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  1. ^^ Yes there is old boy. 1: Somaliland was existing state before joining somalia. 2: There is no diin forbiding somaliland from not exisisting. 3: Ethnic idenity is not strong reasoning for joining Somalia. Arab states are around and the question is why is it they are fine being apart but somaliland should not. Why is people like you shouting for arab to be together in one state and why dont they do it themseleves 4: There is strong economical interets for somaliland to leave. One is the potential oil revenue that will be made that good for somaliland. Second is outside investment which is slowly developing in Somaliland which would not with Somalia.
  2. NATION BUSINESS REPORT PRAN Export Ltd, a local private company, will export processed agro-food products worth US$15lakh to Hadrawi Trading Establishment of Somaliland over the next one year. An agreement to this effect was signed between PRAN Export Ltd, a concern of the PRAN-RFL Group, and Hadrawi Trading Establishment at National Press Club in the city on Sunday. General Manager of PRAN Export Ltd Maj (Retd) Paramuddin Hossain and Proprietor of Hadrawi Trading Establishment Mohamed Omar Abdi signed the agreement on behalf of their respective sides. Later, Abdi said there is a huge demand of Bangladeshi processed agro-food products in African countries. Chairman of PRAN-RFL Group Lt Col (Retd) Mahatabuddin Ahmed said Pran products are being exported to 70 countries across the globe. Paramuddin Hossain said that within a very short time, they would start exporting processed agro products to Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Brunei, Mauritius, Algeria and some other countries.
  3. Catholic development agency Progressio has been chosen to coordinate a team of election observers from four continents during the forthcoming presidential elections in the internationally unrecognised Republic of Somaliland, currently scheduled for 29 March. The invitation to conduct the mission, issued by the Somaliland National Electoral Commission, will see Progressio working in partnership with the Development Planning Unit at University College London (UCL), FOPAG (Forum for Peace and Governance) in Somaliland and Somaliland Focus UK. The team will oversee organisation of the election observation team and will remain in Somaliland’s capital, Hargeisa, following the vote to prepare a report on the conduct of the campaign and poll. Somaliland is situated in Somalia’s northwest. It declared unilateral independence from the failed Somali state in 1991 and has since been a haven of relative peace whilst violence and instability has characterised Somalia, its capital Mogadishu and more recently the Gulf of Aden. Progressio’s involvement in the mission follows its leadership of the international monitoring team for Somaliland’s inaugural parliamentary elections in 2005, judged by observers as “basically free and fair”. Progressio has been working with local communities in Somaliland since 1995 by placing skilled workers with local organisations specialising in advocating for the rights of women, youth and people with disabilities as well as supporting basic health service provision and people living with HIV and Aids. Progressio also actively supports progress towards democratisation and stabilising the country. Commenting on the announcement of the mission, Dr Steve Kibble, Progressio’s Advocacy Coordinator for Africa said, “Following a successful mission in 2005, we are pleased to be supporting the people of Somaliland once more. Election observation is an integral part of ensuring that democracy prevails in this fragile corner of Africa. Progressio is delighted to be working with UCL, FOPAG and Somaliland Focus UK on this project.”
  4. Hargeisa (Somalilandpress, Jan 13th, 2008); Somalilanders anvailed a new private company called SomGas which will be providing natural gas to the residents of the country. The company which is the first of its kind in Somaliland has opened its doors yesterday with the presence of the President, Dahir Rayaale Kahin. "It took two years and half to make this happen and we travelled more than eight countries in order to buy products and equipments" said the general manager of the company, Mr. Abdikarim. "Due to the lack of expertise in Somaliland, we had to go several countries and make sure the good quality of the equipment and product” concluded Mr. Abadikarim. The Somaliland President who officially opened the company said it is a step forward in order to protect the environment and an alternative source of fuel to wood-burning and charcoal. The president called on the Somaliland community to protect the environment and stop using the charcoal and cutting the trees. "We will not allow another company of this kind until we see the benefit of this one” Said the President. Cutting the trees in order to produce a charcoal was one of the main environmental problems in Somaliland. Civil society, the government and the experts are working continuously to make sure this will stop but this is the first time that such company is opening its doors to give a good opportunity to the Somaliland residents to get an alternative to the traditional way of using the charcoal. The challenge to this is the price and how people are mobilized in order to understand the usage of the natural gas. If the price is cheap people can afford to buy the gas and get rid of the old ways of cooking.
  5. In it’s latest expansion, Admas University College - one of the pioneer privet higher learning institutions in Ethiopia - opened a new campus in downtown Burao (Burco) which is Somaliland’s second largest city. A ceremony held at Barwaaqo Hotel in central Burao included attendants from all works of life such as civil servants, politicians, aid agencies, students, traditional elders known as Gurti and regional leaders. The university which already had a campus in Hargeisa for the past two years with more than 1200 students enrolled - said it plans to expand its campuses into other Somaliland cities such as Berbera, and Erigavo after Burao. The Chancellor of Admas Hargeisa campus, Mr Ahmed Dahir Mohamed - told reporters and the audience that “we plan to open a new campus which will provide distance learning for all the people in the region - so they can study while they get on with their lives.” The Chancellor of Admas Hargeisa campus, Mr Ahmed Dahir Mohamed Mr Ahmed emphasized the fact that Admas has been successful in Hargeisa and that “they plan to expand it to Berbera, Burao and Erigavo town”. Mr Ahmed thanked the department of Education of Somaliland, who he said share common goal and vision when it comes to education. Mr Ahmed finally stressed that Admas University College plans to collaborate with the Burao University in teaching and research, including staff/student exchange programme. The deputy Education Minister of Togdher region, Mr Hassan Jama - who was also present at the meeting welcomed Admas Universtiy College’s plans to open a campus in Togdher’s regional capital, Burao. “I hope alot of people benefit from this golden opportunity” he said. The Chancellor of Admas Hargeisa campus, Mr Ahmed Dahir Mohamed Among those who spoke at the Admas University College ceremony included the Vice-Chancellor, Mr Murad Zakaria Mohamed, and Communication director of Admas, Mr Mohamed Abdirahman. The city of Burao has previously had one other university, the Burao University. Admas University College offers a number of programs which are offered in number of levels: certificate, diploma and degree both in distance and on campus education, Which ever mode of delivery is chosen the curriculum, course material, method of assessment, and achievement certificates (Degree and Diploma) are identical. Admas University has its main campus in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and it’s second campus in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Source:
  6. ^^^But in NE the issue is not only illegal fishing but also dumping of toxic waste something unheard of in the rest of Somali regions.
  7. Somaliland: Voter Registration Successfully Completed Monday, 12 January 2009 Process said to be orderly and transparent by international and national observers. Below is an article published by the American Chronicle: It is quite clear that the international community are satisfied with the successful and peaceful completion of the Somaliland voter registration programme. Both the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) from the United States of America, along with other international observers have expressed their satisfaction with the orderly and transparent implementation of the Somaliland voter registration campaign. Despite attempts by certain undemocratic elements to disrupt the process, including the recent terrorist […] attacks in Hargeisa on the 29th of October [2008], the voter registration programme has now been completed and will be certified within the next few weeks after a rigorous review. The people of Somaliland have one common goal, democracy. A society based on dialogue, discussion, consensus, and leadership based on meritocracy and the choice of the people. The people of Somaliland share a belief in democracy and the right of every eligible citizen to exercise his or her franchise. Using the most recent technology the people of Somaliland from the East to the West, North to South came out in their tens of thousands to register for the 2009 Presidential and local assembly elections. This voter registration programme is a further step in a process that began under the acacia tree in 1991, through several conferences in Buroa, Sheekh, Borama, and Hargeisa. These conferences highlighted the ability of the people of Somaliland to reach a consensus through dialogue and discussions. Since the 2001 referendum to cement the sovereignty of Somaliland, the people of this nascent but democratic nation have elected a President and a parliament, freely and fairly. In the spring of 2009, the people of Somaliland will once again go the polls to elect a President and members of the local assembly. It is obvious to the most impartial observer that democracy has taken root in Somaliland[…], and the people of Somaliland will not be intimidated nor thwarted by desperate acts of terrorism. The dye is cast; Somaliland is marching towards the fulfillment of a long cherished goals, democracy, security, prosperity and international recognition. These are noble aims, and there is every reason to be confident of the ability of the people of Somaliland to attain these goals. 2009 promises to be a historic year for Somaliland and its citizens, and after eighteen years of stability, peace and progress, the nation is now, more than ever, ready to take its place among the democratic countries of the world.
  8. Hargeisa (SomalilandPress, Jan 11th 2009); A high-level delegation officials from Somaliland is set to travel to the Republic of Djibouti early Monday to seal an agreement that the two nations have signed June last year (2008). The ministers consist of the Foreign Minister, Interior Minister, Finance Minister and deputy Information Minister. The delegation are expected to hold talks with their Djibouti counter-parts and will discuss a number of key agreements the two countries have already signed, these includes;- To further collaborate and strengthen the relationship and maintain security in the region such as sharing intelligence. Both nations have condmned Eritrea’s aggression on Djibouti’s sovereignty To open and strengthen economic ties and growth. To allow free movement of civilians on both sides of the border Within this agreement France’s third largest bank is expected to open a branch in Hargeisa; the capital of Somaliland, some time this week and build the nation build its commercial banking system. This will be the first such bank to open it’s services to Somalilanders and is expected to connect Somalilanders to the rest of the world. This highlights the growing relationship between Somaliland, Djibouti and France since Nicolas Sarkozy became the President of France. Djibouti will also be providing airport security equipment to Egal International airport in Hargeisa such as metal detectors, X-ray machines, explosive detectors. Djibouti which already maintains economic ties and border accords with Somaliland is expected to take small goods manufactured in Somaliland as well, opening a market for Somaliland goods such as furnitures, bricks, cement and others. Since last year when president Rayaale has traveled to Djibouti, the number of visitors from Djibouti to Somaliland has dramatically increased, many Djiboutians usually travel to Somaliland during summer to escape the red sea heat. Stay tuned for more on Somalilandpress. Source: SomalilandPress
  9. ^^^ was not your TGF love Tigray boot lickers old boy, so dont put Oodweyne while your group and your old man was doing the samething lol.
  10. Duke is all uff and puff please stick to issues in your reigon.