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  1. Friday Augost, 09, 2003 @1:30 a.m. another somali cab driver was murdered. within one month two somali cab drivers were murdered in Mineapolis, MN. Let us all send Tacsi to the families of these two brothers, they both left children and wives behind. What are the somali planning to do about this? Let us hear from the brothers and sisters in MN. The African American guy who shot the first somali guy said "I hate somalis". I think It time for somalis to do something about this. Let us talk about the steps somalis can take to ensure thier safety and future in the state of MN. "May Allah forgive the two brothers and help thier kids grow in islamic way, and give more faith to thier two wives"
  2. I didnt know that there are so many high school kids in the forum. My best advise to you guys is to be possitive and make plans, I mean what you want to major and so forth. Dont ever ever change or keep changing your major, you will pay for that, I did that and it costed me an extra year in school. Good luck
  3. I didnt know that there are so many high school kids in the forum. My best advise to you guys is to be possitive and make plans, I mean what you want to major and so forth. Dont ever ever change or keep changing your major, you will pay for that, I did that and it costed me an extra year in school. Good luck
  4. Why misspell everyword in english and even in Somali? is it becuase we are lazy or we dont know. Dont get mad or take this the wrong way. I have observed this and I have seen it. Please even if you dont misspell words,why do you think Qoslaaye and others do that? how many of us use the spell check? Thanks
  5. #1 Warlord and war crime is A/qasim, and every other warlord follows him. Dont worry what tribe the warlord belongs to, they are all the same and should be treated the same. some of the most wanted warlords are Morgan Bare Hiiraale Caydiid Yalaxow Caato Qanyare Jees Shaati guduud Abdulaahi madoobe Ali mahdi Abdulaahi yusuf galaal abdi warsame ***** (the asshole) dhaga wayne Riyaale cigaal siilaanyo, iyo intaad adiga taqaanid iyo dhamaan anyone who was member in the Bare's goverment, this gives some guys double murder trials, such A/qaasim, morgan, hiiraale, and soforth.
  6. appointed Good website, I scored traditional Muslim.
  7. buumaye the quran says "that Humanbeing complains both if he is given everything he desires or if he is given nothing".
  8. Good article, I support it. Women should look better for thier husbands and husbands should enjoy what they have.
  9. aamiin, thanks for the xadis, I suggest we all do a checklist and correct if any remain unchecked.
  10. qoslaaye

    Sea Barriers

    Lucky, thanks, Everything is in the quran.Gaaladu mataqaano ma ahee.
  11. AL QANI (the rich) This very good practice to memorize the creator's names Thanks
  12. Paltalk, Miz uniq, Latiif, Jawahir, Somealien, and Lucky thank you for your sweet and kind participation. I hope and pray for that these couple stay together forever. I will use everything possible to save their marriage including your honesty ones. Some of the suggestions mention Quran, that would be one of the best moves and they already started doing it. I will honestly update you gentleladies and gentlemen. thanks
  13. Prophet Mohammed (scw) used to help his wives at home, and he was the best of all. those guys who feel not to share the work at home, remember our prophet and fellow him ok. Most of our problems are from our somali culture which most of the time has nothing to do with our islamic religeon. Women should slow down and men should remember allah in that way we will have a good somali family. When people get married they should not behave like do this and do that. they are sharing life why not housework so simlier things. I dont get that.
  14. thanks Lucky, the guy cant get chance to say one word. the only chance he has to talk is when he is gone and she calls him, she says everything is going to be fine and she will stop everything. but that never happens. thanks lucky again
  15. brothers and sisters should be virgin unless otherwise legaly married. Garoob inaad tahay iyo inaad alle aad kafogaatay uun baad u dhaxeysaa.
  16. Hello Nomads, this is a realy story it happened to one of my best friends, so dont think I am attacking women ok. My friend is married to this somali girl that he loves very much. they have two kids and are not living together becuause of this: when they first get thier baby girl, his wife felt that he is not happy with her becuase he wanted a boy. My friend told her that boy or girl it doest matter. thier second child was also a girl and my friends wife started the same story saying he doest like her. the guy comes back from work and she treats him realy bad. she is always mad and ready to fight with him. the guy decided to go to his brothers house for while. his wife calls him every minutes saying she cant live without him. he came back to the house more than five times and the same fighting starts and when he is gone the calls start. the guy decided to divorce her and she says she will kill herself if he tries that. so the guy cant keep her and cant loose her. what do you girls thinks about this situation or even guys who have been or heard this kind of problem. sorry this was too long. thanks
  17. Was queen araweelo real? did she ever existed? where did she lived? why did she hated guys that much? I dont mean to put her down I just need to get any info about her. if you have it pass it so we can share it. thanks
  19. Originally posted by Opinionated: lol@qoslaaye, I heard the same story 'cept it was about a taxi driver and a female hitchhiker.... Go figure would you please summerize it for me the way you heard it.
  20. dhaqan keenii baa isu badalay "I wonder why" dont wonder remember who we are and where the hell we are from? that should answer every question you may have. Men should pay women should care. no questions asked no comments added
  21. let abdiqaasim meet the only true former somali president Aaden cade and learn from him.
  22. soomaaliyeey toos oo, toos oo isku tiirsada ee haba kiina taag daranee, taageera waligiinee waxa aan la ooyaayaa, ilmadadeyda qubanaysee istikhiyaar nin loo diidoo, la adoonsadaan ahayee. it was very long ago when this saying was said by one of the heroes of the somali people. today i just remembered and liked to share with the somalis online.
  23. some people shouldnt be responding to some postings, the buttom line for this posting was women should demand respect and that is very true. if you dont understand it leave it like that. when replying with afsoomaali please use understandable somali ok.
  24. A day without you, Is a day without me, For you make me who I am, And who, I want to be. A day without you, Is a day without light, For you light up my sky, And you light up my life. A day without you, Is a day without sound, For I open my ears, To hear you around. A day without you, Is a day without cheer, For you make me smile, And you don't cause a tear. A day without you, Is a day without sight, For you open my eyes, And make my world bright. But a day without you, Will never be, Because I trust in you, That you will never hurt me
  25. walaalayaa, I have been hearing this story for a long time in so many different languages and I decided to share it with my fellow nomads; one there was a boy and girl who loved one another more than anything else, the boy get transfered to different city to teach, after one years the girl died but the dude didnt hear that, communication was not this easy. six years later the dude came back to visit, right after he came to his parent's house without changing he went straight to his girl friends house, before he reach her house he saw her with a very soft "dirac" smiling they stayed together all night, the girl felt cold and he gave her his jacket. right before midnight she told him to go home becuase he was tired. he took her to her gate and said goodbye. when he came back to his parent's house they were all sleep and in the morning they asked him where he was last night. he told them he was with his girl friend and they told him she died five years ago, he told them he was with her last night, they decided to take him to her grave and to his suprise his jacket was on her grave. can you believe it. sorry im not good in summary. let me know if you hear this or even hear it in a different way. :confused: :confused: