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  1. Originally posted by Cowke: I cant calculate puntland a/4 and a/5 from hamar exchange rate waa two different notes with different bank rates. Hamar uses a different form of somali shilling and has their exchange rate set at hamar. So using hamar note and bosaso note is two different issues ama wixi galkayo ka dhacay wad taqan Mnarkaa ma waxaad leedahay hadaan lacag somali shiling ah ka so qaato bosaaso waa inaan bedeshaa in Hamar si ay lacag ka bad iigu dhashay because the exchange rate is different because of the two cities they're originated from. even though both notes say SOMALI SHILING? That doesn't make anysense. How do they know lacagtaan sito halkaan kala imid? Ma Buttland baa ku qoran?
  2. Not long ago, she was in love with Somaliland. Now this….I wonder what changed? Lazie, do tell....
  3. Meeshan waa lagu khalakhalay walee!
  4. Originally posted by General Duke: Qad is a big problem in NW Somalia or Somaliland, with Riyaale abusing the system like he is what chance do the poor people have in addressing such issues? At least we're NOT drinking alcohol.
  5. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^Adeer dont delude yourself, Puntland does not care for Sharif and his nonsense. His opposition to the Galkacyu deal and his utter failure to even keep a district in all of the south has made him a laughing stock in Somalia. Puntland needs to consolidate its position as a secure, stable state of Somalia. Again adeer, if the status of the capital will be giving to Garowe, then by all means lets move. Respect your beloved president son!The blue flag you're waving starts withthe Sharif and ends with the sharif and his government. You're after thought!
  6. Originally posted by Sabriye & co.: What did he just say? The Sharif dude. Does he talk like that for real?
  7. This was another way of telling Buttland and faroole that they don’t have any bargain power. BTW, Mr. Odweyne told you guys that the so called agreement was NOT gonna stick. Duke and the gang said otherwise. No what?
  8. Waar waxan yaa dadka ka qabta. Adeer death and destruction ain't the answer.
  9. Ina Oomaar doesn believe anything. He was just broke. He went there to get paid and ther only price he paid is to miss his father's funeral!
  10. ^^Sheekadaadu waa ila muran. Djibouti Somalia Somaliland NFD Somali Galbeed. We're all different nation! ...say no more!
  11. I'm stating the facts saaxiib.. Trust me man when I say this, we're better off apart. There is no such thing as Greater Somalia ama Somali weyn. At least I haven't seen it in my life time. I REALLY DON'T THINK IT EVER EXISTED. Exhibit 1: My beloved nation of Djibouti. Your Somali love affair is just the illusion my friend. The sooner you realized that the better you will be
  12. Somaliland is for Somalilanders, plain and simple! If you committed a crime and you're not from Somaliland your asz will be deported to where ever you came from. If you're willing obey the law and being productive in the society then maybe will let you stay there for the time being, just because we're too kind not becuase you belong there.
  13. LOL@JabartiNM...what Jabarti? Tell that to ONLF!
  14. It might be harmless sprite to you but the authority says other ways, and righfuly so. Things aren't what seem these days saaxiib.
  15. Next time you fly, try to depart with bottle of sprite and see what happens!
  16. ^ This is basic case of Good vs. has nothing to do with poltics.
  17. Originally posted by ADNAAN: quote:Originally posted by Xaaji_xundjuf: Somaliland: A Year from the Terror Attack One year from that catastrophe day Somaliland has learned to improve it’s security and to take stronger measures against any possible attack in the future. The guys are too corrupt to take any good measures. If I remember correctly last time they arrested a man for the possession of several kilos of timir Not funny!
  18. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: Sax, Peace. Yaa kaa war maqlaayo, though. Soomaali waxee horey u dhaheen, "Far kaliya fool ma dhaqdo." Waxee kale ku maahmaaheen, "Nimaan shantaada kaa celin sharci kaama celiyo." Kuma maahmaahin, "Nin hashaada far kaa celin..." Waa shantaada isku duuban. Somalileyn waxay ku maahmaahaan "Ninkaan Quusan Naftiisaa Quusa ah"
  19. Waad dhintaye ila dhimo tolow ma caqli miyaa? Yaw yaadheheen!
  20. ^Sama-kaab macnaheeda oo gaaban waxa weeye NIN Samaha buuxiya amd wanaaga kaaba... I never heard of SAMA GAAB. It actaully sounds the opposite of SAMA KAAB wich doesn't make much sense to ******* like me.
  21. ^^What is love get to do with it man. It's dog eats dog world. You're getting way too emotional here. Xabashida danbaa naga gashay intaanu ka gaadhaynana waanu la soconaynaa. For those of you who are dwelling on Xabashi baa Hargeisa iyo Boorama duqaysay, adeer waxaasoo dhan waxaa ka dambeeysay 88. I lost more human lifes and wealth in the hands of so-called Somalis than any other so spare me all these sampethy seeking walaalo is jecel mentality. I move on and I would suggest you to do the same. Clean your yard and keep your house in order. That is the task in front of you not Somaliland internal affairs and the statement made by its VP.
  22. It's okay to feel that way, but I'm glad he said those thing loud and clear. Now what?