience out of me.

    pick him up up,drop her off,take her to work,give his wife a ride,take his son to schoool..F#$&@*

    o.k..It's getting to me though..but i'm calm...yo

    The funny thing is "No single bus" around ANYWHERE

    Except school buses..

    Damn i say bad luck to those who depend on them,

    and also bad luck to those that drive as well

    cuz they'll be carpooling for a while..


    What are your thoughts fellow Nomads in Minneapolis bus situation..

  11. Memories a bit too sweet but for same, it is

    testless to spit out. Not have i seen the sun picking out from the north nor will i see a Imigrants imigrating back to they land or nor will

    ye go back from memories.


    I hope it could relate to you!!!!!!

    nice work 1.

  12. lol..I know what your talking about..

    We did some what of this kind..In my high school

    Psychology class.back in 5 or 6 yrs ago.We came to find out my teacher

    was 4degrees from Hitler..I was six degrees from

    kevin bacon..


    O.k six degrees from rageh omar?

    basicly i'm gonna close the chain.

    My brothers wife's brother's wife is a first cuzzin to rageh omar.. simple

    5 degrees from rageh omar..

  13. Originally posted by Xaawo_Xaaji:

    my eyes were teary for a moment in time

    i'm looking at my sisters and brothers on the front lines

    bones showing from no food on their chest

    eyes weary from endless worries n' no rest

    they lyin' on the streets wit no one to protest

    no one to attest

    i ask My Savior Allah is this a test?

    How do we pass tho?

    How do we get an A+ and make it a past ago?

    It Seems so


    We all blind-folded when it comes to Somalia

    a lost cause when it comes to Somalia

    Savages at it again when it comes to Somalia

    Human rights at its worst when it comes to Somalia

    Qabiil is AIDS when it comes to Somalia

    That was beautiful,no the word i'm looking for

    is Exquisite...

    Since your pretty good at this,

    I wanna Invite you to our poetry nights


    On every sunday night 7pm-to-10pm.

    Even if you don't wana share peices

    you can come listen to others share theirs.



    Ps.Keep writing ,for only pen and paper is now better than any other way you can express your self.

  14. Who I'm I..

    I'm the man that fought against the Ethiopian

    Many recall my poetry and many recall my heroic acts

    My horse had nick name for it was fast,they called it "Xiin Faniin"..


    Who i'm I..?>

  15. You prolly asking what the hell this all about..

    First of all,This is to say I will no longer be writing in Somaliaonline or anywhere else.

    In a good way,We have started a poetry club in

    Twin cities,And that is where i will be sharing most of my writings.

    It will be taking place @ Eat street launge

    On every sunday 8pm t0 10:30pm.first opening will be on this sunday,free admissions, everyone is welcomed. It will be club towards young people of somali descendants,however like i said everyone is welcomed.

    alot of poets gonna be coming here to share their

    inspiring piece of work.


    If your from twin cities area, give me priv' i'll give

    you the 4.1.1(Info)..