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  1. Mooge;819841 wrote: you just said tarzan seedigii was found not guilty. that just damaged your credibility mr santizer. you become so shameless to say tarzan seedigi was found not guilty. where is the court? who reported the trial? any somali media? when? you are out of your breath mr sanitizer. stop the clan calaacal and accept the fact shariif and tarzan and interior minister tried to kill the pm. end of story. You still haven't told us what the chief of staff of the PM's office was doing escorting the suicide bomber through the security check points & you haven't told us why is he still the main suspect. You also haven't told us why the chief of the PM security was on camera being next to the suicide bomber and leaving minutes before the blast. And finally you haven't told us why the PM has handed his security to the president & why he's sleeping at Villa Somalia under the protection of the "enemy clan" if the none sense you are spewing has even an iota of credibility. You are very short on logic. The random guy whose picture reer Puntland are parading around is one of dozens that were arrested. The fact that you guys are ignoring the arrest & condemnation of the PM's chief of staff & security chief & instead painting a random guy who was cleared by the folks doing the investigation shows distraction technique you guys are engaged. The PM was targeted by the same mentality that targeted Abdirashid Sharmarke in 1969. It's a criminal & nefarious culture that must be purged & the apprehended culprits will be made. An example out of. Let's see if you can free those thugs.
  2. Lol@ this funny idea of focusing at an obscure individual with no official title at the PM office & instead ignoring the arrest of the PM's Security chief & xoghayaha PM office who are from the clan of the Prime Minister. Dozens of the PM's office staff are behind bars & yet these parrots only focus on one individual. Says everything that needs to be said.
  3. Mooge;819833 wrote: lool@Mr sanitizer. you have been busted. you were telling us lies all these days. weligay nin ka been badan maarag. Lol lies are not measured by the degree the truth makes you uncomfortable. Everything I have said is corroborated by real facts. You can not deny that this attack & threat to the PM's life originated at the PM's office, you can't deny that senior members of the PM's office & his clan relatives are behind bars and are main suspects, you can't deny that the PM is seeking shelter at Sharif's compound & you can't deny that the PM's security has now been taken over by the Presidential guards. All you have is temper tantrums & weird denials & reasoning. Game over, kid. As I said, the cat is out of the bag. Now watch this thing roll lol
  4. Somalia;819826 wrote: I ask you for a 4th time. Why did the Mayor of Mogadishu free the alleged mastermind behind the National Theatre Bombing? Adiga, you birdbrained toad that guy is a scapegoat. The NSS questioned him & released him after he was found not guilty. Now tell me why was xoghaya PM arrested & still being detained? Is he also from the PM "enemy clan" As I said 99% of the PM office workers are either behind bars or disbanded & the PM is sleeping in Sharif's compound for past 2 days. It's clear who the culprits are. The same thuggish group that assassinated the second president in 1969 are back at their criminal games & they will be stopped.
  5. The PM has been collecting all sorts of clan operatives & social rejects and giving them weird titles for a very long time & he has built a government beholden to & furthering Puntland interests. Today, they are threatening his own life & he's seeking refugee under the beds of "rival clan" Life certainly is ironic
  6. The PM has for a long time allowed all sorts of characters into his office for clan reasons & today they are threatening his very life
  7. Lool@ the Puntland charlatans now saying the PM office is staffed by Sharif clansmen lol desperation always brings these sorts of emotions from you guys. But just two points that undermine your whole argument. 1) if the PM was targeted for clan reasons, why did he hand his office over to members of the rival clan & why is he personally staying over at the President's compound for security reasons? 2) Almost all the people that died came from Sharif's clan. You guys are running around like headless chicken & unfortunately for you guys, the arrested suspects will face the harshest possible punishment & there's nothing your revisionist moaning will accomplish. The cat is already out of the bag!
  8. Somalia;819812 wrote: You are the same person who tried to tell the rest of us that his security team is from Puntland, you've cried wolf too many times. We send you the best of the best to civilise the city and this is the way you repay him? Smh 99% of the PM's office is from his clan & all most all of the arrested suspects with the exception of a guy from the Farmaajo clan are the PM's clansmen. This attack was orchestrated & planned out at the PM's office & was facilitated & guided by his own relatives. It's truly shocking & it's 1969 de javu
  9. Somalia;819811 wrote: Very good, use laughter as a defence mechanism and the project your own mindset onto others. Lol 90% of the PM's team are either disbanded or under arrest by Nabadsugida. That and the fact the PM is himself seeking protection under Sharif shows clearly who is after the PM's life; that and the fact the Presidential red berets has taken over the security of the PM office says a whole deal lol This is 1969 all over again & the same suspects are back in play
  10. Mooge;819799 wrote: Abdiweli is staying at Xalane AMISON center. i will post more news soon. That's not true. He was sleeping at the presidential compound for the past two days because of the security risk pertaining to his office. There are allegations that explosive devices were smuggled into his office; hence the heightened fear. But for the sake of his own sanity I hope the president & his team calm him down. He's prone to nervous breakdown.
  11. LOOOOL Talk about scapegoating. I guess Cabdi Yasiin xoghayaha PM is also from Tarzan clan lol instead of punishing & shaming the Reer Puntland thugs that attempted to threaten the life of the PM & dozen other civilians, the Puntland media is engaging in a silly attempt to shift the blame. I applaud the NSS & Presidential guards for quickly moving in against the real suspects & detaining them before they could escape. These traitors must be made an example out of. This sort of mafia mentality is what led to the unfortunate death of the second president of the Republic & it seems this evil culture still persists. It must be rooted out & am glad the PM is actively seeking the assistance & help of the president & "the enemy clan" & doing what he was suppose to do from the very onset: the clean-up of every official in his office appointed because of clan reasons.
  12. CONFIRMED 1) The majority of the PM's security has either been disbanded or are under arrest. 2) the presidential Red Berets have taken over the security of the Prime Minister's office & 3) the PM has temporarily moved to the Presidential compound for fear of his life.* Ammaanka Hoyga Ra'iisul Wasaaraha oo ay la wareegeen Ilaalada Madaxtooyada * Warar si xoogan isa soo tarayay saacadihii la soo dhaafay ayaa sheegayay in ammaanka Xafiiska Ra'isal wasaaraha ay la wareegeen Ilaalada Madaxtooyada Villa Soomaaliya, kadib tuhuno la xiriiray qaar ka tirsan Ilaaladiisa oo maalmihii u dambeeyay jiray, iyadoo la xiray qaar ka tirsan Ilaalada Xafiiskiisa. Wararkan oo si aad ah looga hadal hayay shalay Madaxtooyada ayaa ahaa in Ilaalada gaarka ah ee Madaxweynaha, gaar ahaan kuwa u tababaran sugida ammaanka Mas'uuliyiinta ee iskula xiriira taleefanka dhegaha la surto ayaa Hoyga Ra'iisul Wasaaraha lagu arkay. Qaar ka tirsan Ilaaladii hore ee Hoyga Ra'iisul Wasaaraha ayaa la bedelay, halka qaarkood la eryay, waxaana arrintan daba socotaa tuhunka la xiriiray qaraxii Tiyaatarka oo raadkiisa soo galay Ilaalada Ra'iisul Wsaaaraha, kadib markii la xiray dad looga shakiyay. Ra'iisul Wasaare Gaas ayaa habeen ka hor ku hoyday Madaxtooyada, inkastoo aan si dhab ah loo ogeyn, hase ahaate waxaa la sheegayaa inay la xiriirtay arrin xaga ammaanka ah iyo is bedel lagu sameynayay ammaanka Hoygiisa. 4-tii bishan ayay aheyd markii qarax ismiidaamin ay fulisay Haweeney uu ka dhacay Xarunta Tiyaatarka Qaranka, kaasoo uu ka badbaaday Ra'iisul Wasaaraha iyo qaar ka tirsan Golihiisa Wasiirada. Hoyga wararka Somaliyeed****
  13. The Prime Minister's security has been compromised by his inner circle. Just today xoghayaha of the PM office was arrested & unconfirmed reports say that explosives were found in the PM's bedroom & office. For the second night in a row, he's slept at the presidential palace & the security of the PM has been taken over by the Presidential Red Barets & Presidential Staff (PS). As more investigations are carried out, more shocking news will emerge. Video surveillance allegedly showed members of the PM's security team escorting & sneaking in the female suicide bomber. It's catastrophic no matter how you look at it. Obviously, Al Shabab had a hand in it; but it was facilitated by members of the PM's security team especially the head of his security detail. The fact that some of senior members of his security detail resurfaced in Kismayo & Gedo itself is worrying signal about the deep infiltration the extremist groups have made within the political set-up. This is also directly tied to the recent revelation that Al Shabab has offered 20 thousand USD to the driver of Gen Dhagabadne for the facilitation of placing an explosive device at Villa Baidoba. Fortunately, the driver foiled the attack & the Al Shabab operative was successfully apprehended. It however reveals the extent Al Shabab is willing to go in order to carry out its barbaric & cruel attacks of disruption. Of course, if they are willing to offer 20 grand USD to a simple driver there's no telling how much they are willing to bribe senior members of the Prime Minister's office. For far too long, the Prime Minister has allowed clan nepotism to be the driving recruitment strategy of his office. One hopes that this tragic incident at least serves as a wake-up call.
  14. It's understandable that folks from Puntland have to defend & justify the excessive corruption by Abdiweli for clan reason. But this doesn't make the facts go away & nor does it hide the consistent betrayal & back-stabbing Abdiweli's Government is engaged in by shipping the tax revenue generated from Mogadishu elsewhere & by failing to pay the men & women fighting to defend the TFG. It's a treacherous betrayal & am glad folks are waking up to it. Per TFG, the Banadir Administration is mandated 15% cut from the revenue generated from Mogadishu Port & Airport; under Abdiweli, this has evaporated to ZERO. This comes directly from a senior Official from the Ministry of Finance. Local government (Benadir Administration): The budget revenue for Benadir administration is accruable from the port of Mogadishu charges and is factored at 15% of the total collections. The port as over the years generated above the 15%. Good luck refuting that
  15. Somalia;815164 wrote: You presented false information and alluded to it as if they are facts. We don't do that in SomaliaOnline, take that shit back to Snet. Kulahaa 13%, waa cajiib. For a troll, you have quite a mouthful of confidence