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  1. Atto have no film production skills. But at least they are doing something and I like that. Hopefully they will cultivate a market for Somali films and as a result skilled Somali film makers will emerge. I feel bad even calling them films. Rajo reminded me of the little skits we did in 8th grade drama class.
  2. France gets nuclear fusion plant "To use controlled fusion reactions on Earth as an energy source, it is necessary to heat a gas to temperatures exceeding 100 million Celsius - many times hotter than the centre of the Sun. " The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) will be the most expensive joint scientific project after the International Space Station. The Iter programme was held up for over 18 months as parties tried to broker a deal between the two rivals. Nuclear fusion taps energy from reactions like those that heat the Sun. Nuclear fusion is seen as a cleaner approach to power production than nuclear fission and fossil fuels. Officials from a six-party consortium signed the deal in Moscow on Tuesday, for the reactor's location at the Cadarache site in southern France. French President Jacques Chirac thanked member countries of the European Union, as well as Russia and China, who crucially lent their support to the French bid: "It is a big success for France, for Europe and for all the partners of Iter," he said in a statement. The European Union, the United States, Russia, Japan, South Korea and China are partners in the project. Japan earlier withdrew its bid, after a deal was worked out for the "runner-up" to receive a generous concessions package. Rich reward According to the package, Japan will get 20% of the project's 200 research posts while providing only 10% of the expenses, and host a related materials research facility - of which half the construction costs will be shouldered by the EU. "We believe that the Iter project should start as soon as possible for the sake of mankind's future," said Nariaki Nakayama, Japan's science minister. Janez Potocnik, EU commissioner for science and research, said that now a consensus had been reached, "we will make all efforts to finalise the agreement on the project, so that construction can begin as soon as possible". Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, director of UK Atomic Energy Authority's (UKAEA) Culham division, which is responsible for the UK's thermonuclear fusion programme, said the decision was "wonderful news". "Rapid construction of Iter will be a major step in the development of fusion as a potential large-scale source of electricity that will not contribute to climate change," he added. And the UK's science minister, Lord Sainsbury, said: "I am delighted that the six international parties collaborating in the Iter fusion project are now agreed on a way forward and that Iter is to be located in France. "Making fusion a viable energy source for mankind is an enormous scientific and technological challenge. The Iter project is an important step in making energy from fusion a reality," he told the BBC News website. Earthbound star The Cadarache site lies about 60km (37 miles) inland from Marseille, and has been a nuclear research centre ever since president Charles de Gaulle launched France's atomic energy programme in 1959. Local politicians were delighted by the announcement, because it will guarantee thousands of jobs over the coming years. However, some environmental groups are doubtful about the viability of nuclear fusion, and have warned that Cadarache lies on a known earthquake faultline. The management at Cadarache insists there is no risk to existing or future installations. In terms of the physics and huge amounts of energy involved, the Iter project would be akin to building a star on Earth. It would be the first fusion device to produce thermal energy at the level of conventional electricity-producing power stations, and would pave the way for the first prototype commercial power station. In a fusion reaction, energy is produced when light atoms - the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium - are fused together to form heavier atoms. To use controlled fusion reactions on Earth as an energy source, it is necessary to heat a gas to temperatures exceeding 100 million Celsius - many times hotter than the centre of the Sun. The technical requirements to do this, which scientists have spent decades developing, are immense. But the rewards, if Iter can be made to work successfully, are extremely attractive. One kilogram of fusion fuel would produce the same amount of energy as 10,000,000 kg of fossil fuel. Fusion does produce radioactive waste but not the volumes of long-term high-level radiotoxic materials that have so burdened nuclear fission. Some green groups criticised Tuesday's announcement as a waste of money. They are doubtful whether Iter will ever deliver practical technologies. "With 10 billion [euros], we could build 10,000MW offshore windfarms, delivering electricity for 7.5 million European households," said Jan Vande Putte of Greenpeace International. "Governments should not waste our money on a dangerous toy which will never deliver any useful energy. Instead, they should invest in renewable energy which is abundantly available, not in 2080 but today." ================= Cool stuff eeh.
  3. Originally posted by Zumurrud: 3) what should be done? The North should take its sticky hands away from Africa's Honey pot..seriously...thats the only solution..if that will happen..Allah (SWT) only knowns..but no amount of TONY BLAIRS whining about African aid..will help...its all a PR stunt..END DEBT, FAIR TRADE, POLITICAL DISASOCIATION.. This is precisely what I am talking about! Look at Zumurrud points on what should be done to rectify the problem! The north (cadaan) should end debt! The north should institute fair trade! The north should disassociate it’s self from the internal politics of africa countries! The north the north the north! I believe the solutions to our problems don’t lie with the north! There is nothing that the cadaan can do to help us. There is nothing the cadaan will do to help us. Nothing. This is because it is in their interest to keep us in debt. It’s in their interests to have trade policies that benefit them at our cost. It’s in their interests to interfere with the development of our politics and destabilize our countries. So why should we expect them to change that???? Fact is they will not change it. It’s naïve to expect them to change their policies on moral grounds and folly to expect them to change policies on economic and political grounds because these policies are to their political and economic advantage. The solutions of our problems lie not with the cadaan, but with us. Let’s stop thinking and talking about what they should do and start thinking about what we MUST do to rectify our situations!
  4. Originally posted by xiinfaniin: Rahima, This is not difficult at all. How is unknown (al-keyfu- majhul) is not an intellectually bankrupt proposition. That Allah created the universe is an article of faith but How is unknown ; that Allah will revive the dead but how is unknown; and He ascended Jesus for his rescue, but How is unknown . Likewise Allah had attributed divine qualities to Himself; sight, knowledge, hand, and more, but How is unknown ! Are these simply unknown or unknowable?
  5. Caano Geel! LOL. Walaahi you broke it down. But that doesn’t change take away from my point that WE need to solve our own problems and stop living off of handouts from others.
  6. Who cares about any of that bs.
  7. Why don't these damn loser africans solve their own problems and stop begging other people. And the truth is anything that the cadaan give, they will give not because they want to help the africans but for ulterior motives aimed at achieving their own interests
  8. religious practices and political attitudes differ widely amongst groups[/QB] No f-fing sh!t! These damn cadaan get me so angry.
  9. Originally posted by OG_MOTI: By the way we all killers in away or another WHAT, how can you say such a thing!!!! That's crazy talk.
  10. Well, i don't know about somali kills, but I know an american killer. I worked with her for 5 years. This nice middle aged women. I would talk with her almost everyday whenever I took a break or we ran into each other around the office. Any, one day for some strange reason we're talking and she tells me "you've done so much at such a young age" and she tells me that she was in prison when she was my age. I was shocked. I didn't ask why then. But a couple of months later we're in a conversation and I learn that she was in prison for murder! It was so hard to believe. This seemingly nice lady was actually a convicted killer.
  11. 1. No one will ever steal you chair again. 2. Gives "Bad hair day" a whole new meaning. 3. It will divert attention that you also came to work drunk. 4. People stop stealing your pens after they're seen where you keep them. 5. You want to see if its like the dream, 6. To stop those creepy programmer guys from looking down your blouse 7. “I'd love to chip in but I left my wallet in my pants." 8. Inventive way to meet that "special" someone in Human Resources 9. Can take advantage of your computer monitor radiation to work on your tan. And the number one reason to go to work naked..... 10. Your boss will never say "I want to see your *** in here at 8:00 !!" ever again
  12. i think sol is the best one yet, and it's not that great! (so why do i spend so much time here? must be the english)
  13. thanks for the link. I was actually looking thinking more of universities and colleges.
  14. What are the main educational institutions in Somali right now and where are they located?
  15. Phrma is a awsome major. That's gonna be hot hot hot in the future. All you science types that haven't yet decided what they wanna do maybe wanna think about pharma
  16. How did I manage to miss the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th SOL Academy Awards?
  17. waraa moxamed, you've mad my day. homer is the greatest man ever created by TV.
  18. Originally posted by BOB: What is happening to our Muslim families these days? Ok, one loser kills his child... that says nothing about the state of muslim families. You can't make a general statement like that based on a single incident.
  19. OK... so ... who cares? Your basicly told us how some retarded people at some wedding worship whites and hate being black... what's that gotta do with the whole somali nation? How does that one observation apply to all the somali people in the world? The Somali people I know hate whites and love africans. Many of them hate whites with disturbing emotion. And that women that hates yahood... well, some yahood hate alot of people, and many people hate them back.
  20. What is al-wala wal-berraa, and why is it important?