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  1. No need to explain..Taagane Get a day job,

    Stop focusing on the little icon below your name.

    The way this site is set up is, for every one

    to feel home, and The Initail Nomad represent

    You've been loyal to the site.



    Admin.Place the intial "NACAS" on his name

  2. lol..


    Confucious topic..

    Like a broken pencil "Pointless"..


    Anyway, i was loughing at Deadly Vision,

    You crazy man,lol......

    Due 2masterbation,

    You in delusion lossin ya' dilution~

    Love is Hate, no debate, ur amusing~

    Ya'own private parts ur abusin~

    How confusin~?

    Last time I checked I was created 2bless what ur Bruisin~

    Aigh't we should put this in the joke area....

  3. lol..


    Confucious topic..

    Like a broken pencil "Pointless"..


    Anyway, i was loughing at Deadly Vision,

    You crazy man,lol......

    Due 2masterbation,

    You in delusion lossin ya' dilution~

    Love is Hate, no debate, ur amusing~

    Ya'own private parts ur abusin~

    How confusin~?

    Last time I checked I was created 2bless what ur Bruisin~

    Aigh't we should put this in the joke area....

  4. Negative yet funny...


    Masteexo sound like a sister who ain't been right with the men...

    She is been meeting the wrong one's all along.

    I think is about time aad meela kale fiiri sid

    jidkaa kusocotid buuro buu kaa tuurey

    I fahan hadii fahmidaada ey fiicantahay.

  5. Oh My funny sometimes,to find

    people you can relate with, Their words

    just exquisite,see past the explicit

    look close to the moral of the story.....

    Haseena, nice one, don't it feel good after

    you've written and expressed ya self.?


    I wish every one who visited could read the

    words of benovelent_beauty,Girl you hit the X mark

    many WILL relate, without a doubt..Thats only if they read and understood, metaphorz


    I wish that everyone could read between the lines

    You could post 100 times, and still get no replies

    Keep your pride, walk with your head held high

    Only time will tell the truth between the lies

    If you write for other minds, it's guaranteed you'll resign

    Or redesign your rhymes to climb

    Up the SomaliaOnline, ladder of success, don't stress over text

    Make sure you balance writtens with real express from the reality tests

    Appreciate good feedback, to earn respect, give respect

    Don't neglect eclectic sources of superb word play

    Hunger for Knowledge, and be careful about what you say

    Manifest word play everyday without delay

    Remember your just a voice,

    but simply avoid overused cliches and similies

    Always be yourself, and value your own identity

    Write relentlessly, placing emphasis on placement

    Develop some tough skin, and always stay patient ;););)



    ......Thank You Very much for that Piece benovelent, I took those words for granted...



    Haseena, welcome to the site as well, please

    write some more of your pottent

  6. I post this topic becouse, simply i wanted to say

    what anoyyed me so much,I know some of you don't

    care, which is cool,but think about it,do i really

    care what you think?? this is discusion to express

    ya self freely and i do love and cherish that very much.

    Thats why you gonna see me around here for a long time.


    Anyway the thing that bothers me today very much is,




    Communication between somalis in general is at




    yess, that means you him her, me.


    A problem with out a solution.......???

  7. Benovelent_Beauty.......


    Thats what i'm talking about...

    WhOa, W.A.R....


    One...let me see more......


    express ya mind..BENOVELENT,

    BEAUTY i like the cent of it

    try you thoughts to never let

    dry rust for permanent

    exercise to ever get

    the word play for the fun of it....


    nice piece.......



    .................NOMADIC EXPRESSIONZ..................

    If ya can't express ya self, than what you livin' for?

  8. My nomadic expressions.. ;) ha ha


    this post might be late

    but today i could not awake

    not fake, but in a lost state

    i often shake at the thought of what life will be like

    one day when i might lose my life or have a wife

    might she be somali? white?Black? Asian?

    my minds racin, all these thoughts and the waitin

    and contemplatin, i need some hard help with the cards dealt

    though friends listen, the problems are far from felt

    hard to tell and even harder to find someone to listen

    someone else wishin for a mission

    a cause to applaud

    I’d pull a pause outta my pocket and place it

    on the faces of the clanist

    to stop their hatred on the basis

    original origin and the color of their faces

    its tasteless how some treat others

    while some just wanna keep cover

    cause they know if they show themselves

    they might lose their life or somethin else

    we need to help this

    cause on day its gotta be dealt with



    One day.....................

  9. If saddam doesn't leave his people might sell him out..Sooner or later, the way i see it, saddam doesn't have the power to defeat USA,not only that

    he lacks the support of half of his people plus

    some of his own arab brothers.Personally if you can't beat anybody there is the option of giving

    up without sacrificing the lives of civilians.

    Don't take my comment wrong i'm in no way supportive of war or with "Bush". Don't get me wrong Saddam never provided any help to somalis

    when our country was under desperate measures.

    I feel i owe nothing to saddam, but however to

    those innocent muslims that are dying under

    the name "War casualties" i do feel sorry for

    and believe me i wish there was a way i can help them.thats ma'2cents...




  10. this is a story a friend shared with me,

    though i share it with my fellow nomads as well

    i was kinda supriced at it..

    just check it out.....




    Downtown bank robber convicted

    Abdi Ahmed, who was homeless, had hoped to go to Somalia, buy a house and get married, his lawyer told a court.


    By JENNIFER O'BRIEN, Free Press Reporter



    A bank robber who held two employees hostage at knifepoint in January was planning to take the money and run to Somalia, where he hoped to buy a house and get married.


    Abdi Ahmed, 22, pleaded guilty in Ontario Court yesterday to robbery and hostage-taking for the Jan. 24 incident at the Bank of Montreal at Dundas and Wellington streets.


    The robbery made headlines when bank manager Chris Coburn, asked Ahmed to take him as a hostage over the female employee he first tabbed.


    Ahmed walked into the bank shortly before noon, approached an employee, put a knife to her throat and began demanding $200,000 in exchange for her life.


    As others approached to help, Ahmed warned, "Stay away, I will kill her, I will kill her. I don't care if I die," Assistant Crown attorney John Forrester told the court.


    "He said, 'I'm not leaving until the bag is full,' " Forrester said.


    It was at that point that Coburn asked Ahmed to release the woman and take him instead, which the robber did, putting the knife to the manager's chest.


    Ahmed, who continued to demand money, received more than $5,000 until police arrived and asked him to put the knife down, the court was told.


    When Justice Edward McGrath asked Ahmed if the story was true, the accused replied it was for the most part.


    "But I told them I'm not going to hurt no one," the lanky goateed man insisted from the prisoner's box.


    The entire 25-minute incident was planned in desperation the night before, said Carolyn Ayre, Ahmed's lawyer.


    "He was homeless and needed the money," Ayre said. "He planned to move to back Somalia, buy a house and get married."


    The court was told that Ahmed had lived in London for 2 1/2 years before the incident. He is to be sentenced May 23 after lawyers complete a pre-sentence report.

  11. From, Minneaopolis MN--

    This place, Is the bomb..

    Thats it...Don't take my word for it





    Thats for that,And now,

    Why i didn't like London!!!


    London was basically fisrt of all too damn Big

    If you went south of london,thats one day, it

    takes another day to get to central london.


    I didn't like the fact you had to put money to

    use public restrooms,and the fact that the electricity

    goes out in middle of the day, and you have to go recharge it at the end of the block,

    Damn, little streets small cars

    too many people on the sidewalk all at once.

    3million somalis only 2,000 hold a job

    my trip to london was crappy as hell for me..

    good experience though..


    But i didn't regret beautiful woman i met while i

    was there..




  12. I agree with most of the people in here-

    except nasra,Terrorism in my definition

    means creating fear on people,by using force and

    showing how much power you have over them.Today the only people that fit in my discribtion is , "USA".


    Therefore USA is creating fear around the world.

    So U.S Is considered terrorists in my book.



    My calogne set is crazy,

    I got diffrent colonge set

    for diffrent seasons or timings,

    for example, Calm night with suit or just dressed UP, i'd wear.. alfred Dunhill Desire


    Day with white sneaks and just jeans Bulgari Original Blue..


    a day with that special someone Alfred Dunn's "Hei"


    at work or any other particular day Romance ralph lauren



    Thats about my set,


    I guess by my favorites i like spicy clolonge sets..

  14. Deadly Vision,I kinda felt that , gotta be honest,

    I was walking in your shoes for a minute.step by step, nicely done, from the head to page kept it real, from the start to the end.


    Good, One...........

  15. I'm feeling that prophecy vibe...let a brotha get his!!!


    In my future I can see the past repeating.

    A time when people only come out in the evening.

    A time when "F*ck you" is a greeting,

    you only win by cheating.

    little kids isn't eating,

    and the smog stops your breathin'.

    ...I'm sleeping with one eye closed,

    still in all my clothes,

    just in case somebody knows

    or doubts about the path that I chose,

    isn't so simple as I post

    But no - I'm still strugglin'.

    i'm not at home

    I got to use some judgement.

    ...little kids who need to be on punishment,

    can't- 'cauze parents will get vice-verse

    so kids continue curse

    at old women for the fun of it.

    Hard for me to stomach it.

    ever since my home plummeted,

    things changed so fast, where is government!!".

    nobody runnin' it.

    Someone shot a gun,

    too bad his brother got in front of it.

    The future just arrived, but it's too bad no one wanted it.

    Too late to abort it 'cause our views are distorted.

    I brought a camcorder to record it.....



    ---The future here now, keep your doors locked...



    .....My poetry possessions make an impression,

    Leave you thinkin n'stressin, take your mind into session, ....

  16. Yess, Is my thread, and yess, it is coming back to

    life as long as i live.I thrive to succeed, i

    drive to proceed what is now to be seen..

    My love for words never died,therefore i love

    my words. ;)



    the somalian race is racing but not looking to the destination

    think less the brain suffers from oxygen deprivation

    you infiltrated the desecration of my documentation

    so i changed the location as i underwent a revelation

    the implication led to none other than hesitation

    heart amputation from the comp' with emaculation

    emulation of the master, draw faster without intoxication

    using correct scientific notation and geometric postulations

    kids left in east africa run my rhymes through land mines with irrigation

    the evaluation of your rhymes resulted in pure irritation

    while i focus on conservation, you stick to consecration

    placed in heavy rotation, mind at an elevation

    every time i utilize representation in my recitation

    rhymes are regulation, end them with a dedication

    to weak hedz using replication, prescribe a meddacation

    of reincarnation or allocation

    maybe just try contemplation not manipulation

    mind feeling deterioration decreasing population

    careers available are janitation and sanitation

    because we lack the information provided through education

    played on radio stations across the nation by cocasianz

    frustration while on vacation from depletion of the rations

    layed down foundation relaxed through meditation

    forced to battle me yet your result was humiliation

    as i forced your whole persona to be defeated in illumination

    sticking to the ill-spacing, you concentrated on consumation

    of my material, which you attempted at duplication

    the penalty? incarceration, or maybe detonation

    screw emancipation, your whole civilization

    the weed destroyed motivation and may have caused immigration

    weak rhymes next to mine was the cause of contamination

    now you sitting at home in exasperation and desperation

    waiting for the next preparation for the celebration....

  17. O.k,,Never judge on coming artists poetry.

    I guess what you guys were looking for was a rhyme! of some kind.





    I'm tired of Hearing

    somali guys r'not loving


    I've been the moon to you when your days were doomed

    I was the last last energy when all hopes were deemed


    but'i guess somali guys R'not Romantic


    I walked to the end of the world

    to make you make you my girl


    But i guess somali guys R'not romantic


    Made you the other half of me

    You know how many girls would love to be

    what i made you,see


    But i guess somali guys R'not romantic


    I was the reason you woke early morning

    having nothing to worry smilling$yawning


    but'i guess somali guys R'not Romantic


    I held you tight,

    made you feel everything was O'right


    But i guess somali guys R'not Romantic


    made you my #1 pick

    wether you were down upset or sick


    But i guess somali guys R'not romantic


    It was my job to make you feel secure

    keep you belive my love was pure


    But i guess somali guys R'not Romantic


    I kept you close,made other girls jealous

    Draw wonders and questions on my fellaz


    But i guess somali guys R'not romantic


    Never broke a promise,

    I defined honest


    But i guess somali Guys R'not romantic


    Well Damn, what is romantic?

    Where can i find it?

    does it grow on trees,?

  18. I think sensual sistah' basicly said what i wanted to say. I'm not in defense mode, if that’s what you’re thinking, however I’m in a teaching mode. Educate those who lack education.

    So incase of expecting a one who’s apposite to you meet one who’s above you and can help you see, I’m like Morpheuz from Matrix, and your like keanu Reeves who just can’t seem to see the truth and just in doubt whether he can handle the truth, But I understand cauze your in a Matrix world, and your government, well think of them as the Androids, that “Try” to ruin the way humans are suppose to live, peace and prosperity, love instead of hate. Well, all that is put to a halt, because you see selfish people like your self who don’t think out of the box, for once try to put your self in the apposite shoes. I already tried that method, of trying to see the world in your point of view, but sorry I couldn’t stick my head up my a$$ that far..To simplify your misunderstanding’s, i would suggest you(" as another human")go read more, get your self educate it, cauze' your lackin' the ability to think clear or ever to further your criticism out of the little box that your in.

    Never categorize people, for there is billion of people on this planet who don't think alike or act alike.



    To be Continued…..